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I am genuinely going to stop watching Channel 7 unless it's the footy. I am disgraced by the amount of 'love shows', such as 'Bride and Prejudice' or 'Married at First Sight' etc. I am understanding that other TV channels have different types of shows, but these are the two where I feel the TV channels have overstepped. Nothing comes from these shows. It's not educational, they aren't positive, they aren't doing anything except allowing young viewers watch older women/men bully eachother on the TV. MAFS last year was disgusting, such bullying and bickering. Why set up our nights with such garbage? Why can't we have something educational or useful on TV instead of watching negative filth? For a society with a big emphasis on 'mental health', feeling alone, bickering, feeling judged - these shows make it worse. I understand that people don't need to watch them, but they are EVERYWHERE. I try to avoid them and I see them all the time! What you put on the TV, is all over social media with people talking bad about the people on TV. It generally makes me feel overwhelmed with anxiety because they aren't good shows and only make for [censored] TV, nothing other than that. Fill the time slots with something different. Enough is enough.

Oct 08, 2019

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