SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / never received any money back from shopathome

Feb 13, 2018

I never received any money back from Shopathome though I have bought many things through it. So I would never use it again! I don't know why there are so many people love Shopathome. To be honest, A new site : Dealsgo is better than Shopathome! It really send me the gift card after I... / scammers

Dec 15, 2017

I have never met anyone who would get their money back from ShopAtHome. I thought maybe I would be lucky and tried to do what was needed. But I was so wrong thinking I would be an exclusion. Bought several coupons, used them but got no money. Well, I expected that knowing how many people... / spam

Dec 04, 2017

Please, help me to unsubscribe from their service. I don't know how to do it. They bombarded my inbox with their emails and I can't get rid of them. I tried to click the link that has to unsubscribe me from their s^*^, but it doesn't work at all. I also called them several times and they... / Cashback not credited

Feb 24, 2017

I have earned over $ 5, 000 in cash back for the last 7 years, using 6 or 7 different cash back sites, so I know the rules and am always very careful. Please, be careful too when using ShopAtHome as your cash back platform. I have experienced so many problems with them that I stopped using them... / are lying scammers

Feb 08, 2017 will payout on small purchases and then when you place a big order they will lie and fabricate any excuse to deny legitimate cashback. This happened 2 times. It was not my error, I am not new to cashback sites and I know how they work. They are just lying scammers who pocket... / Fraud

Oct 31, 2016

I used ShopAtHome website a few times and bought something from them, and I received nothing but empty promises. These guys never paid me anything. Do not believe them, they do not provide any cash back even if they say the opposite. ShopAtHome customer service is a real nightmare, spoke... / Cash back

Aug 26, 2016

I do not recommend ShopAtHome to anyone, there are much better sites out there. When I contacted ShopAtHome and asked for a refund they said they don't have a PayPal cash back system so they'll send me a paper check. Paper check in 21st century... Amazing. Anyways waited for my check and... / Unethical company, scam cash back site

Jul 06, 2016

ShopAtHome is the worst cashback site I've used. Supposedly, they will send a check after 3 months of your transactions. The fact is the day before they were supposed to send me a check, they cancelled my account. I accumulated several hundreds of dollars in cashback over a few... / Offers big rebates, but won't pay after the purchase

Nov 30, 2015

ShopAtHome ripped me big time on paying me rebates that I had earned through their site.After I made the purchases(Puritans Pride)through SAH I wasn't getting paid the rebate, so On their site I used their trackback to prove that I used their site to make my purchase's but they... / Cashback NOT RECEIVED!

Aug 31, 2015

THIS SITE IS A SCAM!!! I purchased a cell phone for the $150 cash back incentive and even though I have used this site before and I know how to make a purchase they still refused to give me my credit. They are refusing to credit because it’s the first time they have to pay out a legitimate... / cashback failed and company avoids responsibility

May 15, 2015

too bad i used to trust shopathome in the past but they totally messed up my cashback recently. i made two big purchases separately via shopathome website with 110% guarantee. boost mobile and virgin mobile online. i didnt get my cashback instantly but i did see the tracking number so i think...

[Resolved] / 110% guarantee not received

Jan 30, 2015

They cheated me out of a 110% guarantee that I requested the day I placed a large order. I am absolutely positive that I did everything correctly and should have been awarded an additonal 4.8% savings on my order. The so called "customer service" claimed that I never sent a request in for...

Shop At Home / Online fraud

Jun 30, 2014

I, M. K. RAJ KUMAR, S/o Sh. M. P. Kesavan, R/o House No. 2751/1, Sector 47-C, Chandigarh would like to bring into your notice about the frauds committed by online shopping company convincing the common people of this country to pay their hard earned money to the company in lieu of huge... / Cash Back not Received

Apr 21, 2014

I purchased a eharmony membership through They were offering 50% cash back for first time ehanrmony memberships. I went through the shopathome website as directed. This was back on March 17th. As of today I have not received the 50% back on my membership. I have contracted... / I will never use their site again

Nov 06, 2012

I received cash back for my first 2 small purchases (about $7 total). However, I made several follow-on purchases thru this site and received nothing - one of the cash backs should have been $25. All of the purchases were made 2 months ago. So I go to file an inquiry request and find out... / They don't respond to these inquiries either

Sep 24, 2012

I have been a customer for almost a year. I purchased a $900 camera from BestBuy, but NEVER received the cashback. I inquired about this, and never heard back. Other purchases are a hit or miss, and takes upto 30 days to hear back. If you dont hear back, you can file a cash... / Shop at home is hijacking traffic away from the web site you think your visiting

Aug 31, 2012

Shop at home is hijacking traffic away from the web site you think your visiting and attaching their affiliate codes onto the urls. I wonder what the retailers think about this? / They posted their ads on my facebook page

Jun 20, 2012

I was impressed by this site and even downloaded their toolbar. I used their coupon section and was beginning to use their rebate section. But then they did something unforgivable in my book -THEY POSTED THEIR ADS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE!! Not on the side but on my wall where the comments go... / No response on cash rebate inquiry

Oct 23, 2011

I made a purchase thru this website. Order never showed (nor the pending cash back amount). I'm only .02 away from being able to cash in my rebate check. Geez! Tried e-mailing customer service 2x. No response. Only an automated e-mail stating that they were looking into my rebate... / Cashback Scam

Sep 20, 2011 advertises one cash back amount and pays another. New to their site, we recently purchased a television at Sears through, with an advertised 15% cashback. Our Sears order total was $539.99. Cashback should have been $81.00. We were instead credited $27.00... / looks like a scam

Sep 12, 2011 looks like a scam. I purchased at through ShopAtHome by clciking at the right deal which said 20$ cashback for orders of 49$ or more .I order edat for little more than 49$. I received my ordered items as well. But my shows up only 13$... / They never ever responded and resolved problem

Jun 16, 2011

Yes, they pay your real cash back but their cash back system is not reliable. About 30 % of websites they advertised, won't pay you cash back as promised. You have to wait until 30 days if no cash back show up then you can send cash back inquiry, asked them to investigate. They never... / Beware, they are cheating

Mar 09, 2011

Once my rebate account reached $35, suddenly the balance dropped to $0 and he never received a check. BEWARE! THEY ARE CHEATING!!!