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I absolutely love Rue 21, reguardless of the mess that the store always is. I have been in this store more than a couple times only to see the woman that introduced herself as the store manager chatting with teenage employees that were not working about things unrelated to work, as well as being extremely rude to customers. She tends to order everyone around, when they are already busy and she isn't doing anything. It doesn't help that the store is ALWAYS messier when she is the manager on duty, coincidence? I think not. Last week, I was in the store looking at shoes. After I came through the door and was greeted by a sales associate, the manager proceeded to scold her right in front of a line of customers for not pushing fragrance sales enough. The next woman in line politely told the associate she wasn't interested and the associate said, sure, no problem. After the woman left the manager told the associate that she should have MADE that woman buy fragrance. I was astonished. When I got up to the register the manager actually put a bottle of their pond water fragrance with my purchases and told me it's a must have and limited edition! I told her I was going to pass today, and she spent the next 10 minutes telling me that I need to buy it to meet their store goals for sales. I will never EVER go back into this store until they find a new manager.


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      Mar 19, 2012

    Yes, I totally agree that the Mason City, Iowa Rue 21 has a rude manager! I have seen personally how she treats her employees and she is very unprofessional looking which is not a good reputation for the store. I believe her name is Abby. I also heard from other people about this manager as well and the person who is above this manager needs to do something about this employee and get someone else in there to take her place!

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      May 12, 2013

    Well you need to visit the Robinsonville, MS store. This drag queen looking manager is so rude and bipolar.She mistreat the employee on a daily bases. The store close at six and she have them working until eight. She make the schedule on saturday nights then tell them to call on Sunday to see if they come to work. She told the teenager you don't need to work tybecause of how she dress . Customer complain about het but yet she is still there mistreating the employees.

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      Sep 15, 2013
    Rue 21 - shopping experience
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    The manager followed me around the whole time..Like I was gonna steal..very unprofessional..My children had jewelry items in their hand so she says she could hold those at the register..definitely will not be spending my money there since they think I don't have any money to spend anyway..

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      Dec 17, 2013

    That's kind of her job. Loss Prevention is one of the main duties of anyone working retail. Maybe someone who looked like you or matches your description (or your children's) stole from them before. How odd to be offended that someone thinks you may be stealing. Guilty conscience, maybe?

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      Mar 07, 2014

    My name is Catherine Johnson and I have had wonderful experiences while shopping at Rue21 in Western Hillslocation on Glenway Ave. the staff is great and very helpful. I have witnessed any customers being rude to staff, the I feel when you have big sales a security officer should be present for their safety.

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      Jan 04, 2015

    Who do you contact when you are a first hand employee getting mistreated by a very unprofessional law breaking store manager. I've went straight to the district manager with concerns of polices being broken and customers being treated like absolute dirt., yet im treated like a minority and nothing has been addressed, only retaliation. I have a rue outlook to always take care the customer no matter what. Helping a customer is my passion and the store manager only cares if the store is clean not customer service at all.

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