SkyNetcourier service

Y Nov 24, 2017

I have a parcel supposed to be delivered by Skynet. I contacted the customer service, was told the address was incomplete (not sure why this happened). Provided necessary info after they finally found my parcel (about 3 days to look for the parcel after the details of the content were provided from the type to brand). Informed they will delivered by Wednesday and until Thursday has not received. Called again (fyi i called several times hence I lost count >3 times), they will deliver my parcel on Saturday-25/11 by 1pm. Waited & until now has yet to be received. Frankly the customer sevice (batu caves) was very cooperative, but I am not sure what happened after. I am unsure when will my parcel be delivered to my doorstep. And your hotline was useless as nobody answered (subang).

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