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Shadowhawk Flashlights
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ShadowhawkFlashlights Complaints & Reviews

ShadowhawkFlashlights — shadowhawk x800 flashlight

Not really a complaint . Bought your light 4 or 5 yrs ago in a batch of 5 lights . Now my battery has started not staying charged as long as it use to. When I replaced the battery...

Building, Construction  · Dec 19, 2019

ShadowhawkFlashlights — shadowhawk x800 flashlight

6 Sep 2019/1710 DST I purchased the Shadowhawk in Jun 2016; with the rechargeable battery. That battery lasted about 6 month and then wouldn't recharge so I started using AAA...

Casinos  · Sep 06, 2019

ShadowhawkFlashlights — Tactical x800 flashlight

I'm very happy with the quality of the lighting of your flashlight. However in less than a year to 1 1/2 years, the rechargeable battery on all five flashlights I purchased have...

Online Shopping  · Feb 16, 2019

ShadowhawkFlashlights — Complaint

I ordered a Shadowhawk flashlight on 10/17/2016 and the shipping date was supposed to be 10/29/2016 and I still have not received my product as of this date, 12/21/2016. My order...

ShadowhawkFlashlights — Don't buy their flashlights!

I have purchased 5 flashlights from ShadowhawkFlashlights and received only 3! These lights were pure garbage and did not work correctly. One was completely broken from the very...

ShadowhawkFlashlights — The seller hasn't shipped the order

I bought flashlights from, but the seller hasn’t even shipped the order. I placed it in the beginning of February and the order was still in their...