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P Nov 21, 2019

It is in prime time and it is an advertisement for Channel 7.
It shows the koala that was rescued from the bushfires. The koala is badly burnt and squealing in pain.
It is confronting vision with no warnings.
ACMA Reference: BM-5866

Dear Peter Graham

RE: Your complaint about Channel 7 news ads featuring an injured koala
The ACMA received a complaint from you on 22 November 2019, raising compliance issues with the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice 2015 (revised 2018) (the Code).
You raised concerns that images and sounds of a badly burnt koala rescued from bushfires was distressing and should have included a warning. We appreciate that this matter is of concern to you.
Under the co-regulatory regime, the broadcaster is given the opportunity to try to resolve a Code complaint before the ACMA becomes involved, other than in exceptional cases.
Information about the Code complaints process and how to complain to Seven is attached.

If, after complaining to Seven, you receive a response you are not happy with or you do not receive a response within 60 days, you can then refer your complaint to the ACMA, quoting the reference BM-5866.
We hope this information assists you.

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