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Our home was badly damaged in the severe hailstorm on March 6th 2010. 11weeks have gone by and RACV continue to send assessors around (4 to this time) but refuse to provide us with any information. It appears they do not want to accept any quotes provided. Our roof leaks severely every time it rains - effecting our electricals and plaster, getting worse all the time.
Every time we make contact with RACV we are given an assurance the person responsible for dealing with our claim will return our call. This has not happened - not 1 call in 11 weeks.


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      Sep 06, 2011

    11 weeks ?? consider yourself lucky. Our home and contents were ruined in the flash floods and freak storms in Victoria on 7th December 2010, and I am still battling to get my goods replaced. To say the least my son just got his mattress only yesterday-(10months later) Not to mention that they are trying to compensate me for a 5:1 Digital Surround Sound System with a two speaker ipod dock :/

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      Oct 25, 2013

    I am with RACV full comprehensive car insurance and I recently was involved in a car accident through no fault of my own. The police attended the scene of the accident and did an assessment - which resulted in serving an on the spot Penalty notice ($289.00) for 'Reckless driving & causing an accident' & the other party admitted to liability thus RACV had all the information needed to complete my claim, which, should have been straight forward as the license details, address, & registration and the Police incident report were supplied to RACV. Instead I have been awaiting a result from RACV to either complete repairs or pay out the vehicle (as write off) and now I'm stuck with no easy transport to get me too and from work! therefore I require and desperately need a car asap! it is not just simply my lively hood but also a means for me to survive so without a form of transport I am pretty much disabled becos thats how I feel! I can however rent a hire car but I am the one that has to pay for it first and if the process goes smoothly I may be reimbursed in future RACV if everything goes smoothly with my claim I was told. Is this what I paid full comprehensive insurance for!!!??? I am and always have been a loyal RACV customer and have been a member for a roughly four years but I am now seriously thinking about taking my business elsewhere due to this nightmare of a situation! I just don't understand how this insurance thing works because I assumed my insurance company was supposed to be working for me and doing what they needed to be doing to get me back out on the road asap! isn't that the reason I pay for insurance?! I might understand the process taking a while if this incident turns into an investigation if there was a dispute where both parties argue that the other person was at fault!!! I am definitely not happy with their customer services and overall the way I am being treated throughout this whole ordeal so thank you very much RACV!!!

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      Apr 07, 2017

    Don't insure with them at all costs they will do anything to get out of paying destroy your life the best they can so they don't have to pay.
    You will probably die of old age before they pay.
    I have had two claims for 4 years still not paid for and ongoing threats harassment and privacy breaches.
    Just aswell your car is dead mine came back with a blown up transmission that they refused to pay for.

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      Jul 23, 2017

    RACV have been terrible for us to deal with. Every time we call we get a different person who we have to explain the entire situation to again. Every call they tried to deny the claim for different reasons, none of which were correct. The assessor they sent out from AJ Grant Restorations was a horrible man to deal with and came across very rude, condescending and threatening. Terrible customer service by both companies. Would not recommend to anyone!!

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      Sep 05, 2017

    @User_08 we are having this problem too and the compnay AJ GRant are very rude and he was a horrible man who felt threatening too as my parents elderly and dont understand alot im glad you are having the same problem i thought it was only us

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      Sep 05, 2017

    To whom it may concern,
    Recenlty we had our house by your RACV company and we are very dispointed on the company you had send us .AJGrant Group. The Manger was very unproffesional., rude aggaront, and refused to listen to our issues. i dont recommended anyone to go through this company!!!.The reason was they had painted the inside of the house and plaster it and they told us they dont do any maintence outside!!! they only do the inside of the house what sort of company is this ! then they where told us that the issue was a maintence sealer issue, so we had to find someone to look at it. We did find a lovely window sealer bulider and he told us that the issue was coming from the roof not the window sealer. He stated that the leakage was from the roof and it needs to be further investigated. This issue has happened twice again with the same company AJ Grant Group. Everytime we ring RACV we get told different stories about this issue and then we where told that the leakage was coming from the balacony of the tiles and my parents had to pay extra money for it to be sealed. still this problem hasnt been resolved and no one has invesigated this issue. We are very dissaponited with RACV as we have been with them for over 40 years and yet we are still waiting to get it resloved !!!

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      Oct 18, 2017

    I have been waiting for 6 months inorder to get my car repair. The Repairler keep delaying and never got back to me, RACV did not take any action. I paid comprehensive insurrance, and look how they have treated me. I was told that my car is imported and will take months to get parts. I KNOW there are lots of Toyota estima around, so all of us need to wait that long to be repair ? Over 5000 toyota estima Australia wide so, how hard is it to find parts? The repairer is located in Dandenong South. They are rude, bad service and so as RACV. I want to sue them, because my insurance is going to be due soon, and theu moght not even fix my damage. Its hetting worst, my var is making alot of noise due to the damage.Don't trust RACV and their repaier. Stressed, as I work full time, and I took my lunch break to contact them, but never got back to me as as promised.I am sure there are many insurrance service better out there!

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      Feb 04, 2018

    I rang Emerg Home Assist at the weekend, as there was a small wet spot in bedroom, The plumber that came was from Domain Plumbing, He said the only thing he could think of water could be coming through the walls when there was no watermarks walls or ceilings, He did take the time to go up on roof, when he came down he had taken photo, s of some cracked tiles, letting me know he could paint my 7 year old spouting to stop rust.then he could get someone from RACV to replace Roof and paint it, I left message on his phone to say i will leave it and see what happens next rainfall, I did spray with Raid so maybe it was even that, and had carpet shampooed 4 weeks ago.It was a very heavy rainstorm just recently, What it sounds like RACV send out subcontractors, and they then try and get work for themselves. In other words a Con, Please don, t be fooled getting work down by the subcontractors that come out, It just shows how easily you can get caught up in something as simple as a small leak, I think I could get someone to repair and replace tiles at a lot cheaper price

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      Apr 04, 2018

    Emergency Services - used to be ok but calling their service centre now is an absolute disappointment. Company policy is inflexible and the service people (I spoke to some "Andrew") are robot police, unhelpful, rude and condescending. The last thing you need from a service company and a service person whose salary you are paying is for them to be condescending and treat you like a "number not a member". Absolutely disgusting. Will be looking to buy insurance elsewhere, and taking away RACV club membership unless someone from RACV can make an effort to heal the relationship like people in customer service should be trained to do.

    I have paid for emergency road side assistance for a car that was written off months before the invoice came to me. I had assumed that RACV would have been aware of the car being written off and didn't expect the emergency assistance to be invoiced to me for a car that no longer existed. In any case, once I realised this mistake I had also assumed that RACV would be understanding and able to either refund the funds or transfer to another product. It's not hard to prove the date when a car is written off.

    Speaking with the "Andrew" consultant, however, I was advised that (1) RACV doesn't issue refunds, (2) RACV cannot change policy from one name to another (so what happens if you sell your car?) (3) RACV can't use the credit of funds for any other department (so you can't buy driving lessons or any other product whatsoever) other than emergency services, and the only product they are offering is Emergency Home Assist (and you have to pay moree for that.) Reading the review above, however, it doesn't look like a good product either. And (4) RACV will have me pay the full amount for the product but only provide with the balance of months remaining on the policy I never used, in other words, I pay for 12 months and get 8. Clever business.

    This is a company policy, something that RACV chooses to do rather than something they have to do. Why does RACV choose to make life so hard for their loyal customers?

    To top it all off the assistant on the phone was condescending, unhelpful, rude and unempathetic, incapable of understanding the situation from the customer perspective. No empathy, just a robot answering the phone and saying "it's company policy". What is the point of employing a human at all?

    Until now I was looking forward to purchasing more RACV products into the future, from driving lessons for the staff in my team to emergency services products, insurance products, club memberships, accommodation at RACV resort etc.

    However, my experience has now proven that there are incompetent and unprofessional call centre people liaising with customers, and ridiculously inflexible and unreasonable policies that are not supportive of RACV members at all.

    This is not what RACV stands for in the eyes of Australian people, this is seriously unacceptable and disappointing from a company that is in the hearts of so many people.

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