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Slim Chews claims to have a $1 trial plus S&H. I paid $5.95 total for a bag of 60 chews. This is a 30day supply. I tried them for a week and felt just as hungry and no increased energy. So they are now sitting on my counter getting old. well today there was at $43.95 charge on my checking acount from SLIM CHEWS. I called to ask what this was and they said that I had 15 days to try their product and if I did not return it then I would be charged full price. I guess this was in the "fine print" and I told them I have almost the whole bag that I would return to them and they said that it was too late. They did not care about customer satisfaction, only the $$$ in their pockets. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT. It does not work and they are scamming us.

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  • Je
    jean Jun 03, 2009

    I was also taken in by this scam and I'm angry about it. They claim you can sample SlimChews by sending in $1 plus 3.99 shipping. They send you a receipt that only lists this charge. Then they send you a bag of chews and start charging your credit card monthly for bags of chews that you didn't order. If you try to return the chews and get your money back they'll give you this lame excuse that your commitment was written on the web page. THEY BURY THIS CLAUSE IN SMALL PRINT AND A LIGHT FONT SO IT IS NOT EASY TO SEE. The nonsense response listed by "hockeychick" shows their approach to those of us who have been ripped off- "Stop looking for freebies"

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  • Te
    texaswoman Jul 08, 2009

    The product did not work for me, plus, they do not give you an address to return the unused product despite many attempts at getting it from them. Have contacted my credit card company, and they said that as long s I have tried to contact them, and keep all my emails to prove I did indeed try to contact them, that they would go ahead and depute the charges.

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  • Lo
    Lorraine Di Aug 06, 2009

    I had a simular complaint. I want to know how you actually contacted them because the only form of communication with this company is by email. I have sent 3 emails to them and still have not had a responce I returned a package of slimchews unopened and haven't received a refund or an email. This is a Scam and this product does not work. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau and Ophra Winfrey's organization because they are using her name as an advertisement. I am sure she would not like her good name attached to a company who can not stand by their product.


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  • Tr
    Try for Free Aug 22, 2009

    I agree with everyone about this scam. They get you to try them for only shipping charges and then don`t make sure that you are aware that if you don`t let them know
    in 15 days if you like them, you will be charged for more at $43.95, and you can`t get your money back. I learned a lesson that I should have known, NEVER try anything
    and give your card #. Maybe I can sell them on the street for half price Ha.

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  • Hu
    Hula Girl Aug 25, 2009

    Real scam, no address to return product, and unable to contact, except by e-mail. Customer service not helpful in getting refund after returning Slim Chews package. For $50 per package, forget it! Not worth it. They pull you in with the $1 trial offer than you're on their mailing list. DON'T ORDER!

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  • Mi
    missygirl Oct 16, 2009

    Boo to Hockeychick, this is a scam, if you don't cancel right away, your credit card is charged and the bags are sent out. They make it difficult to cancel, and the bags are sent out and your credit card is charged again. HUGE RIP OFF, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Do not fall for this and order the Slim Chews, not only is the company a rip off the product does not work, does not keep you from being hungry. The chews get all sticky and gooey if not eaten right away. It is a total scam. I repeat do not order this product.

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  • No
    not going to take it Jan 02, 2010

    This company is bad news. The terms and conditions are most certainly NOT easy to find, nor are they easy to read. I am on disability with intractable migraines, and was UNABLE to read the fine print in combination with the light of the computer since I am light sensitive. I welcome anyone to contact me regarding this. I believe we are within our rights to begin a class action suit against Slim Chews. I have ordered free trials before, and I have NEVER had such trouble finding the fine print like I did with the SLIM CHEWS offer. This is most definitely a viable complaint.

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  • Ha
    Hate Spam Jan 25, 2010

    This company is a fraud. I have asking them to stop sending me "SPAM" and they tell me they don't do it, it is somebody else doing it. I ask for valid contact info for this company and they get rude and threatening.

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  • Re
    reptile ruler Jan 25, 2010

    get a life buddy

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  • Pa
    Painman Feb 13, 2010

    I too was taken by these people, after trying 3 times to get credit I filed complaint with Better Business Bureau on line.

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  • Sa
    saylorgirl Feb 15, 2010

    I experienced the same. The customer service people (well, they call themselves that) sent an e-mail back to me stating I had to return the product the very next day. I then claimed that I live on the East Coast and couldn't possible return it but would the very next week. And if that was a problem, they would hear from my Lawyer...

    There response ~ "Go ahead and your lawyer will laugh in your face". Nice talk huh???

    What a scam. I'm going to be the Better Business Bureau on this one! I've never had such a problem with on-line prodcuts. DO NOT USE!!!

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  • Ju
    judy hochmuth Feb 23, 2010

    well it seems i joined the group of taken souls. i bit the site oh it"s a free trial bag. they sent me a second unwanted bag. but guess what the 800 number they tell you to call is a waste of time. it"s a 24 hour recording so you couldn" get them to cancel anyway. and the customer serviceweb address they give you is bogus. i had to call my credit card co. and better business bureau. Don"t know if any of that will help. im stuck i a mess. good luck to everyone else. i hear it"s an un licensed business, and the bbb. has plenty of complaints. signed bewildered

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  • Be
    Bellstone Feb 27, 2010

    I pruchased a sample pack and now have received another order that was charged to my card and I didn't authorize it.

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  • Ho
    HoustonGirl17 Mar 02, 2010

    This company is a scam!!! And Hockeychick they shouldn't claim a "free trial" if it's not so. You probably work for SLIMCHEWS. I might not be as pissed off if the CANDY actually worked. But that's all it is--CANDY. The customer service is horrible. Any reliable, customer service oriented company has a person that you can talk to. I too got rude emails back from customer service. DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!

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  • Jo
    j.orrahood Mar 22, 2010

    I had to write as I to was scamed by SlimChews! I filed a complaint on this web site but I've also filed criminal charges against them with the Federal Trade Commission as well as the FBI's, Internet Crime Center. Just today, it was brought to my attention that a "Hockeychick" / Slimchews accused me of being a "Child Molestor" on this site. We wrote the editor of this site and they are in the process of removing however, my attorney is tracking down this individual(s) and once found, I'm going to do what ever it takes, to put them behind bars. I would encourage you to file a complaint as well with the FBI . Its easy and takes only about 10minutes...Go to and follow the links to filing a complaint. Lets all join together and put these criminals behind bars!

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  • Gl
    Gloria Campbell Mar 29, 2010

    I view Slim chews as a frud based company. I was e-mail a free bag of slim chews to try, just paid .95 for shipping. I never opened and account never signed anything never spoke to anyone. They begain to withdraw money from my credit card in the amount of $43.95
    I had to cancel the card, but have still not been able to receive a refund. These are hard times, I'm on disability fixed income, this money could fill my car with gas to go back and forth to doctors and therpy. Someone should shut them down.

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  • Aa
    AARPM5 Apr 15, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These people are making a mockery out of the mail order business in the United States. I finally cancelled my Visa credit card. Enough of this bull. Notified NYS Attorney General Fraud division.
    Cairo, NY

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  • La
    Latrena Apr 21, 2010

    I also have the product I feel it has helped a little if I drink a full glass of water I do feel full but if I just take them and don't drink then yeah I be hungry ready to eat everything so it's up and down for me cause I have lost some weight since taking slim chews I'm going to try them for a little while longer and let you all know my results then we'll know if it' s a scam or not

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