Robert Half InternationalEmployee made Anti American Cmt

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I recently met an RHT headhunter from Canada whom was visiting the US. This man bragged about buying up large amounts of US currency and planning to move to the US. During his bragging, he made many anti American comments and made fun of the '9/11 event'. I called RHT's main office [protected] and politely requested to speak with a representative in regards to my complaint. With RHT being an American company, I thought it would be just to inform them regarding their employee, as this person could potentially damage their reputation. Both attempts to call and speak to someone resulted in being forwarded to the wrong department, and a rude young man that refused to assist me and ultimately hung up in my face. The second call got me a generic voice mail to an unknown office. It is my conclusion that RHT IS UNAMERICAN. They protect their own even if it means protecting someone that is a potential threat to national security. As a former CEO and currently a board member of a large corporation, as well as several non profit organizations, I recommend all Americans and American companies boycot this careless, heartless organization. They have a lot of competition and it looks like they just lost the business of the organizations that I represent.


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    Sam Brunson Oct 15, 2015
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    I was laid off in Jan 2015. I hustled hitting all the online job sites, all of the placement firms I could find, and mailedemailed cold resumes to HR departments (I put 1000 miles on my vehicle in a week doing interviews and having meetings) and as a result I got my first Job offer in 72 hours. I declined for a number of reasons and in the next two weeks I had a number of other offers one being from Robert Half. At this point all of this went down on a Friday-Monday because at the time I got the job offer for a temp to hire Job from Robert Half. I had told a number of other companies I would give them an answer by Monday. When asked if I would accept the Job I told Robert Half that I was uncomfortable with the abnormally long six month temp to hire period and that other offers I had were direct hire and would provide me and my family insurance from day one (This was important because my wife has RA and I told them that). The person I spoke to said they would raise those questions and get back to me.

    A couple of hours later I got a call back from Robert Half and was told that not only did the monetary offer increase but that the client wanted me so badly they would cut the temp to hire period from six months to a more normal three months. The representative further told me that Robert Half offered comprehensive insurance and gave me an impressive number as to what my full-time salary would be after the contract period. I asked them to send me some information on their health care plan and I would let him know Monday. Late Friday I got a .pdf for a healthcare plan that while it was a little expensive would be good to go for three months. On Monday I accepted the offer. With the background checks and paper work I actually started the following Monday.

    The first problem I ran into was the health plan I was shown was sent to me by "accident". That plan is one for full time Robert Half employees (read recruiters and managers), the plan for contractors was quite different - ultimately for employee plus family you get to pay nearly $500 a month for the right to pay $12, 000 out of pocket before the plan pays for anything. The second problem I ran into was the contract was never shortened and was in truth a full six months. Lastly not only was the transition salary not what they told me, but they had told the company I was working for that my onboarding salary would be less than what Robert Half was paying me (I have seen the letters and Emails) so while being on boarded I actually took a pay cut.

    In closing Robert Half got very lucky in that once at my current job I really liked both it and the people or I would have explained to management exactly why and Left. In the end if you want to work for a company that treats you like property, will lie to you in order to get you to do what they want, and ultimately leaves you high and dry then Robert Half is a good fit. If that isn't for you please do yourself a favor and stay away.

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    Shad123 Jun 16, 2015
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    Verified customer

    OFFICE TEAM CANADA - I was contacted by one of the representative from Office Team Toronto Ms.O'connor and set up an appointment for the interview and asked me to sign papers without meeting me and asked me to register with the Company online linked she provided. I tried to open the Canadian site and couldn't register as this site doesn't allow you to register and informed her that the email doesn't work and I have to apply manually as mentioned on the CANADIAN site jobs I was interested in, she didn't understand and we email back and forth and instead of saying leave it we will figure it out at the time of appointment( after some days) she insisted to register before we meet . At the end of the day she said we will look into it tomorrow in the mean time and I applied for some job postings which asked you to directly email To: [email protected] and cc her to make sure she gets the email before our interview. When I received another email from her Sales support Rebecca Lock/ Ken gitlin the documents to sign online (next day) I saw some points were unacceptable
    and emailed her :
    "I noticed in the agreement which was sent by Ms. Rebecca Lock (Sales Support)/ Ken Gitlin (Office team staff) that the working hours could increase from 48 hrs to 60 hrs which is unacceptable by law as well. I am looking for work but maximum 40 hrs or 44 hrs as per law. I do have my personal life and do not want to commit or share my personal time with Office team or Robert half. or any other Comapny or agency. Would you please explain that."
    She emailed me : "Sorry I am back to back with interviews today. We can discuss all your questions tomorrow. Thanks, Claire."
    I emailed her again to make sure "Hi Ms. O'Connor, I would really appreciate if you can answer my questions before our meeting as it will save my time and yours too.
    I will repeat as I noticed in the agreement which was sent by Ms. Rebecca Lock (Sales Support)/ Ken Gitlin (Office team staff) that the working hours could increase from 48 hrs to 60 hrs which is unacceptable by law as well. I am looking for work but maximum 40 hrs or 44 hrs as per law. I do have my personal life and do not want to commit or share my personal time with Office team or Robert half. or any other Comapny or agency. Would you please explain that. Best regards, Shama"
    Instead of emailing me she called because she didn't want to leave a proof and blamed me that I emailed her several times and she does not want to go forward with my application because I emailed her several times which I think very unprofessional and I told her I followed the Office team Site asked to apply through email; [email protected] and cc her, I was interested in 6 jobs and I cc her whats the big deal? and today I emailed twice to ask a simple question.

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  • Le
    Lesson learned 2013 Jul 04, 2014

    16 years in the Staffing Industry, Robert Half is by far the worse firm I have a worked for. Robin Ankton, the Regional VP is the leader of Michigan's Dearborn, Ann Arbor and Southfield's branches. From my first day I saw red flags but by that time I had left my job with a non-compete and signed theirs. Brilliant!! Knock out your competitor, well played. For candidates be warned we are trained to OVER clients and UNDER pay you. The turnover is unheard of! Once you finally make commission you switch to the "experienced plan" where there is a draw against your salary. Then they bully you to the point you quit or they look for any reason to fire you so they can keep the business you built without paying you! Ask anyone! But once you sign up for this they have you sign a form saying you give up your rights to sue them. Again, well played.

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  • Bu
    buddamae May 16, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Office Team - San Jose, CA is the worst office to work for. They lied by telling me this assignment would go permanent within a month from my start date (start date: 06/04/2013). I am now in my 11th month of temping on this same assignment and I'm still an Office Team Temp. None of the Recruiters have called nor stopped by the office to even speak with me. Office Team changed the criteria for being paid for holidays during the Thanksgiving and Christmas 2013 holidays to avoid paying their candidates holiday pay. Office Team has breached our contract!!! I call their office to speak with someone and no one is available or they are off-site I'm told only after their Receptionist has put me on hold. This assignment Office Team sent me to can barely make their payroll and pay their bills. Today, out of the blue, the Administrator who approves my Office Team timesheet suddenly is too sick to work so she leaves for the day, yet this is the day she is suppose to approve my timesheet for this week. She's not answering her cell phone nor any emails and I've been here long enough to know she is avoiding approving my timesheet. Well now they are messing with my money, my rent is due within one week and if I do not receive my earned wages by Weds, 5/21/2014 I will be contacting a Lawyer immediately!

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  • Ce
    celasson Aug 19, 2013

    I think the main disadvantage of RH/Accountemps- they are not consistent at all. It depends which branch and which division you are working with. I met people in different branches and in different countries. I would rank them so: UK/Birmingham, London-excellent, US- Connecticut, Washington DC; Luxembourg/Luxembourg City-very good; US-Virginia/Richmond ;Germany/ Frankfurt am Main- horror. They need to work more on the CONSISTENCY IN SERVICE QUALITY.

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  • Ni
    NiViK Aug 01, 2013

    I was interviewed by Robert Half for a position in IT in July. I never heard back from them for 4 months, then they call me asking if I was interested in work. I told them that they had all my paperwork on file. My recruiter wanted me to come in to the office to do more paperwork, and when I arrived she said she had all she needed already. 30 minute drive each way and parking fees for nothing.

    She called me the next day to tell me about an interview she had lined up for me the following day. I go to the interview and it was not 1 interview but 2 in the same company. I end up getting the job. My recruiter then tells me she is going to call me every Friday to see how things are going. I hear from her once. in 5 months.

    After 2 months my work wants to convert me to perm. But Robert Half will not release me. In month 4 and 5 I work around 55 hours a week. This takes a month off my contract. I verified with Robert Half that my contract was for 1040 hours, not 6 months. They still will not release me. I leave messages for the head of the local off since my recruiter will not return my calls. I tell him that I have fulfilled my contract and want to be released for conversion. I also comment that since I have been trying to get this resolved for a week, if I don't hear back by 2 pm, I will drive to the office and we will resolve this in person. He finally contacts me back all friendly, telling me I have now worked enough hours. I find out they had not been counting my overtime. He then calls my bosses boss and tells him that I called them and physically threatened them. Fortunately for me, I am not the first contractor at this company that has had problems with Robert Half, so he believes me and nt them. I finally get converted, but never hear back from Robert Half.

    MY coworker is in a similar boat.

    To me its like they are all friendly and happy when trying to recruit you. But then once they have you, they don't care about you other than the face you are making them money.

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  • Dd
    dds2013 Jul 08, 2013

    I graduated college in March 2012 and RHT was begging me to come and work for them and I went to talk to them while I was still in school. I already had 9 years of IT experience and the rep started to bombard me on how my resume was bad and how I didn't have the experience; huh?? I knew right there that it was a scam, my school brought one of the reps in to talk to us and everyone in my class at the time agreed that they were BS. I had a friend who I graduated with go and interview with them as well, he was shot down by them and he said they would place him and to this day he still hasn't heard from RHT.

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  • Ik
    I-know-my-rights May 20, 2013

    I was employed by Robert Half agency to work under temp to perm basis for WR refrigeration in Leicester, UK. On my third day of employment within a company undergoing full internal redundancies I was penalised for discussing my concerns over being made permenant after the probation period with other members of the training team on a lunch break in a private discussion. Apparently I was scaring the other temp staff into believing there were no permenant roles at the end of the 3 month probation after meeting a member of staff who started his role there 5months prior to myself and still had been on temp basis. I am disgusted by the level of in unprofessionalism within the Leicestershire division of the agency and the incompetence of their staff. Worst agency to work for! Avoid like the plague!

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  • Le
    Legolas Dec 15, 2012

    Sources and website such as are a great opportunity for organizations to research, analyze and identify areas for growth. Every story recorded on this site comes from the personal experience of each individual complainant. Although derogatory information makes a organization sound bad, it is still a great opportunity for organizations to take this information to the executive team and make the necessary plans and changes to reduce or alleviate such experiences.

    However, from time to time you will find non-complaints posting messages on strategic forums and websites such as because they are usually representatives of the firm or company named in the complaint. This is protocol in large organizations. You will see this happen on website such as Yelp as well. These representatives practice this because companies understand that a "left alone" complaint/statement is worst than a "attempt to resolve" complaint/statement by the executive team or owner of a company. Moreover it is obvious who the company representatives are. Who else would spend their personal time on a complaint website who doesn't have a complaint to add. Organizations that accumulate a high volume of complaints will become deemed as an unattractive companies to work for. Therefore, these companies make an attempt to give viewers two different perspectives. Unfortunately, intelligent people read through the statements left by these company representatives. But it still helps companies by showing they care.

    I came across this site while conducting my own research and investigation about companies I am interested in working for, in attempt to set myself up for success rather than failure. The information on this site helps me make my decisions on the choices I make in life. I sincerely appreciate and value all the information shared by the contributors on this site. I agree that there is two sides to every story. This is why it is up to me to make my own decisions as well as why I took the time to review this site.

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  • Am
    amberwilbers Dec 05, 2012

    I speak highly of Robert Half International and all of their divisions. I started working internally for RHI in 2008, was laid off shortly thereafter, but they paid me in advance and also found another job for me. When I was laid off at the temporary position, I was re-hired internally. After only two days, I was laid off again by RHI, BUT they found another job for me. Once I was hired by the temp job and eventually laid off a year later, RHI hired my again for an internal position. I left RHI after six months to relocate. When I moved back, they found yet another temp to hire position for me which is where I currently work and have been for nearly two years. We now use RHI for all or our Administrative staffing needs. Although I was laid off numerous times within a two year period, I wasn't without a job for more than a day. I was always treated really well and I never felt demeaned by anyone that I worked with. As a matter of fact, I feel like it was probably one of the best work environments I was ever a part of. For those of you that had a bad experience with a recruiter there, it's truly too bad and those people will be found out. They have an extremely high moral value for the people they interview as well as their clients. Getting a job with them is not easy and the process can take a long time, but they do their very best to staff the right individuals in the right positions. Keep in mind, they are not required to find you a job. Best of luck to those of you in the future.

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  • Tr
    trtl Aug 12, 2012

    Robert Half is charging a markup of over 100%! When interviewed there and found that they were going to pay me 30% less than what I was making before I asked if I could get a higher rate, to which the staffing agent told me he couldn't offer me more money because "he's already taking a cut on this", meaning they assignment didn't pay very well. I found out later that I was getting paid almost 1/3 of what Robert Half was getting form the client. They also lied about few other things, told me not to speak to the client directly, solicited business to my references and tried to get contacts of hiring managers at the places where I used to work, telling me they needed those for "internal compliance". They occasionally called me while I was on assignment on my cell phone to unceremoniously interrupt me from what I was doing and ask such things as "how big is the accounting department", "did the company hire someone recently " and other internal specifics. I refused to give them the info. They say they offer "benefits" to their salaried professionals. In fact the Health Insurance is very expensive, has a high deductible and doesn't cover 100%. I had to keep paying for Cobra coverage rather than buying this highly restrictive "benefit" from them. Their 401 K plan has no match. The only thing they do pay for is holidays and CTO.

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  • Jc
    jcli Jun 04, 2012

    They contacted me after seeing my resume online. A recruiter for them left me a voice mail and saying they have opportunity for me in their client company and I called them back and without giving me much information about the company (this was the first time I heard of them) they quickedly set up an interview with me in a few days.
    After I hung up with them and received their email confirmation on the interview, I started to feel uneasy and went online to research them and found a bunch of negative comments from people in the same situation as me. In order to confirm the validity of the comments, I sent an mail to the recruiter who set up my interview to see if they can actually tell me whether there is an actual position fitting my experience/interest that I am interviewing for, and whether there is an assessment test that I'd have to take at the interview. They never mentioned the assessment in our phone call or email communication but I read online from multiple job searchers that RHI required such a test and it always came as surprise before it was not told before hand so I wanted to prepare. I never received a reply email from them.
    Then I searched on their website for posted positions they have available and there is no job that even remotely fits my background/interest in my area. There was one senior level accountant job available in this area and the pay seemed extremely low. So the day before my scheduled interview I emailed again and asked to cancel the appointment. This time I got a reply back right away saying my interview is cancelled upon my request.
    Based on this one interaction with them, I know I would never work with them again. If I ask a straight forward question, I expect them to give me a straight forward answer in a timely manner. When they don't any smart person can just figure out they have something to hide.

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  • Dr
    DrComputerGuy Mar 09, 2012

    Robert Half is one of the most unethical companies I have ever worked for. They lied to me, sending me into a huge disaster; claiming that it was some kind of opportunity. I've been in the industry for 15 years, I know major problems when I see them. Now RHT is making excuses as to why I'm not going to be paid. Avoid Jeremy Carter and his boss Zane in Raleigh, NC at all costs. They will treat you like a second class citizen.

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  • Jb
    J. Byrrd Dec 21, 2011

    I believe each and every one of them. That is one shady company and no one knows what to do about them. They got upset because I sued for 18K owed to me and won. Then they blacklisted me in every state. Wait until they see what I'm suing for now. This was money I earned, yet they didn't feel that I should have asked the company. They kept trying to give me the run around, so I dropped on them. I worked for them off and on for 19 years and they would beg and plead with me to take the ragged companies with messed up records. When I did they knew there would be tremendous overtime and yet they thought they weren't going to pay me for these major disasters.
    Yes they are bogus. They don't support their employees at all. They expect you to be humiliated, and dehumanized by anyone who feels like it because they are clients. If only you knew.

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  • Jo
    jobsearch5 Dec 07, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I met with a Robert Half representative nearly a year ago that had actually placed my wife in a permanent position. After meeting with the rep, I got a call the very next day to see if I had any interest in a position that was actually out of my experience field. When I told her I wasn't qualified, she asked me if I could refer her to anyone I knew who may be interested. I told her I didn't know anyone. I never heard from her again. I tried to check in and would get some bs line about the market being slow but it looked like it may open up in the next few months. Again, I never heard from her. I figure I was the flavor of the day when I got the first call and then it was on to someone else. My resume was buried, never to be heard from again. Thats fine, just let me know the truth.

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  • Da
    Daavi Apr 01, 2011

    Low ball your contracted rate. Refusing to resolve any issues on the job.

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  • Fo
    former-rht Feb 25, 2011

    Truly a company that cares for its employees ONLY when it benefits the company itself. When you're a top producer there you are "left alone" but have a SINGLE bad month and all h3ll breaks lose like it's the end of the world.

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  • Mi
    MichaelJohnson1 Feb 14, 2011

    I agree RHI does bad business and unethical practices. STAY AWAY!

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  • Sm
    SmallBizOwner111 Jan 28, 2011

    Worked at Corporate Headquarters in Menlo Park for over 8 years. They considered hired me as a permanent temp. Payed me through OfficeTeam. I never heard of OfficeTeam. I have a BFA from Berkeley and a BFA from Art Center College of Design. As a Temp I was not entitled to health insurance, sick pay or any vacation time. I was belittled daily. I had 2 carpal tunnel operations due to the amount of work that grew as I watched my coworkers get fired quarterly to improve the quarterly earnings for investors. All this while I watched
    the executives build a cigar balcony for themselves off the front of the building. My supervisor lived in Iowa and I took direction by email
    and by phone. I actually said to my supervisor frequently if you want me to leave then fire me. Eventually she did when my father was
    dying and I had to leave to run to the emergency room often. This is a company that never stops talking about team work and knows about it.

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  • Lo
    lovemylink Jan 21, 2011

    I worked for Jenifer Mauney RHT in Atlanta, GA. I have to say I have never worked for a woman who was more selfish and undeserving of her title as she. Her "coaching" practices were to publicly demorolize and demean her employees. I was the best recruiter she had and as soon as I started earning this "bonus" money promised to me (after about 4 months) I was told by co-workers the buzz was she was looking to fire me, allegedly the company couldn't afford the overhead to pay bonus' as her "team" was failing overall. I was eventuall terminated. I was told the reason was because I didn't fit in on her team. That is actually written on my departure paperwork. I saved every nasty email from her, which I am still thinking about what I would like to do with them. To this day I look at her Facebook picture (no, we are obvs not friends) and think about how miserable her life really must be. She is a single, divorced, miserablel human being who thrives on making other people miserable in order to lift herself up. I believe the Universe has a balance and she will find that out the hard way. A bit of advice if you are thinking about joining the RHT "team". I did my research in advance and notices all these complaints, dismissing them anyway. It was the worst decision I ever made. She made my life literally a living hell, I didn't make any of the money I was promised, and I was very successful and terminated for being so. Think think more than twice...before you sacrifice your sanity and self respect to go work for such a morally bankrupt company.

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  • Su
    Super Sales Manager Oct 18, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was approached by a Lorisa [protected]) who was not to friendly. As a matter of fact, half way through our conversation she started to belittle me like I was stupid and basically rushed the conversation and acted like she was God. I suggested that she change her attitude when talking to people and she started to argue with me. I think Robert Half, Inc. is a joke. A horrible company full of greedy, overpaid ###...! Lorisa has no class and DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME with thiese people or compny!!!

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  • Sa
    Sam Casey Sep 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are foolish to work for them in any capacity. The foundation of their business model is ruining your career. You have been warned.

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  • Tr
    truthtellerCO Feb 08, 2010

    Awful.. unethical... and very unprofessional. I worked for them for 3 months before they "no longer needed my services" in a voice mail while i was still at work. Drew Ostrem is a Mang in a Denve office and a terrible contact to have a for this company. Not returning email or phone calls for days. Promising things and not doing them. And having a general disregaurd for his temps. Promised me work for 2 months and nothing ever came. I would never ever tell anyone to work for them. I would never ever work for them again. TERRIBLE COMPANY!! TERRIBLE

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  • Gs
    gswalker Nov 06, 2009

    Worked for their MR division in Raleigh, NC during 2007. Never knew such morally bankrupt people even existed. Working with the slimiest used car salesmen would be a pleasure compared to sitting in the same room with these people for 10 minutes. Everything is based on lies. Their job postings are fake -- just a trap to get you in the door for an interview so they can ask you where you're interviewing or about your last company. As soon as you leave, they'll start marketing there. If you work there you're expected to make hundreds of canned/scripted phone calls to potential clients like a telemarketer...this will bubble-up some leads just in time for the dinosaurs (hacks who have made that pathetic company their "career") to follow-up on after your inevitable firing. Again, the hacks who have been there for years don't make hundreds of phone calls...they sit back and do a lot of internet gambling and web surfing until you get a client on the phone and then they distract and second-guess any legitimate marketing work you do until you're out the door...then they fly-in like the buzzards they are. Not a bad strategy if you don't have a soul.

    The funniest thing is that they've already been exposed for this on every major job site but they still follow the same playbook!

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  • Pu
    Puyallup forest Aug 19, 2009

    Unethical Temp Agency!
    I was given a not permanent with the Federal Way, Wa office by Rosie ?? when i requested only permanent part time employment. After telling her i declined the interview she stated that she did not want to represent me anymore because i was not reliable. It is the temps choice when you sign with an agency whether you want it or not. I emailed her boss and recieved no response and was told by Rosie ?? that i should probably just look for a job on my own. Worst agency i have been with. The last permanent job i was sent out on this temp agency did not have there facts correct. It was suppose to be temp to permanent with the facility i was working with when in fact after i was hired on they told me it was just until the job was finished. What a waste of my time and what a joke.

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  • Aa
    AAA Jun 03, 2009

    Waste of time!

    These people called me three times to set up a time to come in and do an interview. The day I came in my interviewer was over a half hour late, she would not look me in the eye and was verbally and emotionally abusive.

    She pointed out all the faults in my resume, shot me down, berated me, smirked when I talked about career development and told me I was living in a fantasy world if I hoped to make even close to the wage I had been making prior to my layoff. She was so horrible she had me in tears and I decided not to continue the interview or the testing process.

    Upon departure I collected all the paperwork they made me fill out prior to the interview. I felt like I was escaping a prison camp.

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  • We
    wellintune May 22, 2009

    The email below says it all - RHI is one of the largest staffing firms in the world. They take a cut of nearly 50% off of their temporary staff. They only care about the bottom line, no matter who gets hurt. I am in California where minimum wage is $8.00 per hour. The cost of living here is so high that one cannot even meet housing costs on this. Yet ... AccountTemps had the audacity to send this email to their temporary workers:

    On May 14, 2009, at 11:55 AM, Sweeney, Carolyn (00340) wrote:

    Hello Accountemps,

    We are all experiencing the effects of the economy. Clients are not able to budget for the bill rates they paid in the last couple of years. To keep their needs met and to keep you working, we are in the process of lowering some of our pay rates to our candidates as well.

    This gives you an opportunity to continue working and showcase your skills rather than not working at all.

    We are anticipating a need in data entry or Accounting Clerk positions in the pay range of $9-$10 an hour. While we realize that this is lower than what you are likely used to making, everyone’s budget is tight. We are doing our best to keep people working and this is one way to do so.

    If you are open to working for this rate on a short or long term basis, please email us and let us know.

    If you are not open to working for these rates, not a problem, we will continue to look for work for you at the pay rates you indicated you wanted on your application.

    Kind regards,

    Carolyn Sweeney
    Branch Manager OfficeTeam, OfficeTeam Healthcare Group, Accountemps and Accountemps SPS
    [protected] ext 21519
    [email protected]

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  • Ex
    EX ROBERT HALFER Apr 08, 2009

    This is the WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD TO WORK FOR! Do not make the mistake of going to work for them in a Staffing Manager, Recruiter, Division Director, Branch Manager or Regional Role. This is an absolutely horrible company to work for. They do not treat their employees ethically, they take money from their candidates and constantly threaten their internal employees.

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