Santander Consumer USAauto loan

I currently am still paying on a loan I obtained in February of 2013. A loan I had to also use my mothers credit worthiness to obtain due to my lack of credit. She is listed as the primary loan holder and im listed as secondary. My loan is $587 a month. The loan is so high because my credit worthiness is what was still used to get this loan. Upon reading so many articles about the loan company and actual dealer I used to get my vehicle, I realized this loan was never designed for me to pay off. The first trick was telling me I would be ok with making my first payment almost 2 months later. Unbeknownst to me my interest accumulated daily at a rate that was again on my worthiness not of the person made to cosign. It is now 2019 I have contacted my Attorney Generals office several times with no type of help. All I want is this loan to be forgiven because at this point I have paid over 40, 000 over what the car was originally worth. Plus I still owe over another 12500 grand. I just need help because this loan is not fair. Its the only debt in my life qnd because of the loqn type I cant even file bankruptcy.

Sep 27, 2019

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