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Singapore Immigration review: Mean and bad attitude of the harbour front immigration officer

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On 20th June 2022, I went to Spore by Ferry from Batam to Harbour Front. I have very pleasant experience the month before when I arrived in Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, where the immigration officer was very nice and smiley face. I thought after 2 years of Covid lock down, finally the officer become nicer and better.

To my surprise, I have one of the worst experience ever had with the immigration officer. I understand the queues was long, and that made the girl (I said a girl, she maybe in the mid 20s), a bit upset, maybe after taking free salary for the last 2 years, then suddenly have to work so hard again.

First of all, I got those mean face which I don't mind since they have always been like that before the covid. the she asked my vaccined certs, I show her the QR code, then she just said I want the whole certs, you should go back and queues again and find the certs, (I have already queued for almost 1 hour), HEY, you just need to enlarge the QR code. then she took my phone and do that very unrespectful. And funny thing is she also asked for my ID card from my country. Well, this is the first, luckily I brought it, cause we always understand, PASSPORT is a mean of identity already.

Well, as I said, I don't mind those pulling long face and a bit rash attitude. and seriously, SINGAPORE people are one of the nicest people I know. She really knows BIG TIME how to spoil people mood get into Spore.

I really wish that Singapore Tourism Board to look into that matter, as you have spent so much money to boost Singapore Tourism yet ironically you let those kind of attitude to chase away tourist.

FYI, not all people coming with Ferry are poor and illegal workers trying to get into your country.