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I wish I had checked these guys out before I got mixed up with them. What Dirt Bags! Judging from what I've read it looks like I have a long battle on my hands (mine has just begun). If anyone is doing a class action count me in. from what I've read they have already been sued by Illinois and lost, but I was a little late to the party. From what else I have read they will not work with the housing councilors as well. It is a estimate to their slimy kind that none of their attorneys have logged on hear to rebut. I would guess that I can kiss my 40K equity good-bye! If I end up losing they better not dare come to me for more! They would have already taken the 40K. I have the house up for sale, but after these other stories it sounds like they won't let me sell it. Don't I still have the right to sell my home, or have these a**es taken that from me too? I'll post as things heat up.


  • Rh
    Rhuda Mar 03, 2008

    If you are having serious problems with Saxon Mortgage Services, please contact Attorney Derrick Howard @ [email protected] or you may call him at 215-545-0422.

    I am trying to get multiple consumers together to file a suit against Saxon. What they are doing to people is outrageous and unjust! There is already 20+ people looking to suit, we only need a few more!

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  • Jb
    jbollenbach Jul 05, 2018

    @Rhuda I have paid off the loan and they are still showing me 90 days past due on a $0 amount.

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  • Af
    AFI TAY Mar 05, 2008

    I know 15 people in florida that are having serious problems with saxon pls count me in with any class action i will call that attorney asap.

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  • Do
    Don Flickinger Mar 07, 2008

    We feel the same way, We sent paper to them and they lost it 2 times, we had to fax a 3rd time. They haven't contacted us nor tried to work out anything to help us with this arm loan. We want to be included in this law suit. Please email us with anymore information. Thank you Don.

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  • Pe
    Peter Mason Mar 11, 2008

    We paid off our mortgage through a refinance. Yet, Saxon still made two attempts to take our money, costing us $400+ in NSF fees. They have our money now, and are requiring us to jump through hoops to get our own money back. In the meantime, my money sits in their account earning interest. That money belongs to me. There incomprehensibly rude customer disservice reps tell us alternating stories depending on who answers the phone. They can't overnight us a check. They CAN overnight us a check. Which is it?

    On several occasions, when we were making a payment in the nick of time to avoid a 30 day late, they refused our payment unless we told them exactly when the next payment was to be made. We were thus late, which they reported to the credit bureaus. This negatively affected our ability to refinance our loan. How can they refuse legal tender for payment on a debt? These people also felt it necessary to lecture me and my wife on our personal finances. Who the hell do they think they are? That is none of their business. They obviously did not consider us as "customers" any more than the local mafia don considers the small store owner to whom he loaned money a customer either.

    I am definitely interested in being involved in a class action law suit. I have contacted the above attorney via email.

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  • Ro
    Rochelle Mar 14, 2008

    My mortgage was sold to Saxon Mortgage Co. approx. 1 year ago. I have made my monthly payments as split payments since that time. For 7 months my payments 1/2 on the 1st and 1/2 on the 15th, were correctly applied, then on the 8th month one of my payments was applied as a principal reduction. I have been arguing w/ Saxon for a couple months now that it needs to be reversed. They refuse to do so, refuse to resond, only response I get is to call customer service again, go through the whole emotionally draining story and have them tell me the same thing, "this is more than 30 days old and we can not reverse the principal reduction to satisfy your monthly payment.". I have continued to make my required monthly payment and they have continued to take 1/2 and apply it towards the previous month and are reporting me as 30 days late consistantly which has ruined my credit. I have faxed letters w/ statements from my bank showing the checks issued via my billpayer that satisfy each monthly payment, but I get nothing from them. They just tell me I have to come up with another payment, sorry about your luck. I call this month to do a one time, obviously not doing anymore split payments, and they will not accept my payment because of this discrepancy. I have to either make that extra payment that they accidentally applied to principal along w/ this months payment or they will not accept a payment from me.
    I am at a loss as to what to do. I told them that I would gladly pay and extra payment if I had it, it would be much easier than going through this torture with them, but I am a single mother, single income and can not afford an extra mortgage payment. I even offered to make payments split across a couple months to repay what I have already paid and they are asking for again but they said they will continue to report me late to the credit bureau's if I choose that option.
    What do I do?

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  • Su
    Sue Mar 19, 2008

    I have been trying to sell my house in Florida for over a year. I have brought at least 4 buyers to the table and Saxon does not respond. No phone call, no email, no letter..nothing. The buyers end up walking after waiting months for a response and the value of the property drops by the minute. The first offer was a cash buyer who would have paid more than the house is worth today. I call everyday and get dumped into voicemail. When I do manage to get a human, they tell me their supervisor will send an email to escalate. (got that one a few times) Running out of time before foreclosure! If this goes into's their fault, I have done everything I could on my end to sell this place!

    Count me in!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Mar 31, 2008

    I have called Saxon almost 20 or more times and got no where. Tell told me I was approved for the modification and just waiting for the paperwork. I never received either or a call back. I call everyday and each person I talk to tell me something different. Please email me to discuss this issue I want to sue NOW.

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  • Cr
    crystal Apr 06, 2008

    I'm am very nervous as I am inches from being totally late on our mortgage and I can't sink anymore money into this house after having paid 9.15 on the 1st and 10.87 on the 2nd for a 320.00 loan that turned into almost $ 30, 000 in interest only on our loan last year and a sad $1, 200 hundred on principal and now we are struck in this horrible loan without an option to refinace out and we're trying to selling it but the market is so horrible right now it makes me so mad that we're in this mess because of a couple dirt bags and one extreme predatory lending scam. Negotiations are starting but I can't even find someone who can help me out as to who to talk too. I keep calling to find out who is assigned to my case and they can't help me and they haven't even located what I sent. I don't have very much time and now i know they're a horrible company!!! Our process is just starting but please keep me in on the loop of a class-action law suit. I'm sure it's going to be a long bumpy road. At least I know now not to have high hopes when dealing with them, saves me at least that much less stress. Thanks crystal

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  • Br
    Brian Freeman Apr 11, 2008

    This company is a bunch of dirtbags!

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  • Ta
    tayys75 Apr 11, 2008

    avery person on this complain board call derrick howard 215-545-0422 we need to get a class act this cant go on any-longer

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  • Ma
    Marlene Apr 16, 2008

    I have sent out fax's, wrote several letters to Saxon, called. I sent out a number of paperwork to them via fax for modification on loan.
    $1551.60 monthly as of 03/01/08. 08/06/04 the payment was $959.60, that changed to $978.74 six month later on03/07/05.
    $1190.51 on 06/02/06. On 12/08/06 - $1270.67. On 06/15/07
    $1340.86. Today on 03/01/08 monthly payment reached $1551.60. waiting for answer on the modification I sent out on 04/011/08. fax's all of my paperwork to Saxon via fax from ERA realtor office.

    Yes! I em interested in class action suit if there is a suit. Include me on the attorney's lawsuit against Saxon Mortgage. I know in a conference call - Morgan Stanley(Saxon mortgage), once the "King of Subprime" has left the building. the shutdown was leaked. Saxon has
    exited third party originations". They eliminated 1000 jobs as it scales back it's U.S. resident mortgage operations and closed its British residential mortgage lending business.

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  • Br
    Bryan Apr 18, 2008


    I am speechless reading all of these stories, as my wife and I are in the same situation. Saxon took over our mortgage from Novastar about a year ago. We were having some financial difficulties and became delinquent on our mortgage, so we decided to call Saxon and they were more than happy to help us. We thought we had finally found a company that would work with us.

    We got off to a good start after speaking to a loan counselor at Saxon, who agreed to set up a payment plan for us. We received the paperwork in the mail and proceeded to make our first payment. I sent two checks certified mail, and received the signatures via the post office online. We were finally making progress.

    Two weeks passed and we received a letter in the mail from Saxon stating that they were proceeding with foreclosure as they had not received any payments from us. I just about went through the roof.

    To make a long story short, we actually spoke to someone at Saxon who claimed to be a supervisor, stating that no money had been received. That was the last communication we have had with Saxon. They will not answer phone calls, emails, or faxes. We decided to do some research on our end and found out that they DID get our check AND deposited it!!!

    So now we continue to lose ground as we fall further behind on our payments. They sent our second check back because of the allegations surrounding the first check. We have nowhere to turn.

    I have emailed the attorney mentioned above. I just hope he is legit.


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  • Da
    DAN Apr 18, 2008




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  • Ni
    nina Apr 28, 2008

    I too am suprised at all of the grief that consumers are receiving from saxon morgage.

    I am a realtor and we all know what this market has done to our pockets. I let them know i was having financial difficulties and would like to seek a loan modification on my interest rate. I was told that my loan had to me at least 4 months behind for the modification dept to modify my interest rate. at 4 months i was told that the information that i had been given was incorrect and I needed to come up with 30k in order to stop my home from forclosing within 10days. I was told tht the interest rate that i have on my first would never have been lowered because they don't go below my current rate of 8%. Luckily I had sold a home and recieved the cash just in time or i would have been on the street. I have since then had other modifications done through M&T bank (a wonderful company) for another propertie and have dealt with country wide as well. Saxxon by far has not sent me a modification package, or emailed it as they have stated they would. I am now falling behind again and am not able to get them to lowered the rate through a modification. Please count me with the class action law suite. I have call the law office and left a message already.

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  • De
    dewey tomblin May 02, 2008

    i to have been scammed saxon my loan papers were fordged embezzelement wire fraud over appraisal by 60% i could go on i have many many documents also on other loans that they purchased from pinnfund usa which was involved in a 300.000.00 million dollar ponzi scam in 2000 i will be glad to to do what ever i can to help and i will be giving derrick howard a call because he definately needs the papers that i have it will strenthen his case very much. signed dewey tomblin email at [email protected]

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  • Na
    nanette bricker May 03, 2008

    i always paid my mortage payment on time . got behinde one month my payments almost doubled . i filled bankruptcy and they already had some late charges on me that i do not know where tyey came from.they would not accept a monthly paymemt nor will they reaffrim. i dont know who saxon mortage mortage is because my mortage got sold but these people are not in any way to be consumer friendly.

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  • Cy
    cynthia May 18, 2008

    We are also victims of thr great saxon fight. many of these stories sound like ours, tried over and over to work out the situation with saxon have now been forced onto foreclosure. have interested buyers, but saxon is holding us up. this has been a 1 year long process yes please include me in any action against this moneysucking company. thanks for the leads to the lawyer. good luck to us all

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  • Do
    Donna May 22, 2008

    May 2008

    My mortgage was also bought out by Saxon Mortgage from New Century a few years ago. How I found this out was I received a mortgage payment required by New Century one day and a day later Saxon Mortgage sent me one also. So of course I called New Century and asked them what was going on they told me they sold my contract to Saxon.

    While I had them on the phone still I checked in my contracts and it stated that they were to notify me within 15 days of the sale and the company who bought the contract were also to notify me with in the 15 days of the sale. Of course neither one did. To this day I never received anything from New Century and I received a letter from Saxon a month and half later that they hold my contract and make my payments to them.

    I called and asked them why I was not notified of the sale and them taking over my contract with the 15 days of the sale they told me they had 30 days I told the person on the other end of the phone that was not true.

    I contracted several people and they told me that when you buy a contract from another company that you are binding to that same contract. This is only one of the many things I have been through with this company and I am ready to sue. I am tired of dealing with idots who work in a call center. I got wise from day one I started taking names, recording dates and times of the people I talked with, but I will bet they no longer work there.

    Two years ago I asked them to add in a escrow so my taxes would get paid. They did that in January of 2005 and did not increase my payments to cover the escrow until October. I received a letter from them informing me 2 weeks before my payment was due that it had been raised to cover the escrow and that I was a negative $2000 dollars because I owed for the escrow since January 2005 to October 2005. I flipped out then and believe you me I was not lady like. I have a temper and it gets worse if they hung up on me.

    Then I get a letter from the local tax office saying my property tax has not been paid. This was another problem. I called Saxon and talked to another person at their call center and I was told I would have to contact their tax office that can't help me. So I told them to transfer me over and of course I got disconnected. Finally when I did to the tax office they are insisting that they paid the taxes when they didn't I paid the two smaller taxes myself but I couldn't pay the school tax which was $1000. They told me the tax office was wrong. I also told them where is my refund if you paid all the taxes considering I had already paid the other two. Oh we put that into your account ya right I'll believe that when hell freeze over. So I told the idot at their tax office I want copies of all the checks you sent well that will take a while ya right I told them I wanted them with in a week. I keep calling every time a week by. I finally received 6 months later. Then in Jan. 2006 I had to have my son make a loan for me so I could get that darn escrow caught up another payment I couldn't afford. While I was working with one part of the company about that another department put my house up for foreclouser. I flip out on the lady who they asigned my case. And still getting the run around from her also. Then I told her I will not only sue Saxon but I will also file a lawsuit against her personally and take everything she owns and not give a darn if she had a family.

    Now my mortgage keeps going up every month they keeping adding some other fee.

    So am ready to go with anyone who wants to do a class action suit as long as it doesn't cost me my house but will actually get a large enough settlement and the deed to my house so they come back at me after we would win the lawsuit.

    count me in by Donna

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  • Ji
    jimmy May 24, 2008

    I have made my payments and Saxon is screwing me. My loan was sold to Novastar in November 07. I made my payments each month but they were never applied but kept in the "suspense balance". Of course I got the phone calls all the time and even letters in the mail. I kept calling and they said they would fix the problem and this would never hit my credit score. As of May 1st 08 it was reported to the credit bureau. So even though I am current and paying on time they are putting the screws to me. I am trying to get a re score but it cost 180.00 dollars and Saxon will not reimburse me so I will have to wait the 60 days before it is re scored. Please let me know who and what I need to do to be included in a lawsuit against them.

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  • Be
    Been Through the Ringer Too Jun 11, 2008

    First, send all of your payments and correspondence by FAX and by priority mail. That way, you know your payments are received within two business days, you can track it on line, and print out the tracking history on line.

    Every contact should be by a "Qualified Written Request." (QWR) Do not send PAYMENTS with QWR's. They must be in separate communications. You can find details about this under the HUD website for RESPA. The company must respond that they have received your QWR and make resolution (or attempt it) within a reasonable timeframe.

    Review your mortgage contract very carefully for this is the binding agreement.

    Document everyone contact, keeping time you called, how long you were on hold, and result.

    Check the web for a number to bypass the main number because the people in customer service are "scripted" and trained to ignore you.

    I, too, have a horror story. I am sharing what has helped me in dealing with this unscrupulous company!!!

    If you write me, let me know what state you're from so we can sue.

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  • Ei
    eius Jun 16, 2008

    I am ffrom NY - I have the same problem with SAxon - had a loan modification approved - I send the payments on time - through my online banking -and since March - they do not apply the paym, ents - I was reproted as late to credit bureau agency -i keep getting the same answer - the problem will be fixed - I get also default letters - they are --- crazy . I contacted an attorney already - I am waiting to see what she has to say . If you have any info regarding the class action -please let me know at [email protected]
    Thanks Eius

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  • Na
    Nathalie Jun 17, 2008

    I have been struggling with this company for 8 months, and was at my wits end until an hour ago, when I found this site and have been thru most of the torture and ordeal of dealing with Saxon staff.
    Say no more.. count me in, I left a message for Derrick Howard 5 mins ago, I'm in for the fight.

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  • Na
    Nathalie Jun 17, 2008

    SAy no more.. lucky to have found this web site, called Derrick Howard 5 mins ago. I'm in for the fight.
    Lets all band together against these creeps. No more loosing sleep, money and self respect because they tell us we have to loose our homes.

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  • Al
    Aleta L. KLicko Jun 28, 2008

    My mortgage was sold out to Saxon 3yrs. ago at the start and I have had injuries and made payments and got late and I am in foreclosure and have a house sale date of Juy 22. I have a truck to sell to pay off what owe and I have faxed papers for the 3rd time . I have been positive and I get run around and each rep. has a different story and this has gone on for 2. 5 years. I live in a small one bedroom home I asked for help and I also said that I need help in knowing what to do I am not the rep. The rep. is suppose to help me. I am so with you all and the time I did get one compassionate soul to help me and said I would get help and a loan modicification and my papers would get processed fast as my sale date is coming up soon. I work full time and I don't want to lose my home. I have animal companions and a yard that I love especially since friends have contributed. This is my first home my dream. I am close to work and this helps me and allows me to heal and I love my community. I am very frustrated at the lack of help this money machine seems to roll over us. I owe only to my Dad and I have a vehicle. My budget is very streamlined with no frills. count me in on this I have spent my emergency savings and my past retirement and I work full time for the city I live for the past 17 years. I am very glad I found this comment section and doing some research on this company.
    I do not plan on living in an apartment again. Moving would set me back and i am not going to let them take everything in my household either. I will move out only if I cannot get some help from my local attorney. I have spent hours on the phone waiting and i have faxed last year over 100 pages in 2 faxes. This national trend is causing havoc and they don't care or live in a glass house. I am overwhelmed here in a way. I thoought I could get some help from Hope and counsel I bypassed this I felt I needed to get to source. i am praying for help. I am not paying them anything unless an attorney looks over everything. What a facade, telling people they have programs to help and it is situational and every case is different. Count me in ALeta.

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  • Mi
    Mike Jul 03, 2008

    I would love to get on board with this, it seems Saxon is just trying to force people out of their homes. I just go laid off so that really hurts our income. Saxon however does not seem to care what so ever as long as they can foreclose and trap some other family that wants nothing more than to own their own home and live a peaceful relaxing life without fear of their mortgage company.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Jul 17, 2008

    Please help. I just did a loan modification and made my first payment. Now they charged me legal fees of 2, 000 dollars and they cant tell me why. They put my house in forclosure, did the loan modification, dismissed the case, and then a month later charged me with legal fees of 2, 000 and I never even went to court. Someone please help I want to sue them asap.

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  • Pw
    pwrblnc Jul 18, 2008

    I'm a bit concerned. I'm in the middle of a bankruptcy and have my second court appearance early next month. Though all the papers have been filed, case number assigned and in the works since early June, I just got a letter stating that my mortgage with Central Mortgage Company has been sold to Saxon Mortgage Services. After reading the information above, this is a bit of a concern. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

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  • Ba
    Barbara Miller Jul 29, 2008

    Our mortgage also got sold to Saxon from Nova Star about a year ago. Nova Star set up the mortgage to have an escrow account to pay property taxes and home owners insurance. $187.00 went into escrow every month.
    We received an escrow surplus check from Saxon 2 wks. ago with a letter saying that the gov. will only allow so much money in the account. Not knowing what was yet to come we took the check to our bank, deposited half in checking, half in savings.
    Then we received three letters from Saxon stating that our property taxes are in default.
    When I called them to find out what happened they claimed our mortgage from Nova Star was a non escrowed account. I told them that they better go back to the paperwork and look again, that we have an escrow account.
    A couple days later we get another letter saying they paid the taxes and our escrow account is in default.
    Our house payment was $693.33 a month, after we got the surplus check our next statement said our payment would be $557.11. Now we get a statement saying they want $916.40 a month. Everytime I call I keep getting transferred to different depts., no one can give me a straight answer.
    I have to go to the court house to get a proof of payment for taxes because Saxon claims they don't do that. I am willing to pay back what they paid, but not until I have proof that they paid what they say.
    Besides, why did they do that. Why didn't they just let us pay the taxes since we had the money from the escrow account. Something is very wrong with this company and they need to be stopped.
    Count us in.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Aug 12, 2008

    My parents have a mortgage with Saxon. They got behind and Saxon is telling them that they signed a paper saying that if they got behind (past the 16th) they had to make the next month's payment as well as the current month's payment. Now my parents are 3 months behind and can make a payment but they will not accept it. Saxon is forcing them into foreclosure by refusing to work it out with them. I need to know how to help them, they can't do it alone!! Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Be
    bea alexander Aug 17, 2008

    My home equity loans was sold to Saxon 3 months after contract was signed. All payments made and no complaint until June 2008. I have a varible loan and interest rate changes ll/08. I had no signed papers only copies and requested these from Saxon, which took me about 20 calls and direct call to ft. Worth to talk to legal department and San Antonio office to have them fax documents. Documents have no signed promissory note or signed documents from the lender and the borrower. I notified Cosumer Credit Commission of Texas in Austin Texas 1800-538-1579, to learn rights of home equity loan as borrower. They informed they would send a compaint form. which they did, and I am returning form, plus fax material they sent me, which has no signature by lender on this note, and explanation of what has transpired since June. What Saxon wanted me to do was go with another lender, since I am on a loan that interest rate changes and not continue with them. I am selling my house and when I made loan I was set up on a fixed flexible rate after 3 years, not a rate that varied every 6 month according to the index plus my 8.4% rate. I have paid my loan in full every month and not been late and over what is due. My dispute is it appears my agreement with the original lender (NCL) Saxon and me the borrower are questioning the agreed interest rate after 3 years. If I go with another mortgage company, I again paid up front cost of at least $5500. and right back where I started. My house is free and clear except for this mortgage loan and a very nice equity. My husband and I just need to make some decisions relatively soon so we can go forward. Whatever occurs, we know that Gods with us and we will make it.

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  • Li
    Linda Sep 22, 2008

    Count us in.

    My son and his wife, repeatedly, made calls to Saxon concerning the rise in their monthly payments and kept getting the brush off. Their interest rate was going to jump to over 11% in Oct. My son has owned his home for 15 years and is a new father of a 10 month old daughter.

    As a former REALTOR, I suggested speaking with Saxon but when that did not work, my husband and I placed a mortgage on our own home (we are both seniors on social security) and bought out my son's mortgage from Saxon. Their prepayment penalty was almost $7, 000. Needless to say, the buyout was much more then the home iwas now worth in the depressed Florida real estate market.

    If you go to their website, you will notice at the bottom of their homepage that they state they are not a mortgage company but a debt collection agency.

    Last time I checked, there were over 11, 000 complaints against this company.

    Let us know how we can help.

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  • Ca
    Candice Hoffman Sep 30, 2008


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  • Ka
    Karen Oct 06, 2008

    I have been fighting with them since March and have run out of patience. Whenever something "seems" to be resolved, they come up with something else to delay the situation. They won't even tell me who their in-house attorney is or outside attorney for that matter without asking tons of questions. I am disgusted and want to do whatever I have to do to shut them down!!!

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  • Vi
    Vince Burnett Oct 11, 2008

    We have been trying to deal with Saxon since April 08. We have faxed our financials to them 5 times and they have "not received them" We finally had to file a chapter 13 to stop the auction of our home and now are trying to get some help in keeping them from adjusting our interest rate in January which will jump our payment to a whooping $3700 a month!! Can we still get involved with any of the class action lawsuits? We are in California. Thanks in advance for any info

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  • Ca
    Cassandra Oct 14, 2008

    Can we just form 1 one webiste for all these complaints and all work with one attorney towards a class action lawsuit? Does everyone agree? If so e-mail me at [email protected] I will create the website, and get in touch with the lawyer mentioned above - and let's see where it goes. Spread the word, cause there are way too many websites and complaint boards. We received and signed our loan modifcation papers, and are sending the check. I am starting to become concerned. Reach out to me, so that we can sue.

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  • Gr
    Grace & Joel Koelig Oct 14, 2008

    Saxon Mortgage had the (arm) that was really one more year over the stipulated in the sale contract. They offered no type of service or help. Count me in. I have had all the bad experiences with them. the ARM, they charged us more money because they did not want to accept our insurance policy, taxes, title, and we applied for a short sale and they went ahead and started the foreclosure procedures in court even though they said we were covered until denied. We had someone taking care of the sale and they would call me on my telephone number and leave a message to someone else. Count us in!!!

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  • De
    Delia Aguilar Oct 17, 2008

    Saxon foreclosed on our home. They never gave a chance at a modification, instantly we were disqualified. No other resolutions were ever offered nor agreed to look into.

    We are still here, however, an assosicate of my wife called saxon to inquired a direct update. They are unable to locate our file. Previously our documents were audited and did find some discrepencies.

    Aguilar's (925) 684-9523

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  • De
    Delia Aguilar Oct 17, 2008

    Aguilar 925 684 9523, count us in. PLEASE!

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  • Te
    Ted W Thomas Oct 28, 2008

    Saxon has transferred me to several different negotiators, basically, starting the process over again each time. It's almost like they refuse to helpe in a timely manner to set you up for an inevitable foreclosure sale. Making you think that they will work with you, and the sale will be post poned, when inthe end, you receive a denial notice in the mail, and sale date is still on. Their business practices have been extremely unethical, they lie, they make false statements, I beleive they know they are making false statements, and I also believe they are trained to do so, because they are so overwhelmed with foreclosures, because their loans are too expensive, and they know eventually everyone will go into default from the adjustments on their sub prime products.

    Ted Thomas.
    Seattle, WA

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  • Va
    van johnson Oct 28, 2008

    Saxon is a Subcontractor, that is a unit of Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley enforces Saxon to try to creat as many foreclosers as possibly, from a blind eye Morgan Stanley can blame everything on Saxon inept practices. Their using the tools of, Modafications, Shortsales and a lapse in time to serve you foreclose papers. Morgan Stanley has aready been compensated for the depreciation and over sold paper in the housing market. They were paid by the United States of America. What they want now is thair properties back, at full contract value. To resale the propertie, inturn getting paid twice at full value. And with no regard for the American People. Now GET THIS .THEY KNOW THAT NO ONE, I MEAN THERE ISN'T ONE GOVERMENTAL AGENCY- CRIMMINAL or CIVIL that CAN DO ANYTHING. BEFORE THE TOTAL DAMAGE AND EVERYONE IS LONG GONE. America biggest enemy is GREED, And Nothing being done about it. Intrest Rates and Greed without any control will be the End of America. Van johnson 618-203-2926

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