Beauty Ragdolls Complaints & Reviews

Beauty Ragdolls / refund of $500 deposit made for blue point ragdoll kitten

Jan 31, 2019

I contacted Kristen Avila in May 2018 for a male, blue point Ragdoll kitten. She texted a photo of a blue point female she was breeding with Keeper (a blue point male). She knowingly accepted my deposit for a blue point Ragdoll kitten for which she never bred. She finally responded after...

Beauty Ragdolls / sold me an unhealthy cat and breached the contract

Jan 17, 2019

Beauty RagdollsKristen Avila, the owner of Beautydoll Ragdoll sold me an unhealthy cat with an enlarged heart, diarrhea, ear infection and he could not use his back legs. He has had health problems since I got him just like other cats' owners complaints. Being slient for a while because sometime...

Beauty Ragdolls / bad ragdoll purchasing experience with beauty ragdolls owner kristen avila

Jul 06, 2018

I have a very bad and frustrated experience with Kristen Avila, the owner of Beatuty Ragdoll cattery. I am a international student, graduated for around 1 year. Within the four years in US everybody is so nice and help me a lot, so when the first time I found Kristen's website, I thought...

[Resolved] Beauty Ragdolls / selling cats to pet brokers

Apr 30, 2018

Kristen Avila, the owner of this Ragdoll cattery at Southern California, is selling litters of kittens to pet brokers. (videos and message record as proof). The pet broker then sells kittens at a higher price, apparently, Kristen is not a responsible breeder. Be aware folks! If you want to...