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Complaints & Reviews

10x20 portable carports (2)

I bought 2 carports $300. There is no information regarding wind pressure. During a rainstorm carport collapsed (came apart on three different occassions damaging my vehicle. Leg snapped got another leg during another storm numerous legs and roof snapped and are now useless. These shouldn't be sold in certain areas (Arizona). Now I'm out $300 plus scratches all over my car.

  • Ja
    Jay Lindsey Nov 02, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you buy these through a facebook ad ??

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1st salesman didn't tell me about code for free shipping. when I called back the next day to coplain...

Roundtop structure

The products are very poorly designed. We got the 28x8x12 round top. During install the parts didn't...

Poor response to inquiry

My cover disintegrated in a windstorm - no complaints there as it lasted 2 years longer than rated. However I sent 2 different web inquiries for pricing on replacement covers (I was looking at a few different options) - that was well over a month ago - no response to either one. I think they want you to call them - so why give the option of web inquiries? And just put your pricing on the web - what is the big secret? I need to budget the replacement covers and don't have time to spend with a sales rep on the phone for something I can't purchase now anyway. But gee they sure manage to send me emails on their 'wonderful' products every month!

Poor design

Even when properly installed, product did not stand up to 49k ( 30m.p.h.) winds. Problem is with the metal cable/u-clamp fasteners used to mount the legs to a screw-type ground anchor.

The grade 8.8 (ISO 898/1) bolts are of inferior quality for this kind of application - even when torqued to specification.

This AutoShelter is located in an area reasonably sheltered from wind but the anchor system still failed at the cost of a paint job to a 2009 Toyota Matrix.

I am re-installing the unit with a throughbolt-type

system to overcome this serious design flaw and would suggest others do the same.

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Bad customer service

Out of box zipper failure on portable storage unit purchased at BJ manfactured by ShelterLogic. When customer contacted 800 number as directed by package customer service advised send recpt and pictures documenting defect. Customer advised that no where on warrenty was this stated. CS rep put supervisor Denise on line who advised same and hungup on customer. Customer called back spoke to Patrick Jones who advised same and that warrenty card also had to be sent in. Customer advised unit was in use with 2 $20000 motorcycles inside unit and a replacement door needed to be sent. Mr Jones repeated co. policy. Customer advised that this was no where in writting on printed 1 year warrenty and that customer wanted company's corp address and presidents name and that customer was reporting this to the BBB and if need be would seek legal asistance. Mr. Jones then put customer on hold. When Mr. Jones came back on line he advised that he had spoken to his supervisor and that with exception because caller was so upset, ShelterLogic would allow customer to fax or email copy of recpt and pictures and the company would then ship a replacement parts. Customer advised that while that was all possible no where in warrenty did it state that was how to get replacement parts for an out of box issue. Mr.Jones advised that information on the warrenty would be sent after I sent in the warrenty card. Customer advised again this was an out of box fault and most companies would send replacement part and request defective parts to be returned. At this point a person broke into the call who claims to be a supervisor, Joye. Customer assumes that this was Ms. Joye Coles, Consumer Support Supervisor who also continued to explain company policy and refused to allow the customer to speak. Whenever the customer tried to voice her view "Joye" would tell her she needed to lower her voice and listen to her. Customer would do this but again when customer would speak "Joye" would cut her off. Customer did become irrate at this point and advised "Joye" that she must be crazy because everytime she tried to speak she cut her off. "Joye" hung up on customer.

Customer filed complaint with BBB in CT but it has been closed by BBB admin because Shelterlogic stated they advised customer to email copies of sales rcpt and pictures. Customer has attempted to email these items many times each time the email files.

  • La
    Laureen33 Nov 10, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am from Calgary, Canada, and I received the same service. One of the zippers on my 12x20 is defective, so I called to get a replacement door. They told me to e-mail the pictures, and blah, blah, blah. Nothing happened. I also had purchased the roll up door kit. What garbage! So here I am with a $500.00 portable garage with a defective door. Now what?

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Bad service

In August of 07 I purchased and 10x10 ShelterLogic canopy through Northern Tool Co. I have used the canopy 9...

Replacement parts!

I purchased a 10x15 Shelter Logic Logic pop-up canopy to use for club activities. After a cross wind caused a...

Hadn't received the product as promised

We had purchased an enclosure kit from Menards a few years back, put it up and had no problems with it. Over the years the canopy of the enclosure kit was a little worn and torn so we decided to order a new one in September of 2006.

We pulled out the paper work and decided what size we needed and made a phone call to the manufacturer, (formerly North American Outdoor Products) Shelter Logic. While ordering the new canopy top, we told them we needed the larger one, it only comes in small and large. The top showed up and we put it up only to discover they sent us the small size.

We called to inform Shelter Logic of the mistake and they told us to take pictures because the costumer service representative didn't believe us. We then went onto explain that we had already taken down the top and had one hell of a time trying to get it back into the original packaging, they understood and told us to ship it back.

We shipped back the product with the understanding that we would then get the correct size shipped to us. A week went by and we had nothing, we called and questioned when we should expect it to arrive. The man I spoke with was Bill Rocks at extension 2237 who told us the product was to be shipped that day, Friday. Later that day, a phone call was received from another representative, Joyce, who informed us that they have a lot going on and it will be shipped Monday.

Another week goes by and we still hadn't received the product as promised. Another call was put into Shelter Logic to find out whats going on and all we got was an answering machine. Multiple messages were left before informing our Attorney General, Mike Hatch. It is now January of 2007 and we still haven't spoken to anyone from the company. The Attorney Generals office has sent two letters and has also made multiple phone calls. We still yet to receive a replacement canopy or the money we spent on the replacement canopy.

  • As
    asdf Sep 13, 2007

    How does this have anything to do with Menards? You bought the original one there, but then it sounds like your problem came with the MANUFACTURER, not the MERCHANT.

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