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South Road Sunocounsatisfactory customer service

I regularly go to this gas station with my PriceChopper Fuel AdvantEdge card for fuel savings. On Sunday, January 18th, 2009, I accumulated 50 cents per gallon of savings, and went to the Sunoco on South Rd in Poughkeepsie around 5:45 pm. By following the direction at the pump and swiping my AdvantEdge card first, and my credit card, the pump screen showed savings of 50 cents per gallon. When I started to pump, I noticed a garbage bag covered the pump nozzle. I saw several gas stations in northern NY do the same when the weather is too cold. Without seeing an "out of order" notice around the pump, I used it anyways. I only managed to pump very little gas. It didn't work. No receipt was printed either.

I went inside to question the clerk that he should put a note on the pump to inform customers about the problem, just like other gas stations. The clerk offered no help and blamed me for operating a non-working pump by uncovering the garbage bag. He expected all customers to know that a covered gas nozzle means that it is out of order.

Since I have used my AdvantEdge card, and have pumped a bit of gas, I was told I could not change to another pump and take the advantage of gas savings. Upset as I was, I left the gas station without pumping any more gas. This specially planned gas saving trip ended with no savings. What a day! What is this customer service all about?


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    Mark Mar 12, 2009

    Hi Brandon - if you contact Price Chopper, I am sure they will help you get your discount back. They can check in their system to see if you used your discount on only a few gallons - and see that it was lost. Just visit the Customer Service Center in the store or call the Price Chopper Customer Service Number.

    They are very friendly...

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  • Ke
    kerryannprim Mar 11, 2010

    no they are no real friendley. for two months in a row they did not add my savings. and they are doing nothing about it. i am a very unhappy custumer and will be shopping at hannafords from now on.

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