Santanderthe way santander is being dishonest and block, my account too stop me from seeing my payment history

M Aug 18, 2018

In 2017 I brought a car a 2012 Toyota RAV4 Because off mine not Soo good credit I, got a loan with Santender .my payment was 367 a month and never miss a payment and every month paid 500 instead off the regular 367 payment.know I, was involved in a accident and my car was a total loss my insurance is paying 13, 436 my loan with Santender was 14, 224 so the total loss is: like I mentioned before and the insurance try too pay the loan and know Santender tells me, the loan not paid for when my insurance sent me, a letter they have issued a check .in top of all I already paid 7, 771 on the loan in car payments and just check it true the phone since they block me, from seeing it on line and it says I, owe 11, 000.62 horrible in my opinion they are ripped me, off.

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