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Resolved Universal Subscription Agency, Inc.Tasha Clayton ID number 0642

Two young people came to the door selling magazines stating that it was a program to put young people to work. I didn't want or need the magazine, but I wanted to help young people. So, I ordered a magazine subscription. I wrote a check for 34.00 for 12 issues of Bon Appetit magazine. I still have the receipt. The number is A20772. I waited the 120 days. The order was placed on 9-22-08. Since that time I have called and left several messages. I also wrote them a letter staating I had never received the magazine. I asked them to either send the magazine or a full refund. I have called since then requesting a refund. Thirty four dollars doesn't seem like much, but it was my money. There is no way to tell how many other people did the same thing. What is most upsetting about all of it is the guise of putting young people to work.

Company name:
Universal subscription Agency, Inc.
P.O. Box 15187 Chesapeake, VA 23328
Phone [protected]
I would greatly appreciate any assistance on this matter. Thank you SK

Resolved Universal Subscription Agency, Inc.Please Beware and don't let this happen to you.....

I got rip off and I'm an Officer one day while working in the yard. Trusting and trying to give a young person a new start at life, at least that was the tag line given to me at the time. Anyway my losses were only $33 however several of my neighbors purchased magazine prescriptions too and our losses are in the hundreds. There was a ( white Dodge late model) van full of these rip off artists combing our neighborhood. However my block had only one. In the van were both males and females of all races. My crime took place 11.29.08, the receipt I received has the address of Universal Subscription Agency, Inc. PO. Box 15187, Chesapeake, VA 23328 Phone [protected] * Fax [protected].

Please Beware and don't let this happen to you!!

Phoenix, AZ

  • Ma
    Margaret Andrews Jul 06, 2009

    Yep, I just realized (five months after the fact) that I was indeed ripped off by these same people. Unfortunately, the only thing I could do about it was blog a humorous cautionary tale about it: http://www.nannygoatsinpanties.com/2009/07/universal-subscription-services-inc.html

    - Margaret

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Resolved Universal Subscription Agency, Inc.False Magazine Subscriptions - Stolen Money

False subscription selling - don't be a fool and write a check out to them. They will not deliver your magazines and they will cash your check within a week. Beware.

  • Br
    Brenda Dec 12, 2008

    I agree totally! Unfortunately, I found out too late. Thought I was doing something to help out young kids and got scammed royally. Is there any recourse? I've tried calling and all you get is a recording and they don't return calls. I could kick myself for being soooooo stupid!!!

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  • Em
    emt59602 Mar 25, 2009

    same happened to me but now the number is disconnected

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  • Ga
    garfieldsays Dec 23, 2009

    I was just checking why we had not received the magazine and quess what, the company these people used on me was KLMN Readers Service but the address and phone numbers are the same. The story I got was they were underprivileged young men, the young man I spoke with was African American last name Finlley, that were working to get experience. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I wonder what he did with the Watchtower & Awake magazines I gave him.
    I wont fall for it again.

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Resolved Universal Subscription Agency, Inc.Big rip-off

My 12 yo daughter ordered a magazine from this company and about three weeks later I ordered a magazine from them. $109.00 later and waiting the 120 days for delivery we never received a thing. It is now over 6 months and have not gotten any response. I have called, I have e-mailed, I have written letters, I have even called the Los Vegas Better Business Bureau and never got any response. I would love any type of response. This is a huge rip-off and I am pissed. The sales people's names were Chelsey Elliot and Brandon Robinson, I live in Leesburg VA and if they ever read this I would love to hear how their trip to Cancun was so please contact me, I would love to hear from you...

  • Cr
    Crystal McAninch Jul 24, 2008
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    Same thing happened to me - same day, in fact! I contacted the Nevada Attorney General and they gave me a link to this website: http://www.fyiconsumer.org/Forms/ComplaintFormLV.pdf

    File the complaint form - they are getting hundreds and are only able to get people's money back if you file this. They ARE getting people their money back. Do it, and pass it on. This company needs to go down!

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  • Mb
    mbovenzi Feb 05, 2009

    I ordered a magazine for my daughter 8/15/08 and never received it. I was sure it was a rip off but this just confirmed that I was scammed. How can they get away with this?

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