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Sony review: Sony bravia tv 900 h and sony's customer service!

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This is the email I sent to a Sony executive (that was NEVER responded to) summarizing what happened with my Sony TV that I bought on 9/3/21. As of this date it still has not been taken care of. Ms. Kelso and Ms. Wenzel,

I am writing this to you as I was once a very strong Sony customer, but after my experience of buying a Sony Bravia 900H TV last September from the military AFEES online store, I have become very disillusioned and upset with your product and, especially, your customer service. I bought the TV on September 3, 2020, with a 4-year extended warranty through Asurion (after the one year warranty with Sony.). Almost immediately I started having problems with the TV. At first they were small and no where near as frequent. The TV would just shut off by itself. At first, I thought I had accidentally hit the power button and turn it off myself, but then I started paying attention and realized it was not me. Then the picture started freezing, but the voice would continue. I would try to fast forward, but the TV would not fast forward. I had to turn the TV off and back on. Then I would have a voice and no picture, and sometimes a picture and no voice. In November it got to the point I called Sony's customer support and waited over an hour on hold. The young man's name was Dan I believe. He told me it was a "REMOTE software" problem. Really? Hmm I thought. He had me download new software and told me that would take care of it. It did NOT take care of anything. I tried calling back several times, however, after waiting an hour and forty-minutes I hung up. I have things I have to do. I just don't sit here all day waiting to call Sony. I tried Chat, and could not get someone to chat back. Finally after 2-3 weeks I got another live person. This young man's name was Theodore. He too told me it was a REMOTE software problem, but there was no new software to download. He said he needed to transfer me to the "TV Technical Department." Wow, now why didn't the first young man do that? Anyway, I waited over an hour on hold when I heard me being transferred when I was disconnected! Since then I have tried SEVERAL times to call Sony and most of your numbers are just recordings referring you to the live chats. The ONLY number where you can get a live person is a NON-800 number. Really Sony? You cannot afford to have a LIVE 800 for your customers?

I got up on Sunday, January 31, 2021 and tried to turn on the TV and guess what. NOTHING! That's right NOTHING. It would not come on at all. I tried doing the manual power button on the TV of holding it for 15 minutes and unplugging it for a minute and then plugging it back in and nothing. No lights, nothing. Your offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday now. So I did the live chat with Brad. He walked me through different steps and nothing. The TV is dead. So he said he ordered parts and would put in a work order to have someone come out to fix the TV. Really order parts? When I asked what was wrong with the TV, he didn't know. So how can you order parts for a problem you are unsure of? So I asked don't you usually have the repair man come out and look at the TV first? His answer, no. Really? He said he placed the work order and that I would received an email telling me who the repair man would be so that I could make contact. I asked him when that might be. He said don't worry it will be soon.

Today, February 1, 2021 I called the Sony non-800 number and talked with Genysis, she told me that Brad placed the work order, but that it showed as COMPLETED! She asked me if I had ever received an email from Sony telling me who the repairman would be and I told her no that I had received nothing from Sony and that I had no idea whatsoever when my TV was going to be taken care of. So she placed another work order. She told me that it would be 24-48 hours before I received an email with the repairman's information. Really? I asked why so long. She stated that there were many other customers in need of repair. Is your product that bad that so many repairs are needed? I am really upset and feel that I have received the worst customer care ever for any TV I have ever owned and I am a 65 year old veteran of 20 years.

I called Asurion, my post Sony warranty, and they told me that they would have replaced the TV had I been outside my Sony warranty. When I asked the last two representatives to replace this TV, they told me that there was not enough wrong with my TV to warrant a replacement! Really? I had to laugh.

My name is Sue Ann Ross, GySgt, USMC, Ret.
Sony Case #[protected], W/O #[protected]
DOP: September 3, 2020
Place of Purchase: Online AFEES

I would appreciate if this TV could be replaced with a new TV as I am afraid of what else could be wrong and ready to go on it. I would also appreciated any assistance you could provide in this matter.


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