Safewayreceiving warehouse

No Oct 11, 2019

I was waiting for live unload and paperwork for more than 7 hrs and still not done yet, very ridiculous !!! My door 106 got green Light after 3 hrs and more than 4 hrs for paperwork ?? Unbelievable ! And still not done yet . I got to shut down because my hours of service had gone . This is the worst place I have ever been for delivery ! Next time I will refuse any delivery to Safeway DC. Other truck drivers I spoke with also said the same thing .Very slow !!!

  • Updated by Noname34, Oct 11, 2019

    They played around, very bad customer service

  • Updated by Noname34, Oct 11, 2019

    Helpless too . Walmart has an outstanding customer service . I will never go shopping at Safeway, very ridiculous customer service!

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