Safewayracist comment

K Jul 03, 2019

I usually go to the Safeway on east Castro Vally Blv, and had no problem, but on July 3rd, 2019 at around 11:50 as I was standing in line I saw an Asian senior trying to pay for some corn. The man seemed to not understand English, what was making the cashier irritated. She left and went to grab help from another lady. Everything seemed ok at this point but the problem is when the lady in charged of the self checkout, who goes by Alex, jumped in the situation and tells the man that he was short.40 cents, since the guy didn't understood she gave him the corn and with an offensive tone told him "and you know what, welcome to AMERICA".
The tone she used was unacceptable! I was so upset. I left my groceries and walk out the door.
Never going to that store again!

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