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Singapore Immigrationbad attitude of immigration officer

I was visted Singapore with my boy friend on 7th August 2009. My good mood had been spoil when I approaching immigration. The officers there work very slow and their attitude are bad enough to spoil Singapore image.

There was a westerner family queing infront of me, they were approaching the officer all together in the same time. When it was my turn, I was intend to approach the officer together with my boyfriend as what we usually do when visit other countries. However, the officer only want to attend one person in one time and asked me :"you are adult, right?" which make me feel insulting. When she saw the location which I was going to stay, she as me to write down the full address instead of location name as this is not hotel (I was staying with my relative). Again, I felt surprise, are they expection all the visitors memorize their relative's full address when visiting them? I was intend to call my relative who was waiting outside airport, but eventually the officer just asked me for my handphone number instead of full address. I wonder why she didn't say earlier when she found out that is not full address.

My boyfried was approaching another officer, he step infront the officer before the officer call for "next". However, the officer scold him :"you should come here only when I call you!" Just because the officer is chatting with her colleague. Most funny thing is, the officer who my boyfriend approached was not asking for full address of the place we staying.

I can't see any customer service here. How can an officer insult a visitor and giving different treatment to different races? How can an immigration officer chatting while working especially during the long que and scolding visitor for stepping infront of her before she call? How can the officers having different standard of checking the card of enter to the country?

I can say immigration is the first party which contact by foreign visitor. Their bad attitude to visitor will spoil the country's image. I hope Singapore government can do something for improvement.


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    Indian Cit Sep 28, 2018
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  • Ki
    Kitphuket Aug 05, 2017

    I love Singapore as a country to visit, however if there is anything that will stop me from going there is the Immigration officer and their bad attitude. A few years ago I went with my 4 year old daugther and she was kind of wiggle around swimming her hand and feet out of boredom. The officer "preached" me "Can you tell your daughter to mind her manner !" . Alright, I was her fault being a 4 year old, and I know I should have keep her calm and steady but kids are kids and they didn't do any harm or disrupting officer's work by any means. After that incident I always tell my daughter to behave because " Singaporean officers are not nice and you should mind your manner". What a nice welcome to Singapore !!!

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  • Ki
    Kitphuket Aug 05, 2017

    @Kitphuket *swinging (autocorrect mistake)

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  • Mi
    Mike Ohara Jul 24, 2017
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    Same problem in Singapore with ICA police abuse of authority, pick my phone without my perimision look my private things, unrespectfull to me, don't inform about my situation, deny to give me identification number of the polices, deported to manila, (the country I stop before )because enter to many times to see my girlfriend like citizen of europe, where the people have rights, I feel ashamed of this country


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  • Fa
    factgasm Jul 24, 2017

    Here are some notes I made on 29th June 2017 just after my heavy handed treatment by Immigration Officers in Singapore:

    I am a qualified professional (Actuary, MBA) from the United Kingdom. This morning, 29th June 2017, something rather alarming happened to me at Singapore's Changi Airport. First let me explain some background:

    For the last three and a half years I have been in Bali bringing a fraud case to court. I am suing someone for over a million dollars in damages. Consequently all my resources have gone in to bringing this case to court and that has meant I have to operate on a tight budget. Everything must be no frills, there is no money for luxuries.

    When I began this process I didn't know how long it was going to take. Perhaps three months, perhaps six, maybe a year or more, I just didn't know. Right now we are in the last few stages of the hearing. It's because we couldn't be sure how long the court case would take, or even if we could get it to court at all, I have been staying in Indonesia on tourist visas. A tourist visa means that I can stay for 30 days but extend for a further 30 days. At the end of this 60 days I have to exit Indonesia then re-enter. If I had known how long this process was going to take perhaps I might have made different arrangements. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    Every two months I have flown from Bali to Singapore and then straight back on the next flight. For the last three and a half years both the Indonesian and Singaporean authorities have been happy with my travel arrangements. No-one, not one immigration officer has questioned me or expressed concerns.

    At about 1:45AM this morning I arrived in Singapore on a Jetstar flight from Bali. For me this has become routine. My return flight was scheduled to leave Singapore for Bali at 5 AM. As normal I did not travel with any check-in luggage because of the short duration of the journey, I didn't even pack a toothbrush.

    Changi Airport is often voted one of the world's best. It's three terminals are crammed with boutiques, high-class gift shops, electronics shops, cafes and restaurants and a lot more besides. Changi even has a butterfly house. When you come here, they want you to linger, to browse and to spend.

    When I arrived at Changi this morning, I went straight to a cafe to get a hot cup of tea - I was thirsty and cold from the flight from Bali. I then went to immigration to get my passport stamped as normal, but much to my alarm I was taken aside by immigration officers and was detained in an interview room for nearly two hours. In the interview room there were about 12 other passengers, Chinese, Vietnamese and the like, all detained for their own different reasons.

    The immigration officer that dealt with me was a really nasty piece of work, devoid of any warmth, soul or humanity. He would not have been out of place as an Imperial Japanese Prison Guard on the Burma Railway. I felt like I was under suspicion for having done something wrong, like I was about to be charged with some sort of offence. I got taken into an inner room where I was photographed and my fingerprints were scanned.

    I felt it might help clarify with the officer ithat I am involved in a court case in Bali. I reached for my phone in order to go to my Microsoft OneDrive account, in order to show him the evidence, instead he warned me I was forbidden from using my phone. He said there was a sticker on the wall outside a which (according to him) I should have noticed into the interview room 30 seconds earlier.

    The officer told me that if I am involved in a court case in Indonesia the immigration authorities there will automatically extend my visa for the duration of the court case. I was surprised to hear that because I had already inquired about that possibility with immigration in Bali, but they said no that was no true. I told the officer I had a return flight to Bali in less than two hours. He told me to take a seat an he left the room.

    With the air conditioning turned to full, the room was cold. Myself and the other detained passengers were told not to use our mobile phones, not even to call family or any kind of help or to send emails or text messages, nothing. Nor were we offered anything to drink. Except for twiddling my thumbs, I sat completely motionless, trying to get a handle the situation. It was surreal.

    I had had no sleep. I had no idea what I was supposed to have done (or not done) to have warranted being detained. Every so often an immigration officer would re-enter the room and everyone would look up in hope. From time to time a passenger's name would be called and they would leave the room with the officer.

    I kept glancing at my watch. By 4AM I accepted that I was almost certain to miss my flight back to Bali. At around 4:25AM the officer came and called me. He took me out of the detention room back into the main immigration hall. Sat behind his computer he told me that it is an offence under Singaporean law to arrive on a flight then immediately leave. My reaction was WTF?

    I said that I had left Indonesia as my existing visa had been due to expire so I had to comply with Indonesian laws. I explained that I needed to return to Bali because there is another court session on Tuesday which I must attend. He replied that what I had done was an offence in Singapore and this was my last warning. Again, WTF?

    I asked what if I had come from Bali to deliver an important document or buy say a computer part and then return to Bali? He said that would be an offence too. More WTF?

    So I said what if I came from Bali, checked into a hotel in Singapore for a few days, then returned to Bali? He said that would be an offence too, but on this occasion he was giving me a final warning and that I may now leave.You will understand I found his conduct very bizarre indeed.

    By the time he let me go it was 4:35AM. As I needed to get my Jetstar boarding pass for the 5AM return flight to Bali, I ran from immigration (in arrivals) to the check-in desk (in departures). It was too late. The Jetstar staff said I had needed to be there 45 minutes before departure and sadly I was too late, there was nothing they could do, the system wouldn't let them print my boarding pass.

    So that was that. My flight was leaving without me. Catching that flight had been absolutely crucial because my budget is so tight, but now I have to buy a replacement ticket, hopefully for a flight later today. In the meantime I have wait it out at ultra-expensive Changi Airport.

    I have remonstrated with immigration officers that they should pay the cost of my flight because they caused me loss, but they have just fobbed me off, passing me from one officer to the next. I now have to wait 16 hours before I will have the funds to buy a ticket back to Bali but even then, there's no guarantee I will be able to get on a flight tonight.

    This morning, what I encountered at Singapore Airport felt like a team of immigration officers out of control, cruelly and over-zealously enforcing rules with extreme heavy handedness, acting without common-sense, perspective, balance, humanity or regard for the harm their disproportionate actions have caused. I had always held Singapore in high regard, having previously worked here twice (Raffles Quay, Mandarin Gardens) and enjoyed my time here. But this experience here this morning has completely ruined all of that.

    Just to add:
    (1) The replacement ticket cost me 323.50 SGD.
    (2) On my return to Bali, I spoke at length with Immigration Officers in Denpasar. They assured me that while foreign criminal suspects held in Indonesia have their visa requirements waived so that they can stand trial, and that's understandable, but plaintiffs in civil cases (like me) are not given such grace. This means that I was right all along, and the Immigration Officer who detained me in Singapore, was wrong.

    You can download Indonesia's regulations here:
    The relevant paragraphs are 86, 87 and 91.

    I am happy to post my experiences here because the treatment I got from Singapore's Immigration Officers that day was absolutely inhumane. I will never see Singapore in the same light again. You owe me a written apology and compensation.

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  • Re
    reeree79 Jul 05, 2017

    I would also want to say Immigration Singapore has no no humanity feeling and seems to be racist. Yesterday I anI, my husband and my two little boys (6) and (9) were jn ain a good mood for holiday. We arrived Kuala lumpur in the morning and we took the coach to Singapore. In the checkpoint to Singapore, I split the line where two of us ( I and my 6th yo son) and my husband with 9 yo boy. Thwre was one officer female with short hair had a look like "unfriendly face" and arrogant. It happened! when husband gave his passport, without any "clear reason" she my husband passport has a problem! (what the hell! we get passport in the same time from our country! ). She asked one of police staff (in front of my kids that seems start to worry of what happen to my husband) to bring my husband to other toom. Surpisingly, I and my kids ARE NOT ALLOWED to accompany my husband. We just wairf on the floor outside where no place to be sitting. my husband called from his mobile and said it will take about 1 hour to e INVESTIGATED. I am started to feel so bad, while one kf my son who just suffer from his astmha start coughinng amd my other son cried because he stressed and bkth of them seem so exhausted to wait. Lucky one of very nice gyt whom we met on the bus, came to explain that our coach were waiting in ground floor and asked if he could help. I feel relief as this Singaporean old guy so nice to accompany us ( me and two kids). He started to also fee bad after I said my husband was still inside. he then came inside and complaint that " this was sooo bad! didnt they think that you are FAMILY, they let both kids are so tieed waiting outside, you are not going individually!". He then asked me to go inside and explained that my son statred to get his astmha attack. I then came inside and talked to the lady next to door (officer), the lady sent to his colleguae? and they just said " ok we were in the que, we will said to them". I then came back outside whre my kids started crying as we've waiting for almost 2 hours now! the Singaporean guy then started grumpy and said many times " this was bad so bad, they are stupid! if they suspect someone, dont they look u are family?? foreigner?? you kids had astmha". I came back again to them and broufgr my son, and we told the same story, and seem their supervisor came and said " we understand ur kid had an astmha, but u husband was in the que of intervieweing, please understand and please wait outside", I said" Wgat was the problem actually?? we dont have any issue with passport, we are in family??!!. I came back to waited outside. Suddenly my husband called to mobile phone and asked our return flight code. After we've been waiting for another 30 minutes, my husband back and said " their reason is routine check (WHAT????!)and they made "randomly". seems the officer suspect me as illegal, and when they knew I am a Doctor, (but they dont believe that we will stay in Orchard hotel since the document was with my wife) they realeased me after I made complainft, they dont approve that I am ILLEGAL " what was my problem ACTUALLY???". My husband said he met another guy inside and had the same "suspect case" with my husband, who get worst treatment than my husband, where his son (about 7th yo) waited outside alone, cried and not allowed to accompany his father inside. My husband said " HE WILL
    and my husband said the same!! I will never visit Singapore anymore in my life! Oh I forgot to tell them, I can use all my media network to expose this bad experience.

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  • Um
    umit60 Jun 04, 2017

    Appalling experience.
    After spending much time in the immigration/customs queue with my wife, it was my turn for passport control. The officer was pleasant enough but kept saying 1960 in English to his fellow officer and having her check my passport as well before being asked to go the immigration office for further information. When asked why I was told it was routine. They let my wife go through. When i got to the immigration counter i had to wait for someone in a civilian close to ask me what appeared to be a series of imbecilic questions. I was told later by wife that apparently my passport had not scanned properly. I am not sure why i was not given the courtesy of such an explanation when asked repeatedly by myself other than a routine check. I hold a reasonably senior role within the Australian government as well as a professorial post. To be treated with such disdain has left a very sour taste. And yet our only desire to come to Singapore was to fulfil a promise to my wife that on one if our transit through Singapore we would stopover and experience the city. It wont happen again. I also travel overseas regularly and routinely fly Singapore airlines. That will change too I am afraid.

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  • Ja
    Jaymus May 10, 2017

    dear sir / madam

    I would like to complain about a Vietnamese girls which holding false student pass to work at Malaysia Kalau Lumpur now and prepare to come to Singapore work soon.

    Please take note that this vietnamese girl her name is Ho Nhu Thuong and her passport will change if she intend to come here work. She came to work in Singapore about 8 times in the past few years and maybe she will apply for work permit to work for any pub.

    Hope the immigration of Singapore will take action if this girl come Singapore.

    Thanks with gratitude.

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  • Fi
    Fifth Link Mar 27, 2017

    I entered Singapore from Tuas with Malaysian excursion bus for almost 20 times in recent two years leading a tour group numbering 20 x 40 = 800 people. None of them experience bad moment through. Maybe because I always told them, dont try to be friendly - no immigration officer of any country have time to be friendly. Just show your bland face. Whenever there is foreign workers in Malaysia JOIN our trip, i require them to follow me so I can declare their presence along with us. But from what I saw some ICA staff are willing to smile and ask how we can bear a night trip with less sleep. Sometime I even tease the officer for a long process they need to go with when there's a group with group PASSPORT joining us at the time they about to finish their shift and mostly returned with lazy smile. Sometimes ### happens as we refer to complaints made. But are you really sure those incidents happen out of nothing? Will those who complaint are keen enough to tell what have caused their displeasure beforehand? I once been brought to the office for routine check and I think it is normal for any entry control authority to do random check. All you should do is to understand and cooperate. Fighting for your unclear righteosness not only doesnt help, but only intimidate them that doing their best to control the front door of their country. They are not tourism board representative. Polite and friendly law enforcer should held new title. 'Law Promoter'.😂

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  • Kh
    Khan_mumbai Oct 30, 2016

    Hi All, My experience is very bad. Immigration officers are very uncultured and unmannered. They talk like they are talking with a animal or prisoner. They don't know how to talk to people. MOM should teach their immigration officers how to behave as a civilized person. They show false attitude.
    Even they don't have manner how to behave with a lady.
    Better they should not provide multiple entry visa. They should change rule in visa approval. If there will be no such visa, people will not go.

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  • Iv
    Ivy Irene Noche Sep 11, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I have been coming in and out of Singapore for 5 years. First I entered was when I had a work permit and then I was a resident for 3 years. I revoked it because I needed to move to the US and go back to school. Just yesterday, I was insulted by the rudeness and how I was treated as if I were a criminal. I'm visiting my brother and going to meet up with a colleague flying from HK. The officer accused me of working illegally because I requested for 30 days. I received questioning and my thumbprint was taken. I have a degree in Computer Science from a prominent university and just recently got my MBA. I am just enjoying my leisure time in Asia. I can't believe just because I have a Philippine Passport I'm treated that way. First off, I live in the US and why would I bother to live here. I've never been treated that way in America. People here have no manners. Their English is difficult to understand. They think they are better than other Asians. Not all but in general. Their manners are unacceptable and as if they are not educated. There is diversity here but it's suprising how they look down on people from third world countries. This will be my last visit and I will never put a dime in this country ever again.

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  • Li
    lisalin Jul 21, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To, All Singaporeans,
    Do you know that Singapore educational system has lots of flaws, Mostly PRC all prostitutes are either doing day time schooling (English or any X, Y, X course, Schools do not care. as long as you pay fees you are allowed a Student Visa for Chinese Single girls.
    There are big and reputed institutions like Accounting school, which is in Somerset triple A place, TEC international collage pte Ltd, SSTC institute at Dhobi Ghaut has lots or Prc who just pay fees, Morning Attend schools from 9-12 or one and then afternoon either working freelance or KTV like ChinaDoll, Jade, NewShanghai KTV or there are many other Joints you can find them.
    Government does not care cause Singaporean men are mostly comprising of Chinese who prefer to go to such KTV or sexual Massage or Gaylang Lor are. In the name of LEGAL sex lots of illegal activities take place there.
    No one cares. Homes and families in china are broken due to girls leave their family Husband or parents and come this city to make money.
    There are agents who take care of admission directly to a school, you do not have to even be present in Singapore.
    I know many cases an agent in Singapore has Contact to some Muslim or Arab or some Islamist origin who collects payments from the person to be arriving to Singapore and then with the agent in Singapore.
    If you really see, these student just got to class, do not even understand any thing cause lectures are in english and these PRC are mostly less educated or do not know any thing about english. They sit there and come back, seems by law only attending class is necessary for immigration rules. They regularly fail in exams, no notices are served. They can get visa for 1-2-3 year depending upon what course one takes.
    If any school is strict then what these students do, they take admission in some other school and Student visa will continue.
    Singapore government talks lot about strict rules. I do not think there is any rule for such people. In fact Government wants them to be a part of society so that the local girls are not taken in to wrong trade.
    There are many Corrupt officials in Government's immigration department. Who cover up all. If some time the some good immigration officer wants to raid on those illegal joints, these corrupt officials inform the culprits in advance and whole scene is cleared immediately.
    So in my opinion Singapore is not a clean city. Corruption is there and deep rooted.

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  • Jc
    JCPAN May 19, 2015

    ICA Singapore is most slow and stupid department I have met. They work in Very low efficiency. They have bad attitute. The most worst thing that they wrote something as policy online and they don't follow at all.

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  • Ol
    Olesya M. Apr 06, 2015

    I am a Russian passport holder, living in Hong Kong. I have arrived to Singapore for a vocation visit with 2 small kids (3 and 5y.o) on April 6th 2015. The officer asked me why I had visited Iran before (he saw my Iranian visa). I explained him a reason (my husband is Iranian). I asked the officer why he asked about it. He took my documents and brought me and kids into the room, where they kept people with passport/visa issues. Kids and I stayed there for a while. Then they brought me to another officer, who yelled at me. The next officer said that thay have right to ask any questions they want, but people have no right to ask questions back (even though we were the only in the que, did not take any time from anyone)! They took my finger prints and kept me and kids for a while while the officers were going through all my visas in the passport (even questioning Hong Kong visas). Kids were hungry and tired! This is UNBELIEVABLE to be treated like that in a touristic destination! I am truly shocked of Singaporean customs!!! Which right do they have to intirigate people and humiliate them like that???! This is the first and the last time I am here. There are much better destinations to spend vocation!!! Mood is definitely ruined for the whole vocation!!! Badly regret of coming here!!!

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  • Mo
    Moon Melody Dec 17, 2014

    I had very bad experience with the singapore immigration officer too! i went to Sg after 4 years together with my family. At Changi Airport, my husband queue at different counter where as me with my 3 young kids and my indonesian maid queue at different counter. the officer rejected my immigration card and asked me to write full singapore address with unit, block no and postcode as well. I really wonder what is their SOP? my husband able to pass through from different counter, but myself with 3 young kids were being rejected. she asked me to fill up full details before entering. she chased me to fill up at one side, the left right were all immigrations counters will full of ppl. i was being chased left, right, front back.. my little kids had to follow me. I didn't request for a special lane for my young kids. but is that the way that i deserve from immigration?? just because of missing postcode and block no? what if i simply write a hotel name? i need to find out post code as well? what if i haven't confirmed where to stay? do i need to book the hotel immediately in front of the officer? if not, i will be chased back to my country? the officer name 'XXX' Mahmood. she told me i shouldnt queue at her counter when i asked her why my husband could pass through whereas she has to stop me? she said, yes, remember me... you should queue other counter!!! i was damn mad that time ! i need to write to immigration office to complain about her!!! please let me know what is their email where to complain!!

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  • Ry
    Ryan Yeong Aug 02, 2014

    2nd AUGUST 2014 while entering Singapore:

    First custom officer (Chinese male) at checkpoint on stamping passport:
    I made a friendly chat with him about the price increase in toll, and he just have me a quick blank look, no smile and continue doing his stamping (awkward).

    Seond officer (Malay male) checking the boot.
    Looks a little friendlier and smiled but didn't say anything when I wished him Selamat Hari Raya.

    Third & Fourth officer (Chinese male and female) just after the boot check where they do a more thorough check.
    (a) Male officer does his job to check which is fine (no problem)
    (b) Chinese female officer with short hair: First question to me was "Where are you going?" In a rude way as if I'm going to do some crime. Next: "Open your boot!!!" In a rude way again. I got out of the car and got my phone out as well just so I can check my SMS and she tells me off saying "I didn't tell you that you can use your phone and you stand here when we're checking your boot" condescendingly. So I had to tell her "ten you should have said it earlier".
    After that, she asked me "What are you going to do in Clarke Quay?" in a rude way again... And I responded "to party then go back JB". She responded "so you're going to drink and drive back?". I thought to myself, if I were going to drink and drive, would I even tell you? Soooo, I responded, "of course not, have to wait till sober up first right?" Then she asked me "then why you tell me that you are going to drink and drive?"... I think if she had any common sense and a slight bit of manners 'if her parents taught her anything', she wouldn't have had to asked some of those pointless questions.
    Next, while they are still checking the car, I asked if she wanted me to park to the side where they have those sniffer dogs area to help her out not to jam up the traffic. And she told me off and said I don't need to tell her how to do her job. Hahahaha What a JOKE!! Don't have to try and be ego la. You're only a custom officer for god's sake.

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  • Ni
    NITISH DUTTA Jul 31, 2014


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  • Ka
    Kalvin Liang Jun 28, 2014

    I have been to Singapore several Time. Even worked in Singapore before starting my own Business several year ago.
    But I indeed facing some problem once. One of the the Airport immigration officer was arrogant rude in using word. Her name is Ahmad xxx, duty at 8.30 pm On 28 July 2014. But since i don't want trouble, i just abandon her intimidation as long as she chop the passport. May be she just in bad mood. But I think they need to change their attitude.

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  • To
    tomteo Mar 07, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i will like to share with everyone is that singapore ica officers is getting worst. they really abuse their power to us MOP of singapore. I been travelling alot to JB and thing happen on 07/03/2014 @ 3:30pm which i was in my way back to singapore.i was ask to go office and when i reach the office, i ask the officers what is happen, they just reply me is normal check. So i just keep quite and wait, about 10 mins the officer say i can go.

    Thing happen from here, while i about to travel to 100% check area, in-front of me one of the car was stop by one of the officers while i behind waited.suddenly anyothers officer approached to me and ask where i come from.To me, this is stupid question in my mind. i told him from JB.He say i need you to go to 100% check and i agree to it as to me i never do anything wrong i not afraid, there was 3 ica officer, to what i know that the officer will guide the drivers into the 100% lots, but my case the officers just say u drive in.I was a bit angry as the service is ###.worst is the lots is so limit which my rear driver side rims was hit by the corner and more worst to me is that the officer was there see and not ever a simple guide for me at all.I had no choice but to make my car in ever damage.

    I stop my car once in and come out to check at my rims which was damage and i say the officer you should guide me in .Do you know what he reply, he say i ownself want to drive in. I was so angry about it. as to me is a stupid reply.after a while 3 more officer come to the 100% check point and ask me to open my front & Back boots. i open and let them check. While their really to check, i take my hand phone out and start video those officers who is checking my car and one of the officers say u are not allow to shot video. I reply to him i shot is not your ICA 100% check point place, i shot is those officers who try to open anything which may cost damage to my car .Am i wrong on here. The officer just keep quiet. Meantime one of the officer who hold 2 crab of shoulder approach to me and spoke to me, so i got to stop shooting.I was no happy as 2 officer start to stand beside me .i feel that i like a criminals. What had i done, i go Jb eat shopping and message got wrong ?do i bring in drug i so stupid to use my car to do this ### things which i know singapore is so strict on law.
    After 20 mins, they couldnt find anything and the officers say i can go, i stated to the 2 crab shoulder officer that i will make an complain about the service and the damage of my car without any officer guide in.I went in my car and start er my car, suddenly one of this officers ask me out and say i want to check your body.Really, i feel that their abuse power as while checking my car, u can ask to search my body am i right to say that and is not when everything cant find than find trouble again.
    Totally, is playing me out and waste my time.I really cannot accept this as is really abuse power.
    Isit Singapore cannot say back the officers ? is say them back which they got to keep quiet, they will start abuse their power to us. this is not the way to serve MOP of singapore.this is call Abuse of Power.i really hope everyone to know that Singapore ICA is a big bully.Dont ever say them as they will play you with alot of reason.
    I hope everyone to know that we are the pay master to them.Am not them.

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  • Mj
    [email protected]@@ Jun 05, 2013

    I have been travelling a lot, but the immigration officer I met in Singapore was THE worst I have ever seen so far. They simply do not know how to respect fellow human beings and they are so RACIST! I am a New Zealand Resident with Indian Passport travelling from NZ to India and back. On my way from NZ to India the immigration officer gave me a transit visa on arrival for my connecting flight, and did not mention anything else about the visa. But on my way back, the immigration officer said I cant transit in Singapore without a pre obtained Visa? My next flight to NZ was in 3 hours time, and I could hardly go out into the city. It did not stop there. The way she treated me, the way she called me (like an animal- come, ! go! sit! stand!) was really ridiculous. If the Singapore Govt is reading this, PLEASE send your immigration officers to some kinder garden school and teach them some respect!! And on top of that she also mentioned, Indian are a problem for them always, and Indian wont get visa easily and thats why they do all these sort of things!!! Excuse me!! I hardly wanted to check out your country, I am a New Zealand resident and I give a damn about your country. So Please stop being racist and try to give some respect to people.

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  • Am
    amreek singh Feb 20, 2013

    Dear Sir / Madam
    We refer to our email dated 13 Feb 2013.
    To enable us to look into the feedback, please furnish us with the following information:
    1 Applicant’s Full Name : AMREEK SINGH
    2 Applicant’s Passport Number : H6320951
    3 Applicant’s Fin Number (if applicable) : G5366621W
    4. Occupation and job scope of the workers (s) : MANAGEMENT TRAINEE
    5 Type of fake document (e.g. Diploma/Degree/Others : B.A PART FORM UNIVERISTY OF RAJASTHAN .
    In addition, we may need your further assistance to provide a statement in the course of our investigations
    and/or stand as a witness in the event of a trial. We would therefore appreciate it if you could let us
    have your particulars (i.e. full name, identification number) and contact number so that we could contact
    you for this purpose. Dear,
    Sir or Madam just i inform mom this guy came on visit pass last year 2012 8Aug.he want do tha fake married with singaporein girl but any rouse he can't got this after that go thiland and indonisa also .then after that he came back singapore got tha tep pass .but he have (B.A) Done 2008 for University of Bikaner .But he make fake school letter university of rajasthan .and join tep .now his tep finish rdy so he want go back india . everybody say singapore mom stky but still guy do fake .paper pls this and findout .AMREEK SINGH .HIS MOBILE NUMBER [protected]

    FIN : G5366621W
    Application No. : A051112331677
    Date of Application : 05/11/2012
    Pass Category : -
    Status : Cancelled

    0 Votes
  • Ch
    ChenMainland Apr 16, 2012


    I am from Mainland China . I was not allowed in Casino at Marina Sands even after showing my passport. They have two lines, one for locals another for whites, and rest of Asians are treated in very bad manner, they have special checks. Many of them are not allowed with no good reasons. Have not seen this type of racism and bad attitude in Macau or any other casino or tourist places world wide.

    I still wonder why people go to expensive Singapore where prices have been tripled for everything after economic fall-down to china. Now if we do not give business or other countries like India, this country will die and Singaporean will force to beg like Russian crisis couple of years ago or like Egyptians etc.

    1 Votes
  • Ju
    jucknuck Apr 13, 2012

    10 reasons not to visit Singapore.
    1)Singapore immigration officers are horrible and bad attitude, ill tempered.
    2) Airport Security staff demanding money, bribe, gifts due to economy getting worse.
    3) Racism, Singaporean treat people from third world as very low and they have no human respect.
    4) Any club, restaurant treatment according to skin color and nationality.
    5) Overcharging, cheating common by shop-keepers, bribe culture has started.
    6) Hotels cheating, poor service, high taxes and service charges.
    7) Risky and unsecured tourist places with bad and poor quality equipment, rides also overpriced.
    8) Locals drink on street after 10 pm. not very safe to walk.
    9) common man of Singapore thinks he is next to god, and they think what they do is correct and no body can question them.
    10) Most commercial locations are turning into sex shops, pole dancing junction, pick up joints and you find prostitutes chasing you all the time.

    3 Votes
  • Mm
    mmarkeme Apr 05, 2012

    i have complient to singapore immigration mr bajaj deepak shivkumar.his 5035173 dateof birth 30/8/1982 issued date 18/06/2009 expiry date 17/6/2019 he doing inlegail hawking in singapore last two years know his multiple visa was finish form mumbai india so plz dont allow him for multiple visa

    0 Votes
  • Mm
    mmarkeme Apr 05, 2012

    i have com

    0 Votes
  • Th
    ThomasFrd Mar 04, 2012

    I think it's about time a country like Singapore implements a customer satisfaction check at their custom/immigration. This bad experience came this morning as our family travelled across the Woodland immigration border. Why is it so out of ordinary for a Singaporean immigration official to come across someone who can't write places name (in Singapore) on a white form? And be laughed at by the official? The male official speaking (in Malay) to my father in such a rude manner really brought shame to every Singaporean. Okay, my father is 70 years old and he doesn't write well in English or places names, but he converses well in Malay and Chinese. Our culture taught us that we should respect our elderly as they are the ones that built the nation before our generation.
    My father worked all his life and made a successful business, traveled to many countries, never had he been laughed at, worse than any verbal insult to an older man.

    2 Votes
  • Ge
    gemma888 Feb 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ive bee to malysia kuala lumpur then i want go visit frend in singapore they stopped me and i ask them the reason they said your a pinoy they checked y money i showed them, thy ask me credit card i showed them they look for my ticket from singapore to manila they checked it all complete as a tourist so they dont hve a reason to stopped me i look not good look just a simple tshirt and pants but they under estimate me becoz of my looks?but still they stopped me after showed them all the requirements they need that is 2 in the morning from kuala lumpur really need to rest but do you know where i sleep that time?in the vacant room imigration office they are really bad some of the other people will come visit singapore if they re really stricted like that while they are laughing like w are crminal

    2 Votes
  • Ge
    gemma888 Feb 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    singaporean officers some of them are really bad they treat other people verry poor they are under estimating the people 1 time i experience they want my bag to open they check it all and even the personal things of me they want to bagage checked already at checking counters then they want to open again..verry bad some of them..

    0 Votes
  • Ak
    Akex Sep 02, 2011

    I never had any problems with singapore immigration, actually they have been always courtious and done what i asked...the arrogance i found it in one foreign guy who works there and bad mouths the country and the people so bad.
    True about the US immigration workers...the worse so far.
    They make you feel like you are a criminal before you even enter their country.
    Singapore you are ok at the end... :-)

    0 Votes
  • Wa
    Wa Lau Mar 29, 2011

    Hang on fellas. Give me a break. They are NOT ‘tourist promotion board’ employee. These are ‘Immigration officers’ who enforce immigration laws. You have not seen the real bad immigration officers until you meet the U.S. Immigration Officer. They bring the art of intimidation, personal insults and humiliation to a new height. Picking on old folks and women disregards if minors are around. Lashing anything but American-value to the frighten tourists. Are they a true representation of a common Americans? Hell no!
    I want to congratulate the CIS officers for a job well done. You are able to keep the terrorist out (unlike the U.S.) without resorting to humiliation tactics. Hold your head high and don’t let these people (especially Westerners) tell you how to do your job. Go Singapore!

    -9 Votes
  • Su
    Sujoy Bera Feb 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m Indian citizen who work in Indonesia from last years. Today morning (06/02/11) at 11.30 am I have a across a bad experience with the immigration officer(CI 2 KALSOM BTE BAKECHIL for CONTROLLER OF IMMIGRATION SINGAPORE) in Tanah Merah F.T. check point. I have got 2 years multiple entry visa from SINGAPORE HIGH COMMISSIONER IN NEW DELHI on dated 22-Jun-2010. But today above said officer didn't allow me to enter the Singapore with out showing proper cause. Even she didn't talk me nicely and also didn't tel me the cause. It's a great psychic abuse and harassment for a visitor. I write this just to tell that’s because of some bad attitudes is enough to spoil Singapore image.

    6 Votes
  • Ne
    need some decent service Nov 18, 2010

    Two days ago, Me & my boyfriend went back from my hometown to Singapore (We are working in Singapore), my weary turned into rage when I was approaching the Singapore Immigration that was occupied by a rude inconsiderate officer. My bad because I didn't notice his name. I was given a white card by one of the flight attendant (usually I don't need to fill up this card since I have the working ic card), he said the Singapore Immigration will asked for this card, so I just filled up the card & assuming that maybe it's a new rule. Then as usual, when I was on the immigration officer's table, I passed my passport along with the ic card, & white card inside, then he was rudely returned back my white card with some unnecessary high tone in his voice. After he scanned my ic card & about to returned my passport, he slated me with rude stare & voice tone that it wasn't my first journey to Singapore so it's intolerable if I still pass him the white card. Then while he was holding & showing my ic card, he quiped me like I don't have a clue what the ic card purpose in immigration. After I received back my passport along with the cards, I approached my boyfriend that already finished with his immigration process (since he is a resident, he doesn't need to face the immigration officers, & allowed to use the immigration scanned device) & told him that I need to file a complaint letter regarding this matter. Then he approached the rude officer & told him to apologize to me, the officer couldn't accept the shame so he attacked both of us with some stupid reasons, I slated back to him & told him to lower down his tone. Suddenly another rude officer come & took my passport & directed me to his desk, honestly I didn't know what he was doing with my passport, he was typing to his computer, & then scolded me with the reason that the immigration officers have a lot of jobs so don't expect them to flip the passport & pass back the cards (even my 5 years old nephew can do this, what a lame reason). And I heard more than one similar case happened, it can really spoiled this country's image. I hope the related authority can do something to solve this matter.

    3 Votes
  • Li
    Lin thin Nov 15, 2010

    So Rude all of Singaporean Officer. All the time, they are looking from bad perspective. They decided, i think, all of under 30 age people are come to Singapore looking for jobs opportunity. All of officer are looking with bad attitude and then they shout loudly have not any reason. Looking as criminal people who come poor country. I will never come to Singapore again. I will not spend my holiday and money at singapore.

    6 Votes
  • Nu
    Nurul kabir Oct 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is very sad for singapore .whice countrey not have any Good people is the one of singapore.i have listen from some of people (Job singapore) there singapore people Not like smiles Talk with Forigner because the argue to other,
    so this is my own dicided that i try to visit more of countrey except Singapore( Dog Countrey).
    Thanks all are not sigapore peole
    God bless to all

    2 Votes
  • Ur
    urbanplayer69 Nov 04, 2009

    As much as any country should be proud of themselves, you would think that being in the heart of Asia, and being one of APACs leading financial districts with a diversity of International cultures, they would know what having courtesy, having manners and being polite is. Sorry, but that seems not to be the case. This is not just from experience, but it seems like their own government agrees as well. They have to advertise and set-up workshops to 'teach' locals what is means to 'share', to 'display common courtesy' and may be even learn 'people skills'.
    This is why every time I enter Singapore none of the immigrations officers smile or even say hello. Simple peoples skills to make visitors more welcome. Not sure where the Singapore Tourism Board stands on this matter, but it sure has dented (if not already done) Singapore's image. Maybe they should take some lessons from shop assistants in Singapore where they hound you like a dog, at least they smile and say hello.
    Shame really as Singapore has so many 'right' things implemented, but is let down by the people at the forefront representing the country.

    6 Votes

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