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C Nov 07, 2018

I submitted a complaint but just a summary:
1. Chapter 7 didn't include vehicle and Santander was contacted by my Attorney and myself
2. My Attorney assured me I was protected and Santander told me when filed fax a copy of Bankruptcy papers and the 2 mos. would go behind loan and I would start paying regular payment
3. Contacted Santander to fax Bankruptcy papers and start paying and I was told no Matter how many times I called in the Bankruptcy dept. and I even tried customer service that "I can not give you any advice" 4. I was locked out of my online account can you help "I can not give you any advice" very creepy
5. Told them I'll have my Attorney handle this "I can not give any advice"
6. I told my Attorney that let me know about the lawsuit and that's when I told my Attorney that almost every month I fought with them over charges added to my bill. I was late 2 x's In 2 years I gave all my statements to my Attorney and with interest going up an 1/8th here and there without any disclosure and the fees that were for bogus things he calculated I had paid 6mos worth of payments on top of my regular payments that they pocketed and didn't show towards my loan obviously.
7. I decided to mail $10 to see what would happen, no more because I didn't want to lose my money. Smart decision, I waited for over a month and never received a statement, phone call or anything like they vanished. I called to see if they received $10 from me? OMG, same "I can't give you advice" I said okay that is so weird I am asking about $10 not advice "I can't give you any advice"
8. Told my Attorney he said wait and let's see what's happening with the lawsuit, but you definitely have been scammed out of approximately $1500 or more so when they talked to my Attorney about putting 2 mos. behind the loan why would they care they pocketed around $1, 500 + of my money
9. When I look at their website it looks like their are practicing a legal, ethical and wonderful business! Like my Attorney said $1, 500 to me, working 3 p/t jobs is A LOT OF MONEY!!! To them they took my money and millions of others and invested it probably privately and that's a lot of return on people's money for their scam not considering people, like myself who went through a horrible divorce, trying to make it and eventually I will finish my degree and never have to use a predatory lender that pockets people's $$$ who cleans houses, barely can walk the next day to stand on my feet to cut hair and as an independent contractor travel to elderly people's homes to do their hair (my favorite job, beautiful souls). I work anytime I get a call and I pay rent ($600) a month for a chair in a salon!!! I buy all my own beauty supplies, cleaning supplies and I've been ripped off and I save every penny I can that doesn't go to living and my daughter to one day advertise and finish my degree why did I add my personal story because it's more than 1/2 of American's stories that have to go through predatory lending where the definition: characterized as unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent lending

Please let me know what else I can do [protected]

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