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I am a Malaysian who is holding Singapore work permit. I am really sad and disappointed to the Singapore custom officer that I have met this morning at Woodlands Checkpoints (04 Dec 2017, time 6:45am-7:10am). I have never encountered such a nasty custom officer before and it spoilt my mood in the early morning. Firstly, I was waiting in a queue at counter and will using my passport and work permit to enter Singapore.
When my turn, it's met the time of immigration officer change shifts. The previous immigration officer shut down computer and starts to leave. The take over immigration officer busy requested candy from the previous immigration officer and kept saying she very sleepy. I wait quietly in front of the counter even the immigration officer made the candy more important than ON her computer. Today queue not so long, so I wait between the time waiting her computer ON, the immigration officer keep asking the male immigration officer that counter just beside her counter, whether want her candy or not? The male immigration officer said NO, but she asked again and laugh and she enjoy be fun at counter.
After I passed my passport and work permit to her, I put my thumbprint on the screen machine. After 2 minutes, the male immigration officer asked her if work permit cannot scan is that confirm not valid? And she answered that: "may be the work permit was expired". After get the answer, the male immigration officer continues his duty and start talking with the girl that he assist. But the immigration officer that assists me was looking to the male immigration officer, she smile and immovable. She looks like forgot she was assist me because she start busy looking to the male immigration officer and smile alone. So, I tried to remind her and I said softly: "excuse me?" She shocked and look like been waking up by me from her dream, she was so angry and she said: "You cannot wait ah?!". She was so fierce and I only can keep quiet. It was my choice to go to work today even I'm just recover from fever and I still flu and cough and I'm in period. She doesn't want open the exit gate for me after passed me the passport and my work permit. She opens the gate for the person queue behind me, and start assists him. She smiles happily that what she did on me. After finish assist the next person, she shout out to me: "Go fast la! Why you blocked here! You want faster right?!? I looked to her and I saw her name" Nur Elaina". Well, this is the way she treat a weak and sick people like me.
Needless to say, I am very dissatisfied with the level of service and rudeness shown by immigration officers. What I say is true and can be tracked by the CCTV around 6:45am to 7:10am to prove that I am telling the truth. The working attitude of immigration officer needs serious attention. And I seriously feel that the relevant party must take an action towards that nasty custom officer.
P/s: I'm Malaysian that works hard in Singapore; I didn't do any bad things in your country. Photo taking and video shooting was not allowed at Checkpoint, if allowed you will see a lot of rude Singapore immigration officer shouting and scold Malaysian at Checkpoint. We just work at Singapore; don't treat us like a dog! Of course I know it's might not useful for me to write in because I understand meaning of: Evil people are bad the world over" and "All bureaucrats shield each other"; but I just want do want I should do and I believe in Karma. Thank you.