Rideau Lake Bengals Complaints & Reviews

Rideau Lake Bengals / fraud

Oct 24, 2018

Rideau Lake BengalsI honestly can't believe people are still buying cats off this clown!! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE. This breeder is NOT TICA registered and is a fraud. She sells sick animals, has had her own pregnant females pass due to infection and goes on a rampage whenever anyone tries to make her...

Rideau Lake Bengals / infected kitten purchase

Mar 25, 2018

Paid $2300. Told her 2x within a week the kitten had bloody diarrhea. Stress was her answer. Turns out it has cryptosporidium. It cannot be treated, it can cause significant health issues and it is highly contagious. We purchased another kitten from a different breeder 2 month...

Rideau Lake Bengals / owner

Jun 16, 2017

Not only do the prices change but she also sleeps with husband's :) thanks for a great experience rideau lake bengals! Wife's beware! After extremely friendly reassuring and very communicative experience, found out the owner had done this before. Definitely won't be doing business here...

Rideau Lake Bengals / dishonest breeder

May 05, 2014

The breeder collected a deposit for a kitten, only to raise the price a day later without notice. Then when we could no longer afford the kitten the breeder stopped responding to emails and phone calls and just kept the deposit, not responding what so ever to explain why our money was not...