Saxon Mortgage ServicesScam and cheating!


They bought my mortgage and I sent the first payment to the old mortgage company. Now they are fining me $4K. It seems from reading all of the other victims' stories, that they are a criminal operation. We should come together and hire a lawyer to put a restraining order on this company.

If they are committing so many illegal maneuvers, more than fines should be threatened, but actual criminal proceedings.


  • Am
    Amber Dec 31, 2007

    I agree they are a terrible company to deal with. Rude, uncooperative, and do not seem to care at all about the people who are paying them ungodly amounts of money every month. I hope to heck none of the rude people they have working for them ever fall on hard times. Or maybe I do. It would serve them right for the awful way they have treated us.

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  • Pe
    Penny Apr 09, 2008

    There must be a federal agency to complain to about these criminals. I will find it. I am also going to contact the attorney general's office about this company. My husband was in a terrible situation with them... He would have paid on a fairly low loan for 20 + years and still would have owed the entire principal. I think the loan was up around 11%!!! Isn't that called predatory lending? He was in a bad situation when he got the loan. Then he decides to pay it off, and they made it as difficult as possible for him, even threatening to mail back the pay-off check after THEY are the ones who stalled the whole process. Try to get a hold of them on the phone -- That's #1 Signal of a rip-off company: It's difficult to reach a real person, then the "real people" are afraid to give you their last names. Gee, why are they ashamed or afraid of letting customers know their last names? CRIMINALS. REPORT YOUR STORIES TO THE US ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE!

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  • Ad
    A Duran Apr 17, 2008

    I am trying to renegoitate my contract with saxon as my ARM just adjusted. I send all the paper that they request but they dont gime me any answer they always trying to get another payment and they said the i have to wait i been waiting 3 moths with not answer...

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  • Je
    jeff shurmur Apr 26, 2008

    saxon screwed me to. i did everything to save my house. they wont call you back. i finally got a hold of them 5 days before my forcloser and they told my i had to pay in full or lose my house . oh well let them have it .there are no jobs in michigan anyways

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  • Di
    Diane G. May 04, 2008

    This Horrible Company, Saxon Mortgage, would Not work with us when are payment was greatly Increased. I called for Help, BEFORE the Pymt was even due. I kept calling, month after month. On a Forclosure Hot Line, Saxon was said to be " The Worst of the Worst". My Home of over 30 years is gone now, lost in Foreclosure. I Hope "Someone" gets JUSTICE, for ALL the Family's and People, that Saxon has Hurt, And Destroyed these People's Lives!!

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  • Ge
    genevieve nance May 30, 2008

    i went to the michigan attorney generals seminar i spoke with a saxon worker we worked out a agreement instead of my payment being 3, 300 plus property taxes it would be 2, 200 including property taxes. i called and called saxon starting in the middle of march all the way till the end of april they keeped on assuring me everything was fine my paperwork was in process. on may 13, 2008 my house was on the sheriff sale. the company has lied to me and amused me this whole time there reason for dening this the said i did not communicate with them not i have to hire a lawyer to get my phone records to show proof that i have called and called this so called company. i have made a complaint to the attorney generals office about this i pray they can save my home

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  • St
    stacie Jun 10, 2008

    Please file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General's office. I filed my complaint yesterday because I have had a very similar experience as many others. Texas needs to know such a business is operating there. Here is a link.

    You will need some information including Saxon's mailing address and phone number. Here you go:
    4708 Mercantile Dr N
    Ft Worth, TX 76137

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  • Jh
    J Hubbard Jul 01, 2008

    My mortgage was bought out by saxon from nova star. I received a letter from nova star to start sending my payments to saxon mortgage. Have sent all my payments on time BUT, was sending half one week and half the next week. My credit accountant told me this would save on my interest. Now saxon is saying that I'm a month behind because I paid my 1st payment for nov. 1st in full and on the 23rd sent half my payment and on nov. 30th sent the other half. This was for my Dec. 1st payment. But saxon applied both half payments toward my principle and now telling me I'm a month behind, have late fees and reported it to the credit bur. and my score went from 687 to 530. I'm also filing a complaint with the attorney general in IL. Because you can't talk to anyone with this company that can do anything!!!

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  • Mi
    michelle dieter Aug 06, 2008

    my parents came from spain to help me get the house paid to current after my husband lost his job and my income didnt come close to even paying the house we fedex them a check for 13, 600.00 on april 29 and a person in there mail room signed for it even before that i faxed them a letter and told them they woud be recieving it and one of their employees told us to send it there which now is no longer employeed with them. to make a very long story short they sold our house that we build and love so much on july 30 we dont know what to do now weve talked to many lawers and filed complaints. we need help if anyone knows what to do please call 503 432 2946 ask for paul.

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  • Mi
    michelle dieter Aug 06, 2008

    sorry i missed the part were the sold our house and no one at saxon will talk to us or knows anything they say the research department is looking into it.

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  • Mi
    michelle dieter Aug 06, 2008

    im so upset i keep having errors in my message the phone number is 503 432 3946

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  • Li
    LISTEN TO ME Aug 21, 2008

    Saxon mortgage is a disgusting company. They have absolutely no respect for their customers. Payments are constantly posted to wrong accts, and forced placed insurances and forced placed escrow for taxes are being added into accts just to try to scam poor, innocent people out of their money. With the way the economy of the United States is suffering right now, criminals like Saxon need to be stopped. They have absolutely no regard for the families that are losing their homes on a daily basis. This is a crisis. I beg of you, to please come together and file a lawsuit, this cannot go on!!! Saxon needs to be stopped.

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  • Sh
    Sharon Aug 26, 2008

    This company is so shady it makes me sick. I have been dealing with them for the last two years trying to get out of preforclosure - Fortunately, I am now having the attorney I work for call them. I have had it. They made a payment plan and then want me to pay late charges for the six months on the plan - already on top of the late charges I already paid. This company needs to be stopped. Why can't anyone rein them in and put a stop to them victimizing their customers.

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  • Ha
    H A Fearon Real Estate Sep 03, 2008

    Saxon Mortgage service company is not able to keep tract of a short sale. Their only hope to stay (i think not) in business is that they foreclose on all their loans, and take the money and run. I feel sorry for any of their clients that fall behind on there payments. sorry and good luck

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  • Je
    Jeff Oct 02, 2008

    My moratge was also taken over by saxon mortage.We have had the worse time with these people. The fees just pile up for any and everything.You mail your payment on time and you still get told you late.They need to be dealt with harshly. Maybe a class action lawsuit would help.

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  • Mi
    Michael and Robin Augustine Oct 14, 2008

    We live in PA, our mortgage was sold to Saxon also. The first experience with this company was alot what is stated. We were paying our mortgage and they put us into foreclosure. After many rude people, being put on hold forever, and NEVER being allowed to talk to a "Supervisor" some how they did realize they made a mistake...ok...with fees we had to pay regaurdless whos fault. Now, I severed a disc in my back and had to have emergency surgery having a disc removed from my back. I cannot work for GOD knows how long. I called Saxon to see what our options are, well you guessed it ... we are in foreclosure they will not even work with us. They said we could do the repayment plan...what a JOKE. This company should be taken down!!! We will be ready for a class action lawsuit with anyone who will also.

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  • Do
    Dominick R. Ferello Oct 26, 2008

    We have paid our payments on time since we had the mortgage. Payments were taken directly out of our checking account each month and posted on our monthly statements. Statements from Saxon indicated all payments up to date. Received phone call on week of October 20, 2008, telling us that we have been beyond on the mortgage since July, 2007. We never received any letters to that fact. Upon numerous phone calls, they lead us to believe that it is in an account at Saxon but not posted to our account. We don't understand how a company lets you fall behind for 15 months and not notify the customer. They say it will be corrected in 72 hours and on Friday (10/24/08) I received a call that I'm still behind in the payments. We requested a direct number of someone who is handling this to correct the problem, but to no avail. Seems to me, someone on the inside is not sending letters and keeping the money. I am going to contact Texas Attorney Generals Office tomorrow.

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  • So
    Sopia Oct 31, 2008

    I'm tearfully writing this email after stumbling upon this website. My in-laws have been affected by these Saxon monsters just as all of these other heartbreaking individuals have been victimized. I'm a caseworker and have been working for 10months to try & help get their house out of foreclosure too. Well, 2 months too late according to the uncompassionate people there; their house sold at auction last friday. My husband and his family are devastated at this tragedy, and exactly tragic it is. We just went in and had the house made handicap accesible..and that wasn't cheap either. We knew they had issues w/ late fees and that's all that Saxon would tell us, even after signing "a release of information" form. Now there were 4 letters delivered by certified mail, in one day; stating we've attempted to contact you without success and you 2 years of back taxes owed because your escrow was negative and the taxes were never paid. Talk about a kicking a person when their down, this happened to two people in their early sixty's that were within 3 years of having the house paid off. I agree w/ Amber from 305 days ago with her "what comes around goes around" theory. These people not only destroy the lives of the now homeless homeowners but their families too.

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  • Ti
    tinytoes1 Nov 03, 2008

    There is hope out there for Saxon consumers. We have been trying to get a LOAN MODIFICATION for 10 months with Saxon Mortgage. All telephone messages, emails and letters went unanswered. They also practiced unethical tactics by telling us to not make 2 payments since we were trying to get a loan modification. Saxon said they would move the payments to the end of the loan and they would NOT be reported to the credit bureaus. We did not make those payments and checked our credit 3 months later and Saxon DID REPORT it. We disputed them, and Saxon said they would keep them on. About 3 weeks ago I started posting all these complaints to the internet and found out how many other people were going through the exact same thing that we are. Well, I am here to tell you that there IS HOPE. I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau 3 weeks ago and 1 week after the complaint Saxon DID CALL US. First they said we would not be approved for the loan modification since we DID NOT MAKE ENOUGH MONEY. The BBB acted as a mediator between Saxon and us. The BBB asked if we were satisified with their answer, we said NO and told the BBB what we wanted Saxon to do. We wanted a lower payment and lower interest rate. The BBB faxed back our response to Saxon and today we were approved for a Loan modification. They said it would be here in 2 weeks. We have to pay a couple hundred dollars and sign and send it back. It is only good for 5 years, but that can get us going in the right direction and freeze our interest rate for 5 years since it has been increasing every 6 months. Everyone needs to contact BBB here

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  • Fr
    Frances Nov 18, 2008

    As others, my mortgage was sold from one horrible company (Nova Star) to the worse-of the-worse (Saxon)! Due an unexpected pay adjustment one month, I was two weeks late with my payment. You would have thought the world ended. Saxon contacted the credit bureaus; put the debt collectors on my case ever since (even though pyament was made); and have refused to talk to me via email or phone. Their website makes one believe they are a reputable company but it appears they are more like loan sharks--I'll join any class action law suit or work with anyone who wants to work with an investigation into this company.

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  • Ma
    malik calloway Nov 24, 2008

    Ive read everyones stories about Saxon! And i have been through every onje of these problems with this company. Saxon bought my mortgage raised it and told me to get a better job to pay for the increase! They are a true company that want the borrower to fail! And iI agree 100% that they need to be investigated, because if we're all are going through the same problems then there is something definintly wrong with Saxon!

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  • Cl
    clay grant Nov 25, 2008

    I also sent a payment to my old mortage company, dindn't know saxon had bought the loan from the old mortage company. I was told by the old mortage company that the funds was transfer to saxon. But saxon say they didn't receive it .I was already behind a couple of months, so this threw me further behind.I had to do a repayment plan to keep from going into forclosure. this repayment plan included the one payment they lost. I talked to them they were suppose to investigate the case. They never call or anything. that payment haven't been found yet. I wish we would all get together and file a suit against this company.

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  • Sh
    shannon Dec 01, 2008

    Saxon is a horrible company. They lie and mislead all of their customers. I have over 80 pages of notes of every phone conversation that I had with this company. The last time that I spoke to Saxon, which was a couple of weeks ago the "supervisor" basically told me that good luck with trying to stop them, the law is on their side. I did eveything that they asked of me and then some and they still foreclosed on me. What really makes me mad is that all I wanted to do was send my payments to them but they would not accept them. Everytime I spoke to someone there I got a different total that I owed and if they weren't lying to me about that then they were lying to me about my "modification" going through and they were just waiting on the paper work. The government needs to step in with this company right away.

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  • Ka
    Karen Jan 23, 2009

    I am right there with everyone! I contacted them at the beginning of March 2008 because I knew that I could not keep up with outrageous payments (I too was sold to them) and asked for a modification. It was not until they filed foreclosure papers that they finally "worked out" something with me. However, all they did was begin the process over and put the arrears onto the back end! I nicely told them what the work "modify" meant but to no avail. I am current but they "lost" one of my payments and keep insisting that I am behind. I can't take it anymore and would love to see them fail! There must be something that we can do as a group to take them down. Karen, NJ

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  • Sh
    SHERIL Feb 13, 2009

    Saxon is a horrible lying company. I have over 20 pages of notes of every phone conversation that I had with this company. The last time that I spoke to Saxon, which was a couple of weeks ago the "supervisor" told me good luck. The investor on your loan do not allow modification. I did eveything that they asked of me and then some and they are foreclosing on me next month. Everytime I spoke to someone there I got a different answer. Saxon tell borrower to send in financial package so they can qualify for a "modification" That's A Joke. The government needs to step in with this company right now... We need help now! Other mortgage company are working with there borrower
    Saxon you are worse of them all.

    Sheril, Spring TEXAS

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  • Pr
    pra99 Feb 19, 2009

    I agree with everyone. I have my own business and I would not treat my customers this way. It is VERY DISTURBING to know that I am not the only person Saxon has mistreated. I wish everyone well and pray Saxon is investigated. They are VERY GREEDY. Sara-San Antonio, Texas

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  • Ah
    ahmedsy76 Apr 08, 2009


    I applied for loan modification after missing 2 payments (They said they wouldn't work with me if I was current on my payments). After 4 attempts, the received my financial package. The I got contacted by the metigation officer saying, he doesn't have my 2007 tax return which was part of the financial package that I had sent 4 times. So, I faxed the tax return to the number that the guy gave me. I called the very next day and was told to call after 15 days since the documents won't be added to the system until then. So, I called after 15 days only to find out that the modification was denied because I didn't send them the 2007 tax return. I was told to resubmit all the documents again, which I did. Again it took 6 attempts and 4 days for them to confirm that they recieved the documents. After 2 weeks, I was contacted by the same medigation officer saying that he has no documents and needed the whole package sent again. He gave me his direct fax line which always came busy. So, I called him and got his e-mail address and e-mailed him the whole package. Later that day (February 09, 2009), I received an e-mail from him with the approved modification and the new terms. I was told to wait for the documentation, sign them, notarize them and mail them back with a $1400.00 payment. The documents never showed up. I call at least 3 times every week and was told that they were ordered and I would get them soon.

    Since, the dead line given to me to return the documents was April 1, 2009 and I hadn't recieved the documents by March 28th, 2009, I called the metigation officer again only to find out that he didn't work there any more. I called again on April 2nd, 2009 but this time found out that the modification was denied because they never received the documents back from me. My house went into foreclosure April 1st. They told me to mail the whole financial package again which I did a week ago, but have not received any response yet.

    This company needs to be killed. If companies llike Saxon don't follow the government programs, how will this economy ever get better. The government should fine the banks for every foreclosure that they do. This will stop them from scaming people in to foreclosure.

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  • Sy
    sylvia rusti Nov 06, 2009

    We have paid our payments on time since november 2007.We have problems with the monthly payments every single month.We called channel 3 news in sacramento, and waiting for help!

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  • Jj
    jjano Mar 18, 2011

    Just another very disappointed home owner with Saxon. But not for long. I'm losing my home as well, and they have successfully crapped out my 40 + years of good credit. They actually sent (supposidly) a representative to my home, and left a tiny price of paper at my front door that a "field Rep" had come to see me. They went back to Saxon and reported that my home, which I've never vacated for even a day, had been "vacated and abandoned". This false allegation on their part, sent my home into forclosure, and evn with all the EVIDENCE I presented to them that this was a mistake, they still are taking my home. I will be reporting this to the above address, but the REALITY IS ...NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT ME, ABOUT MY DAUGHTER WHO CRIES AT NIGHT BECAUSE WE HAVE TO MOVE. Bottom line. No one is going to take any blame. Wanting to move to a different country about now.

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