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Lance trailer, called in December, told to bring in mid-January 2016, to get faulty thermostat for heater replaced, auto awning adjusted, and decal on door repaired. By March t'stat replaced (this was the 2nd request, BTW) but awning arm not adjusted and decal promised to be mailed to me. (wrong part received) could've fixed all of these simple things myself, but ... warranty. Still had to fix myself. 3 months of frustration. They blamed the manufacturer. I'm very skeptical of this. They seem to have a lot of work in shop. Maybe they should...hire people?


It is July 5, 2016 at 4:00 pm California time, I am having the worst customer service after purchasing a brand new trailer. Representative named Ebony helping us has lied to us about giving us phone calls to follow up with us about our paperwork after we have already put $1, 000 down payment. We had to follow up with her twice! She then tells my husband she needs his pay stub by 6 pm to get paperwork started and has given false information about where to email the paperwork. It is just a hassle as a customer having to continue to follow up with her especially because she did not leave her business card in the envelope provided stating our trailer info and receipt of payment. Therefore leading us to have to call back multiple times. As a customer purchasing a brand new trailer it should not have to be this difficult. Representative should be following through with contacting the customer about getting paperwork taken care of, not the customer calling the representative. If the representative helping my husband and I is a lead employee and she is lying to us, what else can she be lying to us about? Very disappointed to know she is considered a leader for this company.

Poor service

I took my 2009 Jayco motor home in for warranty work. After 2 weeks I called them to see what the status wa...


Purchased a Starcraft 3612 Travel Trailer on 9/19/07. At delivery of trailer, Weight Distribution System install incorrectly, trailer was not properly prepped. Ongoing problems with repairs of the roof raising system. During the last set of repairs, part of windows were ruined, they are refusing to take responsibility. As I tried explaining the problem with Mark Richardson, owner, he wouldn't even take the time to listen to the entire complaint.

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    richardsonsucks Aug 24, 2009

    Richardsson is by far the worst company that I've dealt with, no service!, don't care about you, just want to sell what they have and and get rid of you. On top of that, they don't know what they're selling.
    I've talk to one of the mechanics that barely spoke English and he knew more than the sales person. Feel sorry for Lance campers cuz Richardsons is giving them a bad name, also told hundreds a people to never go to Richardsons RV because they will be guaranteed to get "F#@ked"

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