UK is now involved with the fraudulent activities below, and are in the jurisdiction to be both criminally and monetary means.

Please contact us at


Steve Linford Spamhaus Fraud

Your Internet provider is probably blocking and censoring your incoming emails. Call, email or write your Internet Provider and "demand" that they do not block your incoming emails using the Spamhaus blacklist. Inform them they will be responsible for any losses you incur as a result of emails you do not receive.
The same blacklist Spamhaus charges up to $5000 for is freely available at

SPAMHAUS is operated by this deviant criminal. He founded it. He came up with the name. He runs it and he uses Steve Linford as a front so he will not have lawsuits filed against him in the USA. The UK has now become involved.

John Blasik A.K.A John Reid A.k.A Richard Cox
John Blasik A.K.A Spamhaus and long time member of the KKK REALM OF FLORIDA
Domestic Violence, Trespassing, battery, 'Exposure of Sexual Organs', Indecency with a Child by Exposure
numerous traffic violations, etc.


1. The same blacklist Spamhaus charges up to $5000 for is freely available at

2. Spamhaus blacklist blocks more legitimate mail than spam.

3. Spamhaus uses blackmail tactics to achieve their goal of having hosts pay for their list.

4. Spamhaus has become a Spews clone and is completely militant and out of control.

5. Spamhaus grabs listings from other blacklists in an effort to gain more profits by having a bigger list.

6. Spamhaus blacklist usage is on the decline and with your help we can keep it going down

What Can I do?

Please contact us at

2.If in the USA, write to your congressman and your ISP and tell them that you do not want your email blocked. there is no telling how much legitimate mail You are not receiving as a result of this. and if they have to block emails then use one of the free Open source lists that are not used along with blackmail tactics and operated by a deviant criminal.
Spamhaus closes any site they want when they want. this is illegal

New York times quote
Spamhaus gang buying a Moving to a 70 foot yacht?

Spamhaus plans to move to a 70-foot yacht that will travel, cove to cove, across the

I am sure Spamhaus supporters are interested to hear what is done with the money they donate.
Spamhaus is blacklisting and threatening any host that hosts any site that they wish.

Again, please contact:


  • Ph
    Pharos Dec 04, 2009

    This "complaint" was written by a spammer called William Stanley who is blacklisted by Spamhaus for spamming. Stanley spammed the same "complaint" to as many forums as he could. Its funny to see spammers making up lies about Spamhaus - shows that Spamhaus really gets up these spammers noses :)

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  • Fr
    Frusterated ISP Owner Dec 19, 2009

    Unfortunately there is some elements of truth to this post, Spamhaus does charge for access to their list if you use it for a number of servers, and they do have a militant attitude to their methods. In my experience they dictate who an ISP can have as a client, just do a google search and you will find that Spamhaus pressures ISP's and hosters to drop can cancel clients they decide is a spammer. No appeals, no process, no due diligence, either capitulate to their demands and kill off your suspected client or your network becomes non-usable to the Internet community. It seems that Spamhaus has become just as despised as the spammers that they say they are going after. It would be nice to see some type of representation from the ISP's point of view, instead of having Spamhaus force the ISP's to do their dirty work. I as an ISP am getting tired of being the target of frivolous lawsuits brought on by customers that Spamhaus deems unfit to be our clients.

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  • Ac
    activecarbon1 Mar 13, 2010 is blocking our e-mails to the CCR (Central Contractor Registry). We have never generated spam and our ISP Earthlink is not a generator of spam. How do we file an official complaint? How do we contact Steve Linford? What is his e-mail and mailing address and telephone number?

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  • An
    Annie Raut Mar 31, 2010

    Spamhause block my IP also. I am a principal of a real estate agency and loosing money because of this! I tried to unblock it on their website and got this:

    “The IP address removal process failed for the following reason:

    The netblock owner's policy does not allow removal from the PBL

    I am so frustrated and don’t know what to do. Any help please?
    my emai: [email protected]

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  • Si
    Simon Crashald Jun 04, 2010

    Spamhaus are terrible and act like 14 year old kids on xboxlive trying to p0wn you when you email them.

    If IP:'s mail server gets attacked and infected and then spams out to servers spamhaus has watching, spamhaus will add's ip to the ban list + 127 other IPs in the range ( /24, it can be more). If those were shared hosting servers and had 10 sites per IP, then that could be 1000 websites unable to send email to yahoo and a ton of other mail servers. I swear they have no idea what they're doing.

    When they act like 14 year olds is when you point out that they don't know what they're doing. If they block a mail server because it happens to use an IP that is in the same class C block as joe shmoe spammer 10km away and you want it fixed you have some options like choosing a new ISP, relaying your messages thru another server or using another server altogether for outgoing. Why don't they just unblock your legitimate server? Because they have the power to not do it and that seems to get them off. If you want to horribly trouble them with your request to have their illegitimate and poorly structured block lifted then you have to kiss [censor] to a 14 year old with a bad attitude and chances are you'll get no where.

    If you get spamhaused I suggest quickly updating your dns records and getting another mail server at another far away IP.

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  • St
    Steve Linford May 20, 2014

    ** Steve linford Rob schultz Thomas Morrison hacking ip space owner and competitor France

    The Spamhaus Project Spamhaus Technology Stephen John Linford, Steve Linford, Geraldine Myra Peters Spamhaus Project a criminals organization London United Kingdom

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  • St
    Steve Linford May 20, 2014

    I am X-Spamhaus member who was responsible to create networks database of the service providers and LIRs. Rob Schultz, Thomas Morrison and Steve Linford have hacked almost every LIR emails and their web based billing system. Steve Linford analyse the hacked data and SBL the ip with reason "snowshoe range" When following statement is used for SBL it means ip space owner accounts are hacked.
    "Based on research, analysis of network records, our own intelligence sources and our experience, Spamhaus believes that this IP address range is being used or is about to be used for the purpose of high volume spam emission.
    As a precaution we are listing this range in an SBL Advisory until we are able to determine with certainty exactly who is operating these domains/hosts/servers and also verify the opt-in permission status and origin of whatever lists are used for those mailings."
    Here research, analysis of network records and our own intelligence source and our experience means we as spamhaus has hacked your online billing system and email accounts. We as spamhaus thinks you are going to spam so we are going to SBL your ip without any
    proof. When there is no name in the reply from the spamhaus it is Steve Linford.
    Spamhaus listed the ip on their assumption that ip space will be used for spamming. Most of the time we as spamhaus was wrong. We immediately removed the SBL on call from the police.

    My work process at Spamhaus.
    1. Monitor network announcement on these sites
    2. Make database of the network announced and mark suspected networks announcements.
    3. Make list of ip whois, ASN whois and verify if ip space is announced in the different
    region then put flag on it and review it after one week.
    4. After one week check the reverse dns and ptr record of the announced ip space. If domain
    name used in reverse dns record, dns server or ptr is newly registered then SBL the block without any proof.
    5. Make whois report of the ips. Check if swip exists and if swip do not exist then list
    the announced network. Sometimes when single ip found spamming from /21 then entire block is SBL.
    6. Enquire from fake gmail or aol account if hosting provider is active or lease ip address. If hosting provider do not have online billing system to hack then ask for the process of ordering services online . If ISP provide the link to the billing system then hack the Billing system and find who has purchased the services associated to the ip.
    7. Make list of suspected ip owner and send them inquiry about leasing ip space from fake gmail and aol accounts. If hosting provider reply then ask for the available ranges. If hosting company reply with ip ranges SBL the entire range after 2 weeks.
    8. If hacking of the onilne system do not helps then hack the email id of the ip space owner and monitor smpt and pop port of the email. The software used by spamhaus is purchased from a firm in the Germany Gamma International GmbH
    which allowed us to read the unencrypted and encrypted emails in clear text.
    9. Sometimes we installed trojan, backdoor and spyware in the servers of some mailing companies like Telic, experian, adconion. Finfisher allow us to do lot of things remotely. You can read about this software at
    10. Sometimes ip are SBL just on the tips sent to [email protected]
    11. book fake domains and email id on yahoo, aol, hotmail networks then check
    the email accounts periodically. If any spam arrives then forward it to the team for SBL. hacked almost every single Maawg members email and competitors like Cloudmark,
    database and emails.
    Spamhaus is now getting into CERTS and using their infrastructure to hack and monitor the portal
    Spamhaus is spying CERTS similar to

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  • Mi
    MiXMint Dec 02, 2014

    So, Steve. Tell me why you block the entire subnet, and not only those addresses that are responsible for spam? Where was your accuracy? Why Your ogranizacja did not respond to e-mails? You're doing more harm than good.

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  • out of all 41 millions ips negatively affected in their connectivity by spamhaus, only 4500 turned out to actually run a mailserver in the first place. so the rest per definition, has nothing to do with spam, and is simply listed as a means of blackmail (overlapping ip ranges), or as spamhaus themselves likes to admit their crimes: 'escalation'.

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  • spamhaus has around 109 competitors, operating 'black lists' to 'fight spam'. the other ones simply list ips that originate spam to honey pots and auto-remove them after 24 hours, which causes no problems to anyone but spammers whatsoever. they do not publicize an illegal database of private details (ROKSO), they require no interaction and manhours on the ISP side, they do not list entire isps in order to get 'things shut down' which, by their own saying are already unreachable for 'those that choose to use spamhaus their services' (usually it's their isp being stupid enough to choose it FOR the end-users tho). (if the people you claim 'choose' to use your service already are no longer hindered by the content, why continue trying to blackmail entire telcos into breach of contract to get something disconnected - without a court order - ;) thereby breaking all applicable laws on all sides yourself. it's kinda odd that NONE OF THE OTHER ONES except for the early ones that merged into spamhaus around 2001, and later turned out to all be related to linford and cox, have ever even been noticed in a negative way.

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  • spamhaus their listed office in switserland DOES NOT EXIST. companies operating in switserland need a 'handelsregister eintrag' either at federal level or at their canton, which spamhaus, does not have, the building is a REGUS rental space office, and REGUS never heard of them, there is no name on any mailbox, door, whatever.

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  • statistically seen, most of spamhaus their listings seem to be related to 'enforcing uk trade policy' upon those that are not bound by it, such as other countries. for a 'non profit' (the only non profit they have is an LTD in the uk, which btw, normally would not even be allowed to trade considering it's dormant status, which they use to hide behind) it is kinda odd that they feel the need to operate 5 offshore firms to 'move cash' on mauritius and the bahamas. the entire way spamhaus works shows great overlap with the CGHG JTRIG task force's official work methods, which would also explain little stevieboy having multiple-million villas in colle sur loup, ibiza, a new land rover, and a sunseeker yacht to hide on. all kinda odd for some 'non profit hippie' 'fighting spam'. also police cases filed at the metropolian police are 'forwarded to the intel hub' and never heard of everafter... all of this makes the uk's involvement seem very suspicious. and VERY UNDIPLOMATIC.

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  • none of the other 109 'spam dns blacklists' have ever caused any significant harm.
    none of those operate registers of illegally gathered and processed and publicized personal data (ROKSO)
    all of those only list ips that actually send spam (to honeypots or reporting users), then list those ips, and automatically unlist them.
    spamhaus is the only one where unlisting requires manual intervention and begging spamhaus to remove it.
    spamhaus is the only one that lists entire telcos to 'get things completely shut down' without any court verdict whatsoever, as a means of blackmail to get them to breach contracts with their clients. (despite the fact that simply listing the ip that sends spam should suffice to 'protect those that CHOOSE to use the spamhaus service ) - that 'choosing' bit is also a bit widely interpreted by spamhaus, as usually it's some nerd at their isp that 'chooses' it for a few million users, not the users themselves. breaching net neutrality laws in the process in countries where they apply.

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  • spamhaus their listed office in london also is ehm 'rather shady' to say the least and spamhaus their listed office on the ceychelles, they share with oh eh... 80 or so of our clients. (and then say others would be shady ;)

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  • btw if you are looking for the guy, he spends most of the year in colle sur loup, france, and the rest of the year in ibiza, to dodge taxes. obviously (the 185 days trick ;)

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  • can't be that hard to track down the SS-Asbestos either... maritime radios have gps in their call sign generator ;P plus, a f***ing sunseeker yacht isn't easily parked in unnoticed places.

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  • Ic
    Icorigin Jun 30, 2016

    I have different accounts using the same name: "Icorigin."
    One of which is: [email protected]
    An e-mail was sent by myself to that [email protected] email address
    (which, again, is my own) from another of my own accounts using
    and Spamhaus censorsed my own e-mail from gmx to yandex.
    Spamhaus thus censored my own email sent to myself!
    But what can be done about it? Legal remedies?
    The world and the internet users therein will be judge,
    jury, and executioner.

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  • Re
    Ren Brown Jul 20, 2016

    Our company are having huge problems with at the moment.4 ips that we bought with our vps have been caught up in a blanket ban of 1000ips. the vps provider we bought from had another 100 blacklisted in same blanket ban. i can say categorically that none of the 4 were responsible for sending spam, 3 of them are not even in use so no mail is sent via them, the other is used only to contact our customers. the fact they have the power to and ability to effectively block all email communications without any evidence or proof of us sending spam is very scary? They are not the only organizattion guilty of this, but are the only one thus far that have completely ignored all requests to resolve the issue and 2 weeks later our ips are still on a block list! are they answerable to anybody, seems they are a law unto themselves

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