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After reading some of the consumer complaints regarding Safeguard, let me offer a vendor complaint. Since there has been so much talk of how crappy of an organization this is, I will offer my insight.

You are all correct. As a vendor, I was asked to break rules, look the other way on ethics, as well as break the law for the sake of money.

As a vendor, my support staff was non-existent. The lack of competency was astounding considering the model of the organization. Dealing with Bank owned properties might seem pretty cut and dry with detailed rules to follow, but let me assure you, that is not the case. We, as vendors, are often asked to complete tasks that are not proper to the work orders generated. You have to fight for the little money that is allocated, no matter what you had to do to get it. They arbitrarily have rules that are not on paper to benefit them, not the vendor with no recompense. Vendors are often put out of business for completing work that they are never paid on. The actual homeowner/ mortgagee has their belongings often times sold out from under them with no penalties even though they were removed in appropriately.

This organization needs to be investigated from the very top. Bottom line. They operate on the fringe of moral terpitude. They have zero ethics. Ultimately though nothing will be done.


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