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On the website it says we help families in need, if you are feeling depressed to call and a friendly employee would try and help you. I got everything but they finished kicking me while the rest of my world falls apart. I called october 22nd to see about getting help with my utilities. A man name richard called me back on the 26th. He ask what my account numbers was and also spoke to my to uncle bc the bills are in his name. He said he could help with so much and I thanked him. I called him again on Monday the second bc I seen no payment was made. He told me he could only do a certain about so I had to cover the rest. I did that and called him with the confirmation number. My lights was due to be shut off on the 5 the of Nov. He says to come down Wednesday to sign papers and bring my bill. They are done thru email so I got my emails together and figured we could print them out there. I got there and he just started at me very rude looking. I said hi I have an appointment today. He said do you have a mask. I told him I'll have a bad panic attack I wear one. He was behind a wall and window. So I say well I have my I'd and my bill I don't have a social security card so I used my w2. He said u should have said this email it I'll see u tomorrow and walks away from me. I left confused and feeling dumb for even asking for the help. I emailed what he told me to and I get there the next day and I'm not even allowed in the building! This woman comes out and tells me I am denied bc he didn't get my email... He did. So after I prove I sent it she then tells me I need my and everyone's social security cards. I told her I'm sorry I don't have it it was stolen from me. She said he told you everything you needed to bring so this is your fault. We have another appointment we can't help you. I'm crying by now. Humiliated. He didn't tell me what to bring I assumed and brought what I thought was needed. If they had this option to treat me like crap and turn me down I think he should have waited to take my info waited to have me make a payment and not waited till the day before after calling me almost a week earlier. He never told me to have a good day after phone call was over I was hung up on. I was told by the lady that she will take time out of her busy schedule to see me but I'm to have a paper copy of bill card and I should have been prepared so she felt she was giving me a break. I was crying so hard by the time I left I was to embarrassed to go back. I need help and now I'm too scared and embarrassed to go back. My email is [protected] my name is Amanda Carpenter this is in alliance ohio 44601. I'm gonna lose my lights. I just needed a little help some sort of break. He was so mean.


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Aug 18, 2021 12:05 am EDT - They receive just over $33, 000 from The United Way in Lincoln, Nebraska in one year alone and only help out with $9, 000 in Lincoln Electric Bills here. Plus they get money from FEMA, the local Government and restricted donations. They don't care about you, they care about their "church", which is way underfunded. The Corps Officers get free cars, housing, furniture, retirement allowances etc. But you, the people? They don't care about you.

Aug 18, 2021 5:48 am EDT

😥 humanity is just sad. All it takes it for one person to smile or anything to brighten one others day its contagious just like negative ppl like them are. I can only wish...


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