Ruth's Chris Steak HouseService, Food and GM's poor response

Had dinner Ruth's Chris Wilmington NC on October 3, 2019. Waiter Brandon was a very nice man but his "over attention and interruption" every five minuets made it so distracting the four of us couldn't have a conversation without him interrupting. As polite as he was, it felt like we had to look around if he was coming to the table again before starting a sentence so you didn't get "Excuse me but" constantly. It was like his agenda was going to be a priority weather we liked it or not. At one point I almost asked him to go stand away from us and I would get his attention of we needed him. This is not the behavior of a seasoned waiter. This was what I shared with the GM, not trying to do anything but alert him to a problem that would ruin other diners experience if not corrected.
Wife and I had the Porterhouse for two and it was the worst steak I have had in years and especially in one of your restaurants. Brandon prepared Bananas Foster table side for desert and was training another waiter. The desert was terrible and bananas were not cooked at all. He should be learning not training another new waiter.
Sent an e mail to your GM at the restaurant which he didn't reply to so I called. He answered and told me "he had read my e mail and was thinking about what his response would be" and that's why he didn't return my e mail or contact me. Well its two weeks and I not holding my breath I'm ever getting a response. When we spoke I told him I had no intention of bashing the restaurant on social media and didn't want the waiter to get in trouble but felt he needed more training to be waiting tables in a restaurant of your caliber. My steak is another story and had grizzle running through it where you had to cut around it to eat. Again chef doesn't have X ray vision and a steak can slip bye I get it.
I was not looking for a free meal and still not looking for that, but felt I was sharing my disappointment honestly . If you request a copy of my e mail from your GM in Wilmington I think you will see that my intent was to help him improve on customer experience not get anyone fired or get something for nothing.
So now you have lost a customer who has eaten in your restaurants from New York to Florida for over forth years. The lack of follow through from the manager in Wilmington is not acceptable IMO. Now, I don't care what he does, but for me to invite another couple for a first time dining experience at Ruth's Chris and raving about how great it was going to be It was a huge let down.
There are some amazing restaurant's in Wilmington and the area is exploding with new residents. Your not the only good restaurant in town and for four people to have a drink at the bar for $80.00 before sitting and have wine and dinner for four with a bill for almost $500.00 with a tip, to say I was disappointed is putting it mildly. The apparent lack of concern for my complaint by your manager is unacceptable and as I felt our conversation was total lip service I'm not surprised he never contacted me again. Again my desire at first was to alert him to his staffing issues feeling they needed more training. Nothing more that that.
Now you've lost a customer that's been patronizing your restaurants for over forty years. I hope this is an isolated case and not a pattern for this location. I doubt I'll be back anytime soon to the Wilmington location.
Tom Fiorentino

  • Ruth's Chris Steak House Customer Care's Response, Oct 11, 2019

    We are sorry to hear this, Tom, and would like to speak to you further. Would you please send your contact information, including a phone number, to us at [protected] We appreciate your business and would welcome the opportunity to make this right!

Oct 11, 2019

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