RewardSpot.comthe thousand-dollar reward status and getting my reward

N Jan 06, 2020

I'm complaining 2 / $1, 000 Amazon gift card that has not been able to go through because it's not allowing me to get to the Platinum cuz it keeps going back and forth the first it says it's $1, 000 gift card and then it now it's dropped down to $100 gift card but then I have to complete more deals with cost money and it never said anything of that in the beginning and I've completed to Silver deals and one gold deal and now it's asking to complete to platinum deals but yet it won't let me get to the Platinum deals and I feel that I've done this and have completed what I needed to complete to get the thousand dollar reward Amazon gift card but yet it's not letting me even get to do that because of the Platinum deals that I haven't yet to complete but it won't allow me to get to that it just keeps going back to the surveys and it only gives you a limited time frame like a month to get this all done in and that's what I'm complaining about

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