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Xatziri Cruz Salas/Sunrise Pillow (Kickstarter)sunrise smart pillow

No product has been received and no refund has been given. The creator of this product refuses to provide updates to customers; she will not even respond to emails. I backed this product on 05/18/2017 and it was supposed to ship in October 2017. The original pledge goal on Kickstarter was $50, 000. She received $754, 390 in pledges. She also received $859, 651 in pledges on Indiegogo. This means they received $1, 564, 000 over their original goal.

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    AmericanPat Sep 01, 2019

    If every kickstarter backer would file with the Orange County DA and the California Attorney General's office she's sitting on a 30 plus year prison sentence. Also deportation - I've recently spoken to ICE about her and given all this information. They ARE going to follow up.

    Please file and make those calls! Time for her to pay the price for her criminal behavior. And then get her ass deported!

    Someone want to send this to Fox News? They'd love to put a spotlight on this Mexican scam artist and how she ripped off Americans and thinks she can get away with this.

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    Lollita909 Feb 18, 2020

    Photo of Xatziri Salas and husband, Ben Usui Yoshiharo

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Xatziri Cruz Salas/Sunrise Pillow (Kickstarter) — sunrise pillow

Xatziri Cruz Salas is the person who used Kickstarter to fund a product called Sunrise Pillow. She raised $755, 000 on the Kickstarter site for these pillows and failed to update...