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I purchased one glider plane ride for $200. last Sept. 10, 2007. I received a card stating it expires Sept. 10, 2009. I have been trying to set it up for June 17th. I have called and always left detailed messages a total of 7 times plus one email. Nobody has returned my calls. My next complaint will be filed with the B.B.B

Please let me know if there is something else I can do.dc94


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    Patricia Smart Aug 21, 2008

    I just realised that I too have been scammed by these people. I live in the Caribbean and I called Thrill Planet about 2 months ago. I wanted to go skydiving (still do) and even though I did not have a definite date, I was told (by Bruce) that I could buy a gift certificate valid for 2 years and whenever I'm ready just call approximately 2 weeks before and reserve my dive.

    I paid for the certificate $300.00 and it arrived in the mail in approximately 1 week. So I thought good. However, now that I'm ready to book my dive, I can't get on to the company. Granted that this my first attempt at trying to reach them, from reading the complaints here and on a couple other websites, I have a funny feeling I am facing the same fate.

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  • Ja
    JA Sep 16, 2008

    Recent records regarding this company indicate they are taking their previous customer service issues very seriously. Please offer an update when you successfully enjoy your experience so that other customers such as yourself will find current information, and can form a balanced and informed opinion based upon this current information. Enjoy your skydive!

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  • Al
    AL Nov 04, 2008

    You'll find they say they are doing a lot to change but are still not complying with the GA court order and new laws in several states. To get true facts on this company go to and search the forums for "What can we do about skyride?". The nof course make a complaint to the State Attorney Genrals Office of GA and to the local authorities.

    Good luck!

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