Rue21racist manager

A Jun 23, 2018 Review updated:

I am a worker for RGIS and I am just disgusted with the way a young African American girl was treated. She was so sweet and so funny she had me and another worker so tickled. But there was a manager who kept picking on her he would come to our section and scrutinize everything she did and then tell her she couldn't speak . I told her to keep her head up it's ok. Towards the end of the night she was talking to another worker while counting and asked could he get the skew check she was counting and this same manager interrupted her and made the nastiest comment he told her "you're going to do whatever I tell you to" and told her to go to another section and she asked "why would she go over there if she wasn't done here" and he was so nasty to her and sent her home after being very disrespectful. She was in tears and she did nothing wrong anybody would have raised their voice he was talking to her like she was a slave and I will not be a bystander I came to visit the store in Wichita June 22 and she was there and she now tells me they took her off the schedule for no reason and I hope she brings a discrimination case against your company I am also reporting this to RGIS corporate in hopes that they no longer do business with you if you let this continue. That poor girl was the sweetest thing. Myself and a couple of other workers are also willing to testify and I encouraged her to bring a case. I will keep messaging until I get a response and go to every website and keep going in that store until that little girl gets justice that nasty man needs to be fired.


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    TinyCrows Oct 14, 2018

    The manager sounds like one of managers that used to work at the Greenville branch.
    His name was Andrew. He was disgusting.

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