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Since I was first scammed in 2005 by westcanadatours.com, I have been contacted by numerous people who have subsequently been scammed by the same outfit. They are still going strong. BEWARE! Today I received another query!
I also refer you to an article by Paula Dobbyn from the Alaskan Daily News in 2005 when she wrote an article in hotel-online.com on all the alias companies that are used to attract and snare unsuspecting victims. The article is called "A company with slick travel web sites, including goalaska.com and travelalaska.net, stiffing customers and the businesses providing the srevices."The companies all have a similar format and only give an email address as a contact . If you use a gmail account, you may well not get a reply...?
"Heinz Schultz, the so called ring leader" seems to have escaped the law all these years. Constant highlighting of new victims and reporting will protect others.
Lana Todkill

Resolved West Canada ToursPaid all costs but no holiday

In 2005 I booked and paid for a self drive holiday that was supposed to occur from the 7th September to the 21st September 2005. "Sarah" was very helpful up until all the payment was received and then I never received any further correspondence in spite of trying to reach them. Somehow I came across a phone no [protected], but when I rang it the other person was very surprised that I had it and denied any knowledge of the company. I also learned that they operated under numerous names including "Canada and Alaska Tours" which is on their invoice.

We did go to Canada, not with a travel agent, but on our own and when we visited the address on the invoice there was no such business registered there. In July 2006 I read a worrying report about the company in the Alaskan registered businesses which confirmed my fears. Unfortunately I am unble to track down the article. In March 2009 I was contacted by Allison Devereaux, a reporter from the CBC North who was investigating on scam canadian tour companies. However it appears that she too has run into a dead end!

I am ever hopeful that these people will be brought to justice, but they seem to be above the law!! I would be happy to provide my invoice and correspondence if required.

Thank you
Lana Todkill Email : [protected]@bigpond.com

  • Mc
    Mclaren Dec 12, 2010

    Well, we had a great experience with West Canada Tours in 2006, 2008 and again in 2010 during the Vancouver/Whistler Olympics. We booked a holiday home in Vancouver for 8 people during the Olympics because the local hotels were so horrible expensive. What we received exceeded everyone's dream: a beautiful almost new townhouse with over 3000 sq.ft in West Vancouver with a breathtaking city view and just a short distance away from the Cyprus Bowl area - which hosted some exciting skiing competitions. The local West Canada Tours representative took care about our tickets for the Vancouver hockey - and other events. He also organized sightseeing trips, booked restaurants and was always available for questions around getting to/from the venues. Friends of us booked in 2008 a self drive tour throughout the Canadian Rockies and needless to say: they enjoyed a vacation of a lifetime in Western Canada ! Anyway your posting is over 5 years old and it seems to be you are either confused, overreacting or lying because West Canada Tours is at least since 2006 (our first trip) in business and the person in charge (Sarah) is still working with the company because she booked all travel arrangements for us. Quiet a nice person, very knowledgeable and well respected within the tourism industry in Canada. Hope this information helps to clear the clouds. Thank you, Timothy McLaren, London UK

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    NorthernNights Dec 26, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We recently returned from a Yukon Territory "Northern Lights - Aurora Viewing Package Tour" with West Canada Tours and we have no complaints at all. The entire tour package were well organized, the provided rate very competitive and their overall service quality e.g. information, product knowledge, telephone support, mailing of documents 6 weeks prior to departure etc.. could not have been better. Accordingly I highly disagree with the initial complaint and I would book at any time again. Diana B., Vancouver - Canada

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  • Di
    Ditostar Mar 05, 2011

    Their reservation page states that it is secure, but the page is http rather than https so is not secure, there is no certificate proving who they are. The emails I received from them came from Germany. I had a lucky escape, thanks for the initial warning. I would guess the latest comments are fictitious.

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  • Yi
    yiftach Apr 18, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Thank you for this alert. I was going to book with them since they have competative rates. but after seeing your notes I did a little research. they are not listed in the Better Business Bureau in Calgary and note that they do not have a physical address. this is potentially a scam and one should be careful.

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  • La
    Lana Todkill May 17, 2014

    After all these years I see that the scammers are still at work. No, it was not all fictitious ... Try to ring Sarah... Ask for a phone number... Over the years, I have had calls from people who have had the same experience that I had, some from as far away as the U .K.
    Think carefully before you book.
    Lana todkill

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