Rocky Mountain Malamutesselling sick puppies

Do Jul 24, 2019

We purchased an Alaskan Malamute puppy from Rocky Mountain Malamutes AKA Rocky Mountain Biewer Terriers in Dolores Colorado for $2, 150.00. The pup was flown into South Dakota and arrived at 2 PM. He was the coolest little guy you could dream of and we loved him more every minute. The pup acted normally and just ate and slept and wanted to be right next to us every second. At midnight he awoke from a sleep all excited and confused and started having seizures. He stopped breathing twice. We called our vets emergency line and described the symptoms. He knew it was low blood sugarimmediately. Since he was unconscious he had us rub sugar and sweet syrup on his gums and tongue. Apparently his blood sugar level had been low for some time because we rubbed for at least 30 minutes and he still died. A half dozen vets feel he had a low blood sugar condition before he was loaded on the plane because it wouldn't have hit that fast. Breeder said not their problem and could produce no vet records except for an airline certificate that just says they have no communicable diseases. Breeder said if we paid for a necropsy ourselves and sent them the results they may or may not replace the pup. If we did that we'd be out the money for the exam plus the $350.00 air fare and would probably get another sick dog. This place is nothing but a puppy mill that doesn't tend to their dogs medical needs.

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