Skagenwatch repair

I mailed my watch to the Dallas Texas office on August 1st 2019 to have the cracked Crystal cover fixed: Request #3826926 ( SKW2433 )

On September 3rd I hadn't heard anything back about my watch or received anything in the mail so I found an email to Fossil group and inquired about my watch. They responded sane someone would contact me but nobody did. On September 25th I looked up and found a customer service phone number and called. The person I spoke to acknowledge that they had received the watch and said it had been sent back to me but I had not received it. They said they would look into it and call me back. I received a phone call back but I was in the classroom teaching and couldn't take it. The woman left a message and said for me to call her back because they weren't able to locate the watch. I called back the next morning and a man told me that he would look into it and call me back in 15 minutes but I did not get a phone call back. On Saturday the 28th of September, I received the watch back in the mail "still broken" ... The crack had not been fixed. There was a note inside that said they tried to contact me your email for payment but I had not responded. I search through my emails and did not see an email other than the one they sent me in response to my September 3rd inquiry. I called then in ask them why they had set my watch back without fixing it and why I had not received an email or phone call. B said the email would have come from a different email address. I searched on my computer through my trash and spam but did not find that email. I was very very angry to say the least. They had my watch for almost 9 weeks and did not fix it and did not endeavor to contact me. They told me to send it in again but I'm too angry and upset and disappointed in their customer service to do so. I would rather send it overseas then send it back to Texas. in short I am very angry and very disappointed. Their customer service was absolutely horrible... And my watch is still not fixed!!!

Tracy Lewis


Sep 28, 2019

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