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We are military and we sadly moved to an area where you cant get some service.So we were told to do a bundle from Direct TV with wildblue well we at first told a different name but anyhow they did not come the day they were suppose to but they did come on 01/03/2013 but we had to leave our home and go meet the guy because he was lost.
Anyhow he came over never asked us anything we wanted the service in one room so maybe we could get service all through the home but he said no.Anyhow he hooks everything up but while putting in the service i had too run somewhere (i have proof).
well i get back and this man is done and ready to go.So i go to check things out and i go to my email which he told me to open right I'm not thinking (still unpacking and all) NOT to be in is way.
Well he goes into my email and signs the contract and did not say a word to us about anything or that a contract needed to be signed, or that they would take money out the account the same day we paid them he did not say anything. So i call the company and tell them whats going on so they send me out a new contract to sign by this time we are upset and just like we are not signing anything the trust is gone.So the next day this same guy is hooking someone Else's home up i take my phone and turn on the video and record this man saying nope mam you did not have to sign anything the system was down so no you did not have to sign anything they The company told me to go ahead and take care of it.Then i find out he should have not even hooked things up when their system is down.
they have never called me back nor emailed me nothing at all so they have a contact that we did not sign and can prove it that is FORGERY all the way.So they tell me today that I'm still with them and stuck to the contract all i could say is we will see about that.Oh and they lied their service is not good at all

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    Exede Nick Feb 14, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I apologize that this has been your experience with WildBlue. I would be happy to investigate this in order to provide some resolution for you. Can you please send an email to [email protected] including the name, phone number, and a copy of the above complaint. We will follow-up with you to ensure that this gets resolved in a timely manner. Thank you.

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  • Wi
    Wildblue rip off May 24, 2013

    I totally agree that Wildblue will take advantage of anything and everything to make a buck. I cancelled my service because I was moving. Got a "box" to return equipment. Returned equipment. One month and 2 weeks later, Wildblue took $150.00 dollars out of my account. No communication, no email, no phone call, no snail mail. Called customer service and was told they didn't receive the equipment. They checked their "something" and they received the equipment because it weighed the right amount. I was told I would receive my money back in 10 business days. 10 business days, still no money. No communication from Wildblue. Was told the customer service rep had failed to file the proper paperwork. They looked at the file and I was told the "box" weighed the right amount and they would refund MY money when they found the equipment in 3-5 days (this was after I talked to a supervisor). 5 days later I was told they hadn't received the equipment and had sent me a "box" for the equipment (remember I had moved almost 2 months earlier). Still no communication unless I initiated it, no mail, no phone call, no email. It was implied that I had put something in the "box" so it weighed right. It was implied that I lied. I was also told they could take money out of my account whenever they thought they needed a payment or I hadn't done what they expected. It was all my responsibility to make sure their technicians in Colorado weren't lying, cheating, stealing, losing the equipment that I sent in. I had to prove that I did what I had done already and it was OK for them to take money from my bank account without any notification.

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WildblueUnauthorized money transfers

I moved into an area where there were other internet providers, 3 months ago. We contacted Wildblue to cancel our service upon discovering we could no longer get their service. A month later when checking my bank statement I discovered that I was still being charged for the service. I called to find out what was going on and was told that the tech I had spoken to had not canceled the service. I then asked how long after canceling the service would I be able to access my email and was told I would not be able to after canceling my service. I was told that if I would take the time to transfer my email information to my new email address then call back they would then cancel my service. It took me about two hours to do this. I then called back and the tech I got (of course not the same one) told me that I would be refunded the $86.00 for the month service which I did not have and there would be no further issues. Well the next month same story...was automatically charged $86.00 for a service I did not have. I again called in and was told the same story, tech did not record call or information to cancel service. I was again told that all monies would be refunded to me and no futher action would be conducted with this account. Well I am still waiting for the refund and checked my bank statement today and low and behold another $86.00 charge to wildblue. I called and was told that I could not be helped at this time due to the fact that they were changing their computer syatems and that I could call back in 30 minutes or so and maybe they could help me then. I am after submitting this complaint going to my bank to block wildblue's access to my bank account, which I should have done 3 months ago but did not think that I would have to do.

WildblueGrand Theft

I, would like to know why Congress, FCC, & Attorney Generals of ALL the States have not levied Charges and fines on WildBlue's business practices ? Hears my Horror Story: In April 01, 2008 I signed up with WildBlue for the basic service at $39.95 & $249.00 for the equipment that I, would own. Their was a small installation fee of $60.00 The installation was professionally done. I, was happy with my system since I, previously had Dial Up WildBlue was so much faster. Until
I, got FAPED...You all know this story so well I, won't waste time explaining it. So I, decide to remedy the situation by up-grading to the next level, " SELECT " was I, wrong ! It still didn't perform like I, expected. So I, canceled the SELECT and reverted back to Value.
A month later, ( May 12th.) my entire home burned down to the ground ! Having no Insurance on the home, it was a major loss. To make matters more difficult, I'm 58 disabled Viet Nam Vet, on limited income, my wife is in the U.S. Army and is stationed on the east Coast. I take care of our two children ages 12 & 10. About 3 weeks after the fire I, contacted WildBlue and notified them about the loss of equipment. Their reply was to, " FAX " them a copy of the Fire Marshals report. I, mailed them a copy as well as a News paper article of the event, complete with a picture of the house burning and in the picture you can clearly see the Satellite dish mounted on the side of the house getting torched ! This was not good enough for them, they kept switching me around from dept to dept. Finally I, was told that I had 10 months to go on my contract, (March 25 2010) and their was nothing they could do. They told me that a replacement dish would cost $ 400.00 I, responded to them that my local guy who originally installed the system was only charging $99.99 with a 12 month contract, why should I, purchase it for $400.00 ! At this point I, wanted out.
So today Jan 5, 2010 I decided to call WildBlue and check on the date of termination of the service and to make sure that they were not going to charge to my Credit card after the Date of March 25 2010. After 20min of waiting on the phone I, was told that the Date of termination to the contract was, July 6, 2011
How could that be ? The person said that I, signed a new contract when I, upgraded to the SELECT service. This reset the contract for 2 more years bringing the date to July 6, 2011 !
I said that I, canceled the SELECT and was not happy with the performance. Besides that I, was holding a Letter from David Leonard WildBlue's CEO. His response to me was that the service would be terminated ASAP. This never came about.
So, I started to get really heated up with WildBlue's agent. He put me on hold for 10 min. than he came back to me explaining that he found several errors with my account. He had good news for me, they would accredit my account with Sept $49.95, Oct
$49.95 & Dec. $ 31.63 for a total of $131.53 !!! I, said what about Nov billing, his response was that we didn't bill you for that month !?! Something is very wrong with this company. They told me the money would show up 5 business days. Ha Ha !
So I have been paying for WildBlue Internet service since May 12 09 this total came to $341.32 I, told the Agent this money could have gone to a Washing machine, or something we badly needed. I, told him that Business practices like this were pure Fraud, In simple terms The real enemy is not only from the outside trying to destroy us ( Al Qaeda ) But it's the sanctioned company's that prey on us with State & Federal Licenses running loose practicing this Bad Kind of Business selling Vapor Ware & Snake Oil. With full awareness of our GOV.

Do not sign with this company the only remedy is a CLASS ACTION SUIT ... Has any one started on yet?


I hope anyone looking at WildBlue for service reads these comments first.

After having Direct TV installed and not having internet for awhile (since there was no additional bandwidth with the DSL in my area) I called WildBlue. There was an insert in Direct TV's handouts they left with me.

First they advertise one price, then tell you while you are on the phone that because of the high volume of installs they are doing in the area, that price is no longer available.

The order taker I spoke with was very adamant that I would not need a pole installed, only to find out later that was not the case and it would be in the neighborhood of $150.00 to have the pole installed.

Being that I felt I was misled, I called 2 days after the order was placed to cancel the service. I was then told there would be a $50 restocking fee. I argued that I wouldn't even be having a conversation with them if they were honest to begin with. The two folks I visited with and pleaded my case to were extremely rude and couldn't care less what my story was.

I will post comments on every site I find and complain to anyone that will listed. They seem to be a very dishonest company...so BEWARE.

WildblueAwful service

Do Not Use WildBlue Satellite Internet!

This company is the worst company I have ever seen! The service is garbage and they charge anywhere from $50 to $90 per month for it. And all they give you for the ludicrous amounts of money is 10 hours of dial up and a particular amount of bandwidth that is so small, adware or spyware will cost you all of your allotted bandwidth and then you won't be able to use the internet for a month!

They are price gouging people, they don't give you anything near what you pay for and they continually bounce me between tech support and the billing office even though the billing office is really the electric company and can't do anything for you. I HATE, HATE, HATE THIS COMPANY AND MAKES ME SICK TO HAVE TO PAY THEM EVERY MONTH! Unfortunately, I cannot get any other service where I live and I have not been able to use my internet for a month!

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    sean close Feb 06, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AT&T recomended i use Wildblue satelite internet providor for fast high -speed internet.
    I have been forced into a 1 year contract, even though it turns out to be slower than dial up.
    Dont use this company!!

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  • Do
    Donnie Yoo Dec 09, 2013

    really bad service. never use WildBlue or exede
    very rude customer service supervisor.

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  • Ex
    ExedeJosh Dec 15, 2013

    Hi, Donnie, I am very sorry to hear you have been having issues with your service. I will be happy to help. Please email me your telephone number and the best time to call to [email protected] Thanks and have a great weekend!

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WildblueBeware of the Trap!

Two weeks after having our Wildblue system installed it went out completely an was unable to be revived.
A few days later I received notice from Wildblue I was approaching FAP limits. Whaa? The next day they informed me I'd hit it and was being penalized. (Uh,, the service was OFF!)
Two weeks later I received the same notices and again I was penalized. (Still OFF here!)
Three weeks after it went out it was professionally repaired. (I'm snarling as I write this part)
Finally up and running, immediately the spam came pouring in. Mid way through the spam-a-cide I was again notified and penalized for overuse. No way to get anything now at penalty speeds. (10K or less. Yes, I said 10!)
When I was again released and speeds resumed, the cycle started all over.
No Speed
No Speed
This has been going on now for several months without pause.
After explaning FAP is claculation daily. Uh huh, daily. Wildblue's friendly customer service people suggested, (excuse me I must strike the wall now) that I get DIALUP service and use THAT instead!!! Thus never having to deal with Wildblue FAP limits again. (This is where I would write something if I wasn't at a loss for words)
I've been in business for over 30 years. If I say something is "unlimited" or I make claims of performance and I fail at any reasonal level, my butt would be sued. Period. People hold their local tradesman to higher standards of performance, and he usually delivers. Wildblue delivers 1/10th of what I'm paying for and they advertised. Where is the FTC when you need them?
The fact that FAP accrues during system outages is a clear indication the FAP calculation process is flawed. This little trick is probably netting Wildblue millions.
( I feel sick)
How does one begin a class action lawsuit?

  • Ja
    James R Nabors Nov 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have used Wildblue for almost a year and it has been pure agony. Extremely slow. All of a sudden I also received email about the FAP usage though nothing changed in my usage. I do not download music or large files or videos ever. Now I am penalized as well. I would like to opt out of this contract but have no clue how - without the penalty of breaking the contract. Seems I will have to pay, pay, pay...

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WildblueBad customer service

I recently got satellite internet from Wildblue. I was told that my credit card number was only for reserving my installation date and there would be no charges on my card. I was also told that installation and equipment is free. As I'm looking at my bill a month later, they charged my monthly bill and 289.00 for the equipment. I call them and waste over 30 min talking to customer service about it. At quitting time the lady was like "I'm sorry we are closed now you'll have to call back tomorrow"!!! I couldn't believe after being on the phone that long they'd just cut me off like that. So I call them back today and was on HOLD for 25 min before I hung up and called back like I was a new customer wanting service then they wouldn't even help me because the account is in my husbands name! I'm getting my money back... I'd rather not have internet then give them any of my money!!!

WildblueRude employees, bank fraud and no one cares

Well, this has been going on for several weeks. Apparently buying a new house and changing your address is too much for WildBlue to handle.

We moved in December, and in March we were charged 3 months off service fees. I called and they said that it was a mistake, that they had backed it out. Well, April rolled around and no credit. May rolled around, no credit, and then we were cut off for non-payment!

We have been fighting with them for 2 weeks now, we still don't' have internet service, and we have called and spoke with several people. No one cares. The last person I spoke with said, "but ma'am, you moved" Yeah, 6 months ago. We asked to speak with a supervisor, and were left on hold for 30 minutes and hung up on.

I have two options. I can pay them ANOTHER month's worth of service and get my internet turned back on or wait 7-14 business days until my credit is processed.

I'm now on day 6. We'll see how this works out. Meanwhile, I'm contacting the BBB.

Wildblue — Awful support, poor delivery of the service, continual problems

Before you buy type "wildblue complaints" into google and see for yourself. Signed up and install went Ok on...

WildblueWildBlue software corrupted my new $1600.00 computer!

After a couple of weeks with Wildblue my computer kept crashing. Tech. (non)supt. suggested my computer was too slow, so I ordered a new Dell XPS710. Their tech came out and loaded all the software on for me and couldn't get it to work....said my computer was busy downloading new updates and that it should work in a couple of hours. Never did, so I disconnected Wildblue and hookedup my dial-up. My new computed would not work....kept getting "Wildblue errors." Hired my own tech to come out and he said my startup files were now corrupted and I needed to return my new Dell to Dell to repair. Called Wildblue for the zillionth time (incredibly rude) "care and escalation" rep told me I couldn't talk with a management person, nor could I get a Wildblue repair tech to come out because I now had a defective computer. I couldn't get out of the contract because it took Dell three weeks to make the computer and that put me over the 30 days. I am now out $1600.00 and will have to hire an attorney. BEWARE!!!

  • Bi
    Bill Smith Jan 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think your an idiot. Wildblue installs no software your system. Note: I say that because no software is required to run it. Works over TCP/IP. Because your Dell (POS) had a software meltdown does not mean that the hardware is wrong. Hope you get that attorney and charges $400 per hour because you wasting your time.

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  • Su
    Susan De Lano May 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It sounds like you've been taken by Dell (not unusual) and by the computer tech. There is a download software, or at least there was with Direcway, but I don't see how this made your system crash.

    You might just look into reloading your OS that came with that machine. The attorney is just going to tell you the same thing.

    I just signed up for WildBlue. Had been using Hughes.net. Talk about a scam! They limit the amount of downloads you can do and neglect to tell you that! I've been with them for over 5 years and was never informed of a limit. I've signed up for a class action lawsuit against Hughes. Right now, all that I've read about WildBlue sounds like DSL heaven.

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  • Na
    Nathanael cruz Mar 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They both limit your downloads just read the info AND the CONTRACT unlike many fools so you dont become one also that don't do there homework.

    Know that there non-standard charges usually associated with the install esspecially if you want it done right... you get what you pay for... to the first post- sounds like you have a toasted computer that started as a lemon.. feel free to comment back as I am a W/B tech myself and no none of us are employees we run a buisiness and have to pay for everything... our time is $$$$ just like yours is... feel free to call (360)566-5326 if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with... Nate.

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  • Jo
    John Dixon Apr 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a Wildblue installer. I has installed hundreds of systems.
    I have only had a few unsatisfied customers. They are the one's that know NOTHING about computers. The other ones that complain are trying to run 3, 4, or 5 computers on a 500bps service. I have read some of the complaints posted on here. Some are just out right lies. First. All Wildblue Techs are here in the US.
    NOT in India. Wildblue does NOT install any software in your Computer. Wildblue has a Download limit. It is 7, 500 MB over a rolling 30 days. That is for the Value plain. Hughs net is 2, 500 a month. The higher the plain the More Download you get. You cant run 6 ebay sites on the value plain. Spend the money and get a higher plain. Wildblue only installs the system on ONE computer. If you want to add more, then don't blame Wildblue because your trying to run 3 computers on the Value Plain. Your expect to run 3 computers for $49.95 a month? Spend the extra money. If you had dial-up for $20.00 a month you couldn't run 3 computers on it. Most of the complaints on here are from people that complain about everything. Take a computer course ! The old expression is, You bought a Volkswagen and expect a Cadillac !

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  • Je
    Jeanne Potter Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can't stand it one more second. I'd spare you my rant, but this takes the cake. My service keeps dropping and can't get my email to work, so i call the Tech number and would have to wait 50 minutes to talk to a techie. So I hang up and opt for live chat of a techie but worse things are happening and their live chat webpage returns "page not found' error. Locked out and hopelessly disappointed. I'm out of patience now - i'll try again tomorrow.

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  • Ja
    James Yarbrough,SR Jun 03, 2016

    I've had exact same thing happen several times since i hooked up with WILDBLUE 1/10/08 what a mistakethat was!!! WILDBLUE DON'T CARE IF YOUR SERVICE WORKS OR NOT= ON AND OFF INTERNET; VERY SLOW WITH THE$69.95 a month deal (rip off) they just do not care about thier customers at all.

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