Shellair and water pump for fuel purchase

Pa Oct 09, 2019

When I arrived with an almost flat tire I saw there was no button to engage the air. I went into the station to the attendant. I asked if he could help me get air in my flat tire. He stated "I'm out of tokens and it cost a quarter." I said "okay, I'll take that." He replied, "You have to pay a quarter." I replied, "I don't have a quarter, I only have credit cards but you have a cash register." He said he wouldn't give me even a quarter. This was after I just filled up my tank at Shell the night before. I have the receipt and credit card to prove.
I returned to the pump and didn't see any signage that I could call a number. I then proceeded to look up on my phone where it that states the stations must give free air and water or be fined $250. I returned to the attendant and showed him the notice. He replied "I just work here. I can't do anything." Then I said he should work on that and left having to drive dangerously on a flat tire to the Chevron down the street that gave free air and water without any hassle. This has happeded before at this station and other Shell stations to me and others. This has caused me to stop using Shell completely and switch to Chevron. I will also be sharing this with my family and friends everywhere. Not only was he completely lying that he couldn't help, he was breaking the law by not offering a free service. This station and all that don't offer it for free should be fined by the each time. I'm willing to give whatever evidence I need to for this complaint to be acted upon.

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