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This is my second complaint on Micheal a Cashier at Store 790 Dir Steve Peters Main

555 Bancroft Ave.

San Leandro CA 94577

On 05/18/2022 @ around 15:18 I came into this Safeway store to buy a sitter home 4 pack wine I got in Micheal line because there was no one in his line. Micheal scammed my wine I than again for the 1,000 time told Micheal that I am non tax obligatory, Micheal than got on the phone and called for a manager for approval but there was no manager available to assit because the manager was on his lunch than Micheal asked another cashier who else was in charge right now and the cashier told Micheal that he did not know. So Micheal continue to hold up the line until a manager calls Micheal back on the phone and Micheal proceeded to tell him that I the lady is back again for the none tax on wine, the manager tell Micheal to approve my status for the non tax obligatory Micheal responds back and ask the manager oh it’s ok? I can doit? Micheal than says alright than hang up the phone. Now there are still others in line as this is taking place so Micheal than attempts to punch in the code but all of a sudden he acts like he doesn’t remember the non tax obligatory code/ tax exempt code after that Micheal than ask the cashier that has his on line going on if he can help him because “he doesn’t remember the tax exempt code” as I stated above earlier that this is not my first run in with Micheal about the non tax obligatory just about maybe two weeks ago Micheal gave me the same problem but way worse about me being non tax obligatory two weeks ago he yelled at me and got in to a very unnecessary argument with me in front of other customers only because I told him that I am non tax obligatory he even refused to rang up my items I had two weeks ago and he told the manager to rang up my items because he wasn’t serving me.

Micheal has been discriminating against me for what I do not know, he has discriminated against the fact that I am non tax obligatory he has also discriminated against me when he refused to service me over at Safeway. And not to mention I am disabled I have three dislocated disc in my body, one in my neck and two in my back that is messed up in my body which makes it hard for me to walk and more so hold my balance I also suffer from headaches because of this so for Micheal to hold up the line and have me standing there in line longer than what I had to stand only for him to get the same exact answer that he always get for him to approve the non tax obligatory is uncalled for and also to have other innocent individuals waiting for no reason is unacceptable this is my second complaint on Micheal that has been at Safeway since 1981 and this is the third time that Micheal has giving me a problem instead of doing his job. Someone is going to have to take care of this matter I should not have to go through all of this for no reason I never have any problems with any other cashiers here at this Safeway any other cashier just do their job and they never ever bother even calling the manager or anyone else for something that is as simple as 123 I come here all the time and as a consumer spend my credits here at safeway again this is unacceptable next I will be writing a letter sending it off registered mail to the attorney general regarding these last two complaints about Micheal DISCRIMINATING against me. Not to mention I did not complain the first time but this is Micheal third time discriminating against me.

Sincerely consumer


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