Riverstone Residential Grouplack of maintenace service


Electricity went off in the garages sometime during the week. We discovered the problem late Monday afternoon when we were going to put groceries into our freezer. Thats when we discovered no power going to the freezer and no lights. A neighbor said they called the emergency number twice on a Saturday.

Trying to reach the area managers - the regional managers - or national executives is impossible.

Contacted the manager who said to call the emergency number. Called the number and and still no call back. 72 hours and still no response. It's a good thing something's not on fire.

Very poor property managers that care little about walking the property to see if everything is o.k.

I suggest finding other properties managed by some other big company, but there are few that care for anything except the rent.


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    mika123 Jan 26, 2011

    I recently had the displeasure of unsuspectingly moving into a gangster-riddled part of town owned by Riverstone Properties. The community was advertised as a gated community, yet had a gate that was not operational so it was left open and unsecured for convenience's sake I suppose. I travel often with my job and over the past 8 years have had NO problems securing short term housing via the internet. Well, never again. Upon my arrival this place was a disaster area. I'll tell ya, I've lived in a lot of places and tolerated a lot of unsavory situations for the sake of making my work assignments successful but this place took the cake. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a heavy cigarette smoke scent throughout as well as pet hair and human hair in the sinks. The carpets were dirty and the washer/dryer were rusty and unacceptable. A strong moldy scent was apparent and a ceiling leak had been discovered in the middle of our living room. Being optimistic, we tried to make the best of a bad situation, cleaned up and settled in. At 11:30pm that night we heard gunshots RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR WINDOW. Not down the street or up the was terrifying. We called 911 and police responded. The next day I went to talk with the management. I expressed that the place was a dump, the neighborhood was horrible and that we feared for our safety. Riverstone exercises policies that are not lenient nor sensitive to anyone's plight. They offered little in the way of remediating our concerns and treated us to the average corporate lingo that's made them so successful yet yielded no results. So potential RENTERS BEWARE!!! We broke our lease later that day, aware of the repercussions, and went onto find a safer, nicer place to live. We are still fighting this one and imagine it will end up in court. Listen, if we, as the small guy renter, is expected to live up to his end after signing a lease then isn't it fair to expect the same of a big time corporation in the delivery of an acceptable product. There are no acceptable excuses tolerated on our end. Why should we allow any leniency on their end. I don't want to hear excuses when I move into a place nor give a group like Riverstone anything like "reasonable time" to fix the problem. It should not have been overlooked in the first place. Period. Live up to your end and I'll live up to mine. Riverstone is all about the bottom dollar...not your comfort. And while this is a general rule of thumb in the corporate world, i highly suggest you take up residence with another group.

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    wolfden89 Feb 07, 2011

    I moved into these apartments this past August, when I first toured the apartments everything looked good. Once I saw the apartment I was assigned to it was much smaller than the sample floor plan they showed me. However, I shrugged it off as not a huge issue. Everything was fine up until this past December I was robbed while doing laundry in the basement of the building, $400 taken from my apartment and my phone and wallet. I then found out we had a homeless person living in the hallway of the apartment because the doors to the building don't lock (gee I wonder who stole my stuff). Then this past week when we had the huge blizzard on Tuesday night, no one plowed our lot until Thursday night. I had called 3 times on Wednesday letting them know we were all stuck in the lot. My car became stuck when I tried to get out for work, I was in the last spot in the lot and got stuck only 4 ft. sticking out from the parking spot. I was not blocking anyone in. My car was towed while I walked 3 miles to the closest grocery store that was open to buy a shovel, by the time I was back the car was already gone. The part that really agitates me is that my car is registered with Riverstone, they know exactly what kind of car I drive and license plate, they know how to contact me. NO ONE called to give me a heads up that they were towing the car. It was $170 to get the car back the next morning and to make matters worse the back of my bumper had a huge hole and crack in it that was not there beforehand. I called Riverstone wanting to be reimbursed for the $170, the staff was no help at all, refused to reimburse me and just kept repeating that I had parked in an unauthorized spot... ITS NOT LIKE I WANTED TO PARK THERE, I WAS STUCK. Once my 12 months is up I am definitely out of here. I would not recommend this place to ANYONE. It is a complete nightmare.

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