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Resolved york photoNot receiving pictures

Very upset with York Photo right now!! I ordered family pictures that I had taken over a month ago. I was planning on giving them as Christmas gifts to my family members this year. I still have not received them!!! I have made 4 phone calls, sent 2 emails and oTrying one handwritten letter. Trying to get in touch with York Photo is very difficult because they are really named District Photo so it is almost impossible to get their phone number. When I finally got in touch with someone in customer service they were very rude. Each person I spoke with told me to wait a couple more days and call back. They gave me a tracking number for my order and it shows the order picked up and the last location was in Memphis, TN on November 23, 2011. It is now December 8, 2011 and I only live 3 hours from Memphis, TN. Still customer service told me to wait. I just again got off of the phone with York Photo customer service and the lady told me there was nothing that she was able to do about it because once the orders are picked up by whichever carrier they are using it is no longer York Photo's responsibility. Wow!!! I will never deal with York Photo again and I will be getting in touch with the BBB!!!

Resolved york photousing my credit card for something i never ordered

this so called company sent me some bogus photos and membership using my credit card number. i have never had any previous contact with this company. they used my credit card illegally.

  • Jo
    joyce seaman Mar 26, 2009

    I recently sent in 2 rolls of film (actually they were the throw away cameras) one in each a different mailer. I put a check for $5.90 in one of the mailers and stated on the order that it was for 2 rolls. Now instead of getting my film developed, i get a bill for $3.90 ($2.90 plus a $1.00 fee for special handling). I would like this matter taken care of because when they cash the check for $5.90 they are going to know that it is too much for 1 roll of film. Plus don't they read what I had written on the order for processing form?? My name is Joyce Seaman. I live at 6478 Albion Road, Oakfield, ny 14125 and my phone #is (585)948-5740. The check # was 1066.

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  • Jo
    joyce seaman Mar 26, 2009

    please reply

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Resolved york photoFRAUD

Fraudulently charged my credit card for an amount of $1.48 and I had never heard of them before, let alone done any business with them ever.  My credit card fraud department called and advised me of such.  What a bunch of ###.  Now I have had to cancell my card and renew.   They amongst 5 other companies have done the same for small amounts under $15.00.  Stamps.com, emusic.com, bmc doubleday books.com, vistaprint.com, grantsrez.com, clickandbuy.com and they just hang up on you when you try and inquire.

  • Ch
    Chris Jan 07, 2009

    This very thing happened to me on 12/22/08. Merry (@$&%*! Christmas. I also had to renew my Debit Card. I was also notified by Bank of America Fraud Division. I have tried to send a email complaint demanding a full refund. But conviently on their complaint form requires a York Photo registered email address. How convient, since I have never used their service. On another we site I found the email address of their Manager? We will see.

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  • Do
    Doug Jan 07, 2009


    please see this thread we are trying to find out a commenality to all of these charges

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  • Ju
    Justonecomment Mar 05, 2009

    What is the deal? I also had a fraudulent York Photo charge and a fraudulent BMC Double Day charge in February 2009. I actually received a photo from York photo of a person I have never met. Just seemed so weird. If York Photo was responsible why would they have sent me a photo? But if it isn't York photo but an individual why is York Photo so commonly used for fraud?

    Just bizarre. I had to get a new credit card, too. Very inconvenient time to have to deal with that for me!

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  • Do
    donald Mar 10, 2009

    This happened to me too. This is what happened...

    Scammers steal/buy our credit information from and online vendor. This can be anything from an insecure transaction, hacked database, keylogger/trojan virus or even a slimy vendor that sells information to groups.

    Our information and debit card numbers are then pumped into a "spamming program" of a sort, which randomly signs us up for online services, and small purchases. It happens in such a time period that it flags the Visa fraud detection (supplied by Visa debit cards), which in turn sends you an automated phone call, letting you know that there may be some phony charges on your account.

    You, the account holder panic and call your bank, Visa, etc and fix the issue by canceling card and verifying your information.

    NOW HERE'S THE CLINCHER: About 24 hours later, you may receive a call on your billing phone number from a strange phone... for me it was (000) 000-0000 (which is usually an internet based relay call). The voice on the phone was all "text-to-speech" and computerized. It told me that there was a security issue with one of my accounts (didn't mention the bank or the account number) and I needed to verify my personal and banking information immediately in order to regain access to my account funds, otherwise I "would no longer have access" to my own account (which ironically, I already resolved the issue 24 hours before in the lobby of my local branch's office).

    This is where I hung up and phone and had an epiphany. All of the items and services that were purchased, were all shipped or registered to my billing information. There was no gain there for the suspects... therefore it was simply and attempt to flag my fraud detection and get the "paranoia ball" rolling.

    Once you get into the habit of giving people card numbers, socials and other personal information, I suppose it's pretty easy to become statistic with no money left in his/her account. I suppose this scam was thought up to prey on dim or naive people.

    York Photo, Netflix, Colombia House Video, Match.com, BBpeoplemeet.com (fat people dating site!), YourMusic.com, Napster, iTunes, Paypal... were some of the charges on my account... none of which are to blame for this. Every one of them was more than pleasant when I did a followup call and all of my money was refunded.

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  • Ta
    Tamm1 May 28, 2010

    I have just recently received an unauthorized charge from BMC Doubleday. Has anyone found a phone number or e-mail address for them? If so, could you post it.

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  • Sh
    Shannon69 Nov 10, 2010

    I have been having the same thing with the DoubleDay Book club! This is the 5th time i have been dealing with this. I have not found a phone number...however I found two addresses.
    Doubleday book and music club
    1225 South Market st
    Mechanicburg, PA 17055
    1540 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

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