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Santander Consumer USAthe worst customer service ever!

Within the past year or so soverign bank was bought out by santander consumer usa. Having had a lean on my car with sovereign, I was grandfathered into being a customer at santander. My contract with sovereign did allow me to have a 10 day grace period on my payments. That also rolled over when the bank was bought out by this new company.
Within the past week I received a phone call from santander, missed the call and called right back. I immediately asked the operator who got my call why I was getting a phone call about my payment if I was well within my grace period. She told me that this was part of their policy. I then told her I had mailed out my check 3 days prior to the call and that they should be recieving payment any day. She then advised me that she did show that they recieved my check and that there was some error code showing on my account letting her know that there was some information that I had not filled out on the check making it so that they would not be able to cash my check. I asked her what info was missing and she said she did not have access to view my check. I then asked her, "so you're not going to be able to cash that check then correct?" and her response was, no we cannot. I then decided to use the pay by phone option which I knew would cost about $10 extra but figured it would be worth it so that my payment would not go late if I were to mail out another check. I received a confirmation number after I gave her my debit card info and saw that it was almost immediately deducted from my bank account.
Two days later, I noticed that my bank account was at a negative balance which to me was impossible because I keep very good track of my transactions through my check register. I looked into and realized that they did in fact cash my so called "incomplete check". I was able to view my check online through my financial institution and there was nothing that was incomplete about it. I immediately called the 888 number and explained what had happened to a customer service rep. To try to shorten up all of the trouble that I went through I ended speaking with a total of 6 different customer service reps plus a supervisor in which I was getting different stories from all. There was absolutely no sympathy from any of the 7 representatives that I spoke with within the company.
I work at a call center myself and know that when calls are recorded there are calls that can be pulled. I asked the supervisory to pull the call so he would have proof right there of what happened during the very first conversation when I was mis-informed. He told me that this would have to go through an investigative department which would take about 3 - 5 business the mean time, I had gotten hit with 2 seperate overdraft fees from my financial institution because of this situation. I faxed over a copy of my bank statement to the accounting department at santander (which is what I was told to do by the supervisor) which showed the overdraft fees. He also said it would take a few days for the acounting department to review the mean time I still have a negative balance in my account and other bills set up to be automatically deducted within the next week.
To sum this all up I have refinanced my loan through my own financial institution and will say that I will never ever do any kind of banking or apply for any loans with santander ever again. I've never had such a bad experience with "customer service" reps speaking over me, being rude and short with me, having other conversations with employees as I was talking, and having no sense of urgency for a mistake that they made!


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    Wifey2G Mar 05, 2010

    Omg! I had sovereign as well and ever since this company (based in MEXICO) took over, I've had nothing but trouble. They send me bills saying I'm missing half a payment, my payoff is MORE than my remaining balance and just the other day I made a payment got the confirmation number and the next day they call telling me I didn't pay! Well thankfully I gave them the confirm # and they found it... BUT the rep set it to be processed the day after it would be 30 days late and it wouldve messed my credit up!!! I'm going to reapply for this car loan with a different company ASAP! They're HORRIBLE and majority of the employees are GHETTO! NEVER USE THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Re
    Rebecca39 Apr 12, 2010

    Recently HSBC Auto sold my and my husbands loan to Santander and I am not happy at all. I've tried on SEVERAL occasions to make my payment online to which they state that I am already set up under HSBC and that I would need to make a new password. I can't even get into their systems to make up a new password.
    So upon calling the 888 number I get the run around telling me I have to file a complaint with their customer service and within 72 hours SOMEONE will get back to me. We'll see on that.
    So because I couldn't make my payment online I opted to make it over the phone at a $15 charge. They would not waive the $15.00 fee. I advised the women that my payment is due on the 22nd of every month and that sometime I do not get paid until a couple of days later. She advised me that it is Santander's practices to CALL YOU IF YOU ARE 1 DAY LATE! That is bologne. HSBC gave me a 10 day grace period.
    Shame on you Santander Consumer...your practices are not only immoral but down right shady!

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  • No
    notloyalanymore Apr 13, 2010

    I agree! HSBC never informed me that they were switching to a new company. I received a letter in the mail instead when I was in constant communication with HSBC. I have a dispute with HSBC now Santander and they are HORRIBLE customer service people. I spoke to seven different people as wall as an ignorant supervisor that talks right over you. They took two payments out of my bank account without my prior approval and I got hit with two insufficent funds. Now they won't give me back the money or the insuffiencent funds because of thier ridiculous tactics. I told them to give me proof that I authorized payments either in writing on voice. He couldn't prove it...instead he yelled and said go contact your lawyer. "We are not giving you back the money. There is nothing I can do for you."

    I'm in the process of switching new place because they are beyond shady in thier business practice. I'm also contacting a lawyer and filling a claim with the BBB.

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  • Id
    Idealogist May 18, 2010

    My account was paid to current and I was told by Danielle and Tina Campbell that my car loan qualified for a remodification and my payment would reduce and interest rate reduced. So I did every thing they asked over and over again and 59 days later they have still not done what they agreed too. I am sooo sick of them. I call the supervisor and leave messages and faxes and letters with no avail. Santandar is not honorable and lacks professionals with integrity.

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  • Mz
    Mz Lady Jul 05, 2010

    This company took over drive financal and I didn't have any problems with them at first. I've been with them for about 2 years. I have just ran into some financial problems due to a job loss. I have always been on time with my payments and I am getting ready to start a new job hopefully soon! But anyways I called them to ask if we could work something out about my car payment for this month at first the guy I talked to couldn't understand him said I could make a partial payment. I agreed and then called back a week later and stated that I wouldn't be able to make that payment is there anything else I can do they were so rude! they told me there was nothing they could do for me. I told the lady i talked to that I haven't been late at all and I am not even due for my car payment yet and that I am trying to take care of this before it's due. She just kept saying is there anything else I can do for you? I got so mad I hung up on her. How rude can people be? Something has got to be done about those people. And hey did anyone notice when you call them it says there a debt collection agency???

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  • Dr
    DrewDFW Jul 09, 2010

    They also purchased HSBC. I over paid my payoff by $374. They are telling me I didnt and refuse to give me the refund/difference. I have a copy of the Automated Payoff Verification and a copy of the Cleared Check sent by the dealership. When I call they just tell me I am wrong. Someone there is stealing MONEY...

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  • Al
    Alfredo Estrada Sep 10, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Can this company be the WORST!!!. I spoke with Antonio Sutton ( Front End Manager), at least this time I was given a last name. I was actually told that everyone is on a first name basis. Needless to say, I dont know how he got this position but he should be FIRED. I have never spoken with so many associates who dont have a clue. Why offer online payments if a so called manager cannott give you adequate answers to your questions. Everytime I call this company it takes three calls to get it resolved. I don't know how this company stays in business. They SUCK!!!

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    stevoreno Dec 29, 2010
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    Verified customer

    My HSBC auto loan was transitioned over to Santander with ease. But the nightmare started when trading in my vehicle. The dealerships finance dept paid-off the balance and I had requested Santander to cancel my automatic payments. But Santander continued to charge me for a vehicle I did not own. Customer service people seem foreign-based, scripted, and very difficult to understand. They refused to help me until they received a fax of my bank statement and a written letter. Ultimately, I had to request a stop-payment with my bank and dispute it while incurring a fee from the bank.

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