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Dragon city — Something went wrong repeating

Hi, I just wanna say first and foremost that I really love your games. Super cute creatures and awesome graphics. However, I'm having this rather annoying issue with my dragon city app. You see, whenever I try to log in to dragon city, I get this message that says there is something wrong with the game. I'm very confused by this, as I've had this app for a little over a month and there hasn't been any issues up until now. I'm not sure what this is exactly, but I suspect it's some sort of bug. If I can get your guys' opinion on this issue, maybe there will be a solution to the problem. Once again, I really enjoy your games, but this one little issue is really undermining the performance of this game. I'd hate to delete my app and lose all of my progress, because I've gotten so far in the game that losing progress just seems futile.

wrongful use of my name and cell phone number

Somebody posted at under soshanguve whoever did this used my name and cellphone number...

Social Point

game took a prize of 10 mil foods

this happen at 7:35 ish on 9/25/2019
so there i was a community treasure island and one of the treasures had 10 million foods then one min later i was feeding one of my dragons and it said "we are experiencing problems" and it refreshed the game and took the foods away from me and would not ever give it back so i got very mad and came hear and started contacting you guys.

dragon city's "something went wrong" message repeating again and again

One time, I opened my Dragon City, and I was surprised that after a few moments(after I saw the trophies I received), this "Something Went Wrong Message" popped up, and told me to reload Dragon City, and after I reloaded the Dragon City game it did not stop popping up. And I don't know why it keeps popping up. I have strong internet, enough space to save my Dragon City Data, nothing wrong with my Dragon City, but this "Something Went Wrong" Message keeps popping up every time I reload Dragon City.

losing heroic dragons!

I lost the High Score Dragon and I would like it back please at level 10If I do not get it back by Saturday the 27th of July I will rate the game as zero stars, and thumbs down, also I will tell others to do the same as me. If I get it back by Saturday the 27th of July I will do 5 stars and a thumbs up, also I will tell others to do the same as me.

heroic dragon survey

If my dragon gets picked, I get it for free or will I have to do the race stuff and qualify for it. Austin lyons Facebook, my elements were legend primal and two others, I chose primal to be the first element, when u guys have a answer contact me on messenger. I was just wondering if I could get it for free if my dragon is picked plz and thank you.

no response to emails

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Reme Hustin
Date: Sat, Jul 6, 2019, 12:35 AM
Subject: Fwd: Unauthorized purchases


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Reme Hustin
Date: Fri, Jul 5, 2019, 2:10 PM
Subject: Fwd: Unauthorized purchases

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Reme Hustin
Date: Fri, Jul 5, 2019, 1:59 PM
Subject: Unauthorized purchases

I've contacted Google and added a copy of what they could do for me, but unfortunately they weren't able to get all the money back, because it was already sent to you . they said to contract you for rest of refund.

Sincerely, Reme' S Hustin

Mother of Kylle Hustin age 15

Hi Reme,

Thank you for contacting Google Support!

It is my pleasure assisting you today!

As a courtesy, we've issued a refund for some of your orders. As we review each request individually, we're unable to refund other orders because they are outside our policy or have already been refunded.

We've attached your receipt here:

10 order/s refunded for a total of USD94.54

Handful of Gems (Monster Legends), USD10.39, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Special Offer (Monster Legends), USD20.79, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Some Gems (Monster Legends), USD5.19, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
LevelUp Offer (Monster Legends), USD5.19, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Bucket of Gems (Monster Legends), USD20.79, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Some Gems (Monster Legends), USD5.19, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Handful of Gems (Monster Legends), USD10.39, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Couple of Gems (Monster Legends), USD2.07, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Some Gems (Monster Legends), USD5.19, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
STARZ Monthly Subscription (STARZ), USD9.35, GPA.[protected]..2, Jul 1, 2019

Most refunds are completed in 1 to 10 business days. The time it takes for the refund to appear depends on how you paid. If your refund is taking longer than expected, you can check the refund status in your Google Payments account. Please note that you may lose access to the purchased item.

Unable to refund
6 order/s rejected for a total of USD66.50

Some Gems (Monster Legends), USD5.19, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Small Chest of Gems (Monster Legends), USD31.19, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Bucket of Gems (Monster Legends), USD20.79, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Some Gems (Monster Legends), USD5.19, GPA.[protected], Jul 2, 2019
Starter Offer Bundle (Wolf: The Evolution - Online RPG), USD2.07, GPA.[protected], Jul 1, 2019
Starter Offer Bundle (Wolf: The Evolution - Online RPG), USD2.07, GPA.[protected], Jul 1, 2019

What can you do next?
About the refund for an app or in-app purchase, it's the app developer's responsibility to support their app, including refunds. You can reach out them out using this email [protected] and [protected]
Was this an accidental purchase or bought without your consent?
You can prevent this from happening again, by setting up password protection and changing your password. Learn about our parental controls and family-friendly features available for Google Play.

The Google Support Team

dragon city

Hi I've had a dragon city account on my phone and I think I was around level 32. I didn't have a Facebook account or a google play account linked to the account so it was just saved on my phone. Today I tried to log in using another email and now my account seems to have gone and i can't even get it back. I had over 1400 gems and a heroic dragon, 3 islands and 79 dragons. I've spend a lot of time and money in the game. Can you please help me get back my account. I didn't even save my user ID or anything. I think the name on my alliance was something like Is That Me Yeah.

I'd appreciate your help because I have spent money on this game and it is the first game for me to spend money on. I also have the receipt.

I am complaining now because I have had no reply.

dragon city/ facebook

My account is supposed to connect to my Facebook but refuses to do so. It says I'm not aloud to connect to Facebook but requests friends to do everything so I'm stuck in a loop of not gaining land nor some habitats without spending rediculous amount of gems that is taking me forever to get and I'm running out of space the game is NO LONGER enjoyable it's more stressful and less fun than how I remember it. Can someone please fix or have a way to restart dragon city fresh!!!

buying something

I bought a novice pack but didn't give it to me it said it was purchased but I got nothing but then I went to go check if it took any money out of my Google play and it did this is not fair and I'm really disappointed in this because I really like this game and not in a million years would I think that this would happen so if you guys would gladly help me fix this problem


On 4-2-18 my husband and I purchased some gems that were on sale 19.99 for 465 gems. My wife received her...

dragon city

I came here to tell the world about an experience I recently had with Social Point's Dragon City regarding on buying GEMS and I will tell you not to fall on their tricks.

To start with their GEM packs only appears at random when you play long enough and they want money, the offer you get if maybe between 50 % to 90 % off the price for 100 GEMS, what I did was get that pack of GEMS for $ 36, 24 (Argentina Pesos), since it was cheaper than buying the GEMS while playing I decided to buy 3 times the same pack.

How I did this ?

It was simple, first I had to click on the offer as it was in the "News" pop ups that appears as soon as you open the app on Facebook, then it asked me what kind of transaction I wanted to make, it could have been done via Phone (Which always gave me an error saying "The Price is Not Available"), Bank Transaction the method I used and Facebook.

What's the issue ?

The issue is that I bought the pack once and with the information provided by Social Point I was able to send funds to WEBPAY SRL which has an account on Santander Rio Bank. The first 100 GEMS appeared right away, I refreshed the page and wanted two more, I got into my home banking through the pop up with all the information about their Bank Account and after 1 hour all the 100 GEMS were gone, and I have never seen the 300 I should have got.

My Actions ?

I opened a ticket with Social Point and they kept asking me for a screenshot where I could show them that I paid for them through Facebook, I did not pay through facebook, I opened my Home Banking and Transfered the money to their account, simple as that. Their first message tho was for me to wait 24 hours, that's actually what Social Point took to reply to my ticket in the first place.

Seeing no real fix to my issue from them I escalated it to Facebook, which also asked me to fill up a form and kept saying I should fill up payment information on their site, I don't want to do this, the money was already sent and I received nothing at all, I don't know why its so hard to understand and it was a cheap pack, imagine if I would have got at very expensive one ? For collecting dragons its quite an expensive piece of [censor] game honsetly.

So I threaten them to lawsuit them for fraud, Social Point is first and Facebook will be second if they don't regularize this situation.

The picture is what they asked me to do to get the gems from their page, and they are asking me for something that will never happen, since I haven't pay through Facebook, so please, don't feed those sons of [censor], I can't think of a number of how many people got the same fraud from them.

  • Updated by Marian Torres · Sep 29, 2017

    Attaching the Bank Account details that they wanted me to send the money and my Home Banking information about the transfers.

Scam, ripoff

Dragon city is getting on my nerves lately.When I played for the first time in 2012, I think, it was more fun.You guys know that this week was a heroic race.I was about to qualify.I just had one more thing to do and that was to beat someone in league battles.I went there and couldn't beat anyone.I was confused as in the last league I beat everyone so easy.That's when I looked at my dragons' "profiles" and saw that they were all back at no stars, they weren't trained anymore, nothing.I sent like 5 tickets but nothing.This is a mockery.I was already desperate as there were only 7h left and the next ads for gems were in 11h.I only needed one more gem as I already had one.I went to offers and completed a survey then installed a game for 43 gems(in wich I had to make level 5 ).I made level 5 but I didn't got my gems.After 2h I sent a ticket to the support(from the offers) and they answerd within 10 minutes.I was happy because I was sure now I would get my gems and I will claim my heroic dragon.In the mail it said that they need proof that I have the game with level 5 blah blah blah.So I send them pictures.They weren't so fast anymore as they send me mail again an hour after the race was done *sigh*.I wasn't happy about the fact that I didn't got my dragon, but hey at least now I will have 44 gems(43 from the offer and one that I already had).I checked the mail and it said "Please let me know the exact title as it appears on your support page".I sent them what they needed and then the mailed me again saying that there's been a slight misunderstanding and that they asked for a proof that I have the offer successfully :/ As I didn't already sent them.Anyway I sent again more proof than the last time.With my name in the game, with the city, I ss the appstore in wich it said that the application is installed and more.The got back at me with "Please provide us with the screenshot of your city from kingdom view as wel as the city name or Stronghold wich displays your game level.According to the required actions to get credited you need to play until you reach Stronghold level 5.Please note that Hero and Stronghold levels are two different levels!" I sent them again photos.Just an hour ago I got a mail from them saying that they reviewed the problem and acording to their stupid information they already credited me for this offer yesterday and that they only pay for one completion per household.I just asked them if this is a scam or something.Like what the heck.I'm 100% sure I didn't got any gems as I still have 1like yesterday.The conlusion?This is a big fat scam.They just wanna fool you into thinking they actually care and they will reward you when in reality they just end up telling you you were already payed.The worst thing is that you have no proof that you didn't got credited and then spent the gems.I'm sick of this things.

  • Be
    Bella_boo2 Sep 16, 2018

    Hi I am a player in dragon city level 22 and I recently logged into Facebook but it said if I login I earn 10 gems. I logged in and didn't get 10 gems and I've tried disconnecting and connecting my dragon city game to Facebook and try to receive the gems but I don't

    Need some help please!

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  • Be
    Bella_boo2 Sep 16, 2018

    Another rant, how do I earn more dragons?! And when is the next update?
    I love Dragon City I must admit but I only have 61 dragons in total my goal Is 50 another thing when I try to do Combat battles I have to have particular dragons to fight which I don't and I don't know how to get especially some that require elements (fire and ice) which I do not have. So is there any chance you can make this game more easier and understandable?. If you can I will be much appreciated 🙂

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    Bella_boo2 Sep 16, 2018

    Sorry I meant 70

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    Leila7 Dec 29, 2018

    Why in heroic race if you use gems to speed up breeding or hatching you don’t get the points
    Waste of money useing gems at all, the option shouldn’t be their if it doesn’t work
    Have used heaps of gems to finish the level, waste of money
    No more purchases for me 👎

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victoria mahabir

im a regular player everyday and it took me more than 1 week to save up my gems and when i loged on thi...

unauthorized purchase

my 8 year old son has been playing dragon city for a long time. there was no in app purchases made before...

Dragon City


I authorized an $8.00 payment only and was charged 5 other charges ranging from $2.00 to $8.00 on my credit...