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Resolved United American InsuranceRip Off continues

I was sold this insurance by the agent telling me this is the only one that will take people with pre-existing conditions so my husband and I paid out $1, 200 a month and for nothing!! They never paid anything but a miserly $50 for doctors visits, and that was only sometimes.My husband recently fell and broke his wrists, after having so much trouble with United American customer service I knew I would be in for an expensive ordeal. I played everything by the book, even contacted my agent to make sure I did everything right. I didn't take him to the emergency room knowing how expensive it could be. I contacted them and so did my agent. We inquired if the local UrgentCare facility was under their watch and was instructed that it would be covered. Once we got there I stood over the receptionist as she spoke with United American Agent and heard them yelling at her! saying this is not a policy which covers hospital? and that they would only pay $20. It was cheaper for me to go ahead and pay cash!! I am so angry. Found out something interesting researching - We had Cobra coverage with Group and Pensions Administrators out of McKinney Texas and guess what they are the same company. To make matters worse, last week I had a call from an gent trying to sell me the garbage again and when I told her I didn't think much of that particular company she gave me an earful as if she herself had been brainwashed. A rated been in business for 64 years - If that's the case I am appalled at how they actually got away with this all these years.
Also found out researching that the operate a Pyramid like scheme with their employees who sell, YOU wouldn't believe thing crooked things they do with top salesmen of the year awards Cruises to the Carribean etc, Rotten!!!
Shame on them for ripping off so many people who are disabled.

Resolved United American InsuranceAwful, awful, awful

Hello I live in Houma, Louisiana. Recently my husband changed jobs and is working contract in the oilfield. As a result we now have to provide our own health/major medical insurance instead of thru an employer. We are currently continuing with a Cobra plan provided from his most recent employer, although it is only offered for a limited time, in addition, the monthly premiums are terribly high. Subsequently, I have been looking for a family health care/major medical plan to cover our family.

On 10-11-07 I wrote a check to UNITED AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY for $745.96 for the first month premium which included a $6.00 application fee. The check was post dated 10-15-07; I was told by the representative Beau Wiggins that the check would not be cashed until at least the post dated date. On 10-15-07, I emailed Beau and cancelled the application because the coverage was not going to include a prescription plan which I need. The check I wrote was still cashed and cleared my bank for payment on Oct. 30, 2007.

On Nov. 7, 07, I called UNITED AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY and spoke to a representative and was told that I would not get my refund until the end of the month and that refunds are only issued 20 days after policy cancellation…now mind you, I NEVER had a policy I stopped the application process on the 15th. Not to mention, the 20 days was up on the 5th. In any case the representative said that if I would fax proof of the cancelled check showing that funds were issued, I would then be able to get my funds sooner. I faxed the requested information at 4:10pm on the 7th. On Nov. 8, 2007 I spoke to another representative with United American and was told that the fax had been accepted on the 8th and it would take yet another 7 working days for me to get return of my funds. I am furious that this insurance company can do this with my money. A check that was cashed for a policy that I never even had. In the meantime, I am stuck, not able to apply for insurance until the funds are returned to me all the while having to pay almost $200.00 more a month for our current policy.

My husband is a hard working man who works in the Gulf of Mexico, $745.95 is a LOT of money to us. I am appalled that these insurance companies can demand people who are in need of insurance to pay the first month’s premium before a policy is even issued, and to hold these large amounts of money for so long. I can see charging an application fee.

While I was waiting on the refund from United American I was searching for another company to insure my family and on October 22, 2007 I sent the required first month premium to another insurance company of which we were denied due to pre-existing conditions and I received the refund check on October 5, 2007 which was certainly timely. Doesn’t it seem wrong that I am still waiting on a return check from Oct.11th yet I’ve received a refund check from another company that I wrote 11 days later?

I hope that you may find it important to investigate and share this situation and make innocent people aware of what these insurance companies are doing, so that other people don’t get ripped off like me.

Resolved United American InsuranceAwful everything

United American Insurance Co. is the biggest scam going. They use dishonest sales personnel, and they are trained that way. Don't let the rebuttals defending the company fool you. The executives and managers are told to monitor this site, and receive ' brownie points' and are promised promotions for writing rebuttals.

The salesman totally misrepresented this policy as Major Medical. Fortunately I did read the contract, and knew exactly what I was buying. The salesman also included these worthless Heartland discount cards, which he said were widely accepted. I could not find one person who accepted these.

The problem lies in that I went to the doctor for a routine check up. This cost over $300.00, in which UA was going to pay $50.00 toward. Again, I knew this was the deal. Months later, I get a letter stating that they will not pay their measly $50.00 because they ' suspect ' it is a pre-exhisting condition.

I am unaware how a routine physical is a pre-exhisting condition. The doctor did nothing other than give me an EKG, and complete physical. Their reasoning is there must have been a pre-exhisting condition for me to go to the doctors, cause my blood pressure was a little high.

So, I pay them $500.00 that month, pay the doctor $260.00, and they don't even want to pay their $50.00. So, my medical so called ' insurance' cost me over $800.00 to have one doctor's visit.

Some insurance, huh? I could have insured myself.

Next problem is rude customer service. The woman on the phone acted as if I was bothering her, and when I pointed out the contract terms, and how they were clearly violating it, she hung up on me because I would not accept her explanation. Is this who you want handling your medical problems?

Needless to say, I canceled and stopped paying immediately. I know insure myself and put my $500.00 per month in the bank as a medical savings account. This works great, considering UA's lousy limits on what they cover, even for operations. I can easily save in about six months, and still be ahead of the game.

No doubt, some ### claiming to be a customer or super great ethical salesperson will write in how they NEVER EVER would misrepresent the policy, and how you must read the policy in full, and they love the company. These people are the managers that are told to monitor and write in.

I proved that they are dishonest and violate their own terms. They then hang up on you when you prove that you are right. Why else would they have so many reports against them? When numerous people say the same thing, it is more than likely true.

United American InsuranceTake your money then refuse to settle claims

Policy was started in when we lived in Thomasville NC

Have paid them close to $12, 000 in premiums, and they have paid about $300 towards claims, leaving us with thousands of dollars of unpaid medical claims. Followed the proceedures they told us, just to have more claims denied.

We would like to get back all you premiums minus the moneis they paid towards our claims.

John Whitehead

Resolved United American Insurance — Scam and cheating

I recently worked for United American. The company has you go to a seminar in a hotel for the interview...

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