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Saicon Consultants, Inc. resolves 50% of negative reviews, earning a moderate customer service rating. Addressing half of complaints leaves room for dissatisfaction and reputational damage. Saicon Consultants, Inc. should improve complaint resolution, invest in resources, and train staff for better success.
50% of 2 complaints were resolved
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12:45 pm EST

Saicon Consultants, Inc. Consulting Services

Saicon Consultants Inc have really helped me with getting projects on time. They have paid me properly on Biweekly basis as requested by me. I have been on Saicon's Payroll for more than 7 years. They Helped me process my Greencard. Now I am Living happy here in US without any issues..They have put my GC for processing and were helpulful in documenting for it .

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2:38 pm EDT
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Be aware. This company does all they can to get you on a project with other companies. They will work hard change the contract change the money just to get you at their customers site. But they will make every excuse in the world not to pay you. I had been working for this company for a month spending my own money to travel to their clients location in...

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