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G Jan 15, 2020 Review updated:

My husband and I occasionally shop at our local Safeway and every interaction with Melissa has been unpleasant. We always try to avoid her check stand whenever possible.

For example today Jan. 14, 2020 I had no option as she was the only available cashier. She does not look at you, greet you, even after I say hello she is non-responsive. Quickly picking up, scanning and almost throwing the items behind her. Often her countenance displays anger or disinterest. At the end of the transaction she simply holds the receipt in her hand . Saying nothing.

The store wasn't crowded and there were no others shoppers behind me.
I don't understand this type of customer service and its a bad reflection on Safeway.

It is important that you be aware of her typical behavior.

Thank you for your time,
G M Anderson


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      Jan 15, 2020

    Some people are unable to talk.I bet if you had a child with autism you would beat it because it cannot talk.

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