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9:32 pm EDT
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After MyCleanID installed it would run and kept me from using my laptop. I just purchased this 2 days ago. I called them and told them I was finally able to delete this and now I can again use my laptop. I asked for a refund and they would not refund the $127+ that I paid. They hung up on me. This happened 6/4/2023. Product purchased 6/2/2023. They were very rude to me.

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5:52 pm EST
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The company has recently changed the terms and conditions of its software and now charges $19.95 EVERY month where previously you could opt out of the LIVE AGENT. DON'T BE FOOLED BY DEEP SOFTWARE DISCOUNTS - they all include the $240 per year price tag for this "service". Also, BEWARE OF FREE TRIALS as the LIVE AGENT service fees can start within a very...

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3:48 pm EST
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01/24//23. I am suddenly being bombarded with pop ups trying to sell me more things, or upgrading my service, I got an email telling me I was being automatically billed for "customer support" at the rate of $19.95 in 3 days. I never authorized this, and when I finally got through to someone, I was rather rudely told that all that was " on cover on the last...

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10:28 am EST
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Iolo System mechanic ultimate defense

Hi there. I have tried and tried to cancel my card payment method with Iolo but their website does not allow this to happen. They have not changed my email address formerly, [protected] to [protected]@zohomail. eu either. Now I just want rid of them. I have uninstalled their software and want them to delete my account and card information. My worry is that they will take payments via their auto update service when the renewal date comes around. Many thanks,
Mark Lupton

Desired outcome: Delete my account and any credit/debit cards

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Update by Mark Lupton
Jan 25, 2022 12:52 pm EST

Here is my latest email from Iolo after they finally contacted me:
Here you are Adriana S:

Customer Name: Mark Lupton

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense  (Ref Number: [protected] )

Activation date:  August 20, 2014

Expiration date: June 06, 2022

Order #: [protected]

Ordered from:  Iolo

Original email: (old email on original order) My New email is:

First 4 digits and last 4 digits of the card charged 4462 **** **** 6748

Invoice BV46606324

See screenshot attachment

Adriana S. this is all the information you need to comply with my request, please expedite ASAP

Mark Lupton

Sent using Zoho Mail

---- On Tue, 25 Jan 2022 16:37:04 +0000 2Checkout Support wrote ----


2Checkout acts as a reseller on behalf of various companies that sell their products online.

I am afraid that I am unable to locate your order based on the information provided in your previous message.

In order for me to track down the charge and assist you, please provide me with some of the below:

Reference number of the order; (if paid by PayPal, you can find the order reference number in the transaction details within your PayPal account under InvoiceID)

The email address used in the order (if paid using PayPal as a payment method, provide us with your PayPal email address.)

Website from where you made a purchase;


Date of the charge;

Description of the charge as shown on your account statement

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Adriana S.
Payment Support Specialist

--------------- Original Message ---------------
From: []
Sent: 1/25/2022 4:55 PM
Subject: Billing & Payment / Subscription / renewal cancellation

 *** EXTERNAL EMAIL, think before you click. *** 

 Mark Lupton


Primary topic:
 Billing & Payment

Sub topic:
 Subscription / renewal cancellation

Order ref:

 After ignoring my requests for support, I no longer wish to use your software. Please remove my payment method and close my account as from NOW: 25th Jan 2022. Very Disappointed!

 25 Jan 2022, 16:54:56


Page request:


 Contact form



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1:23 pm EST
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Iolo customers support is so bad, it makes all of their products not worth buying. If you call their number, the automated voice gives you several selections to choose from (i.e. press 1, for this, press 2 for that, etc.) Do not bother. The only number that works is "5". None of the others will work. Once the person there transfers you to technical support...

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2:03 pm EDT
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System Mechanic, IOLO, is nothing more than a scam to infect your computer and continue to take your money. Do not let them convince you of their "money back gaurantee". The Guarantee is false! You will never see your money again once you have allowed them access to your credit card. Their "experts" are in India and have no idea what they are doing. I...

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6:22 pm EDT
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After 2 months of trying to get a fix on their Search and Recover program, several emails and phone calls to California, even to the president, still no answers. Completely unacceptable. Would not recommend their products because their customer service is a joke.

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