M Sep 11, 2018

I have been a regular at Sasol Labelle in Stikland since I started working. I am very fond of the station and their employees but recently it has been extremely uncomfortable going inside the store.

There is a man that stands at the till point and he makes a lot of unnecessary comments. He says stuff in xhosa about women's breast and bums and thinks people cannot understand him because they are not black. He asks personal questions in front of other customers. Even after I don't reply, he persists on and uses terms as 'baby' to address me. I recently asked one of the attendants who he was and was told he belongs to management. If their management has people like that then I don't know who to report this to. I have once spoken to a lady but nothing since to have been done. She tells me of it is possible to write it via mail or come when her boss is available as they require proof. This has also happened with my colleague.

This is not customer service, it is harassment.

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