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True.comDeceptive Practices & Poor Customer Service is by far the worst internet dating experience I've ever had. It is a complete scam!! Stay Away!! They send you automated winks to pump you up and keep you going. They send you automated emails with the same intention. I'm not really sure if any actual human viewed my profile and actually contacted me. I also doubt if any of my communications were taken seriously by the people I sent them to because they are also getting the automated winks and emails and eventually you stop taking them seriously. On top of this, they tricked me to sign-up by advertising they were a christian dating service and in reality, they were no different than any other service. With the emphasis on "christian dating", I would expect more disgression and filtering and higher quality. It was terrible.

I also feel completely tricked and cheated too: I'll start by saying, yes - I failed to cancel within the 7 day free trial - I called 2 days late. That said, they wanted to hold a gun to my head and charge me a full $65 since I tripped into the first full month 2 days. After a lot of arguing with a robotic, pre-programmed "floor manager", she refunded $45 of the $65 but I still got dinged $20 for a completely useless "free 7 day trial".

Never, ever sign-up with - of the 4-6 dating sites I've tried, this is by far the lowest quality and is definitely a scam. Beware!!

  • Fi
    FistfulOfHollers Feb 10, 2010

    You should call their Customer Service number back and ask to speak to a supervisor at ext. 6467 and they should be able to help you resolve it.

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  • Du
    Duh!Duh! Mar 08, 2010

    I would have cancelled within 1 day if it was that bad. I have a free trial with Free Credit, if I don't cancel in time and get billed, I'll suck it up. It's MY fault.

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True.comPhony site

It's 3:00 a.m. 9/20/07 and I paying a credit card bill online, when lo and behold, an unauthorized transaction has taken place on 9/10/07 for $53.29 and another unauthorized transaction on 9/14/07 for $10.18. Who is the perpetrator?! I successfully cancelled my membership on 2/2/07. The site was not working for me, no problems when I cancelled. The customer rep was very courteous. So, what is this company's' problem! This is illegal in my book. I will notify my credit card company today and take care it on that end and then I'm calling True and I'm not a happy camper about this.Here it is 9/20/07.

I don't know who this company thinks they are, but this has ticked me off royally! This is going to be real interesting to see what they have to say about this! There is no excuse what so ever for this to have happened! Yes. I am extremely agitated over this and who wouldn't be.

  • Ju
    June Tapio Jan 01, 2007

    My son signed up for a "free trial" on this singles site. After the first withdrawal of $49.99 from my checking account, I called to inform them that this charge was taken from my bank account and I did not want any more withdrawals taken from this account. "Cancel this account" was what I told them, in no uncertain terms... well two months later I noticed that there was a "pending" charge of $49.99 ready to be taken from my account for this site. I immediately called and informed them that this account was canceled and "do not withdraw this amount from my account." I was totally ignored and the amount was still taken out of my account. After calling them many times, I was told "sorry... we can't refund any charges that have been taken..." What? This is taken out absolutely without permission and when I tried to remove my account number, it always got put back, by that site. Incredible. I want to press charges. What can I do?

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  • Ca
    carla johnson Jan 12, 2007

    I would like to close my membership with

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  • En
    Enrico Gates Jan 27, 2007

    If you did not want to have the service, why not cancel without being charged?

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  • Ca
    Candan Tautenhahn Oct 09, 2007 is criminals by no means of the term. This company needs to be stopped. My daughter called and tried to cancel the service in February 2017 when she realized they were deducting 50 dollars and more from the account she gave the credit card information on. The bad thing here is the account was a miscellaneous account that we kept for her son. We were not monitoring the account monthly so did not catch taking money out for seven months. Once we found the mistake said that even though they had record of her call to stop the withdrawals they would only refund 4 months. Well will see. Because the last thing we were told is that if the money was not in the account in four days call back.

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  • Ch
    Charlie Nov 06, 2007

    I used their services, then cancelled my account. The next billing period I was charged and they would offer no refund.

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  • Ju
    JustaSingleGuy Jul 10, 2009

    TRULY AWFUL - this is a horrible, horrible, horrible dating site that practises shady dealings and doesn't even seem to care. It's like a thief who just says "I'm a thief, scr*w you.: STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!

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  • Bo
    bootsie barker Aug 31, 2009

    I think is a BIG FAT JOKE! I posted a little profile for free and was immediately contacted by literally dozens and dozens of men. You would think that thousands of men were on-line at any given moment. Some of the men thanked me for contacting them, which I never had. uses deceptive practices to lure people to eachother even when the people may or may not have any interest in eachother. I could only imagine that many of the profiles on their site are fake. They post pics of attractive men and women that are not actually members. I hope everyone passes this information around and nobody does business with them.

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  • Wi
    William M. Whitton Nov 09, 2010

    You are 100% absolutely correct. is USDA choice, government inspected(?), wall-to-wall Bull____!!
    Thank God I read these reviews of fraud before ever signing up for the FREE(?) 3-day trial. Why in the hell does a FREE trial require use of a credit card?

    This is almost funny if it were not so pathetic. Wink example: I have 4 already that say, "You look amazing!" True is so damn stupid - how can they possibly think anyone is so gullible as to believe that 4 different women lead off with the exact same phrase? YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! Just how in the hell would someone in Washington state or New York possibly know that??? I HAVE NO FREAKING PHOTOS POSTED!!! And yet I LOOK AMAZING??????????????????

    I also stated - only people within a 25-mile radius of Indianapolis. Yeah, last time I checked Hoolulu is a little farther away than 20 miles! If you're looking for a long-distance relationship, then TRUE.COM is the place for you.
    The SOBs who run this totally bogus, fraudulent site belong in prison? Let's see an investigation!!!

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True.comBad service claimed to be giving me a free 7-day trial period. When I went online ond day 5 to cancel and clicked on this link: To cancel your subscription CLICK HERE.
I was redirected to another page, and clicked on another link, ( No, Cancel my membership ) thinking that I had cancelled. I continued to receive emails, and on the 10th day, went back online to cancel again. After going through the process again, and getting to the final page, I read through the whole paragraph about how they were dissapointed to see me go, etc. It was then that I realized that at the end of the paragraph, in smaller font, there was a statement that I would actually need to call to cancel. After calling and speaking to a representative and a manager, I was told that I would be charged 49.99, because I called 2 days too late. I was very dissapointed with the deceptive links, and feel cheated. — Unauthorized charges

I used only on the free trials, and I would usually get it called in before they charge my card...

True.comRICO Claims

In the class action lawsuit filed against Irving-based online matchmaking giant, plaintiff's counsel has moved to add RICO claims to the lawsuit. The following excerpt is from the attached motion to amend the complaint:

Specifically, the First Amended Complaint alleges a claim under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ [protected] ("RICO"). The First Amended Complaint alleges that defendant True Beginnings LLC ("True") committed wire fraud and bank fraud—which are "predicate acts" under RICO—in two ways: (1) through its "auto subscription" function, by submitting Visa and MasterCard charges to financial institutions when the holders of the Visa and MasterCard accounts (namely, True's ex-subscribers) had not authorized those charges; and (2) by engaging in a scheme to defraud Visa and MasterCard by artificially increasing the number of monthly Visa and MasterCard charges, and thus artificially reducing its "chargeback ratio, " through the use of reloadable "gift cards" purchased in the names of True's top executives and their spouses.

  • Cl
    Clara Bell Mar 26, 2009

    These crooks have repeatedly attempted to charge my credit card even though I never even heard of them. Had to cancel my credit card and they are AGAIN be investigated.


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  • Je
    jeff leopard Nov 12, 2009

    I also had never even heard of when I was charged. When I called the credit card company they informed me that I had been charged for the previous two months also. Their needs to be a class action lawsuit to stop these people! And again why are they still in business
    Jeff Leopard

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  • Xs
    xsf Mar 30, 2011

    I am glad I checked this out before subscribing. At this point I completed a profile for free, but did not sign up for anything, not even the free trial. But that was only 3 weeks ago and I have received over 100 emails that say so-and-so is interested in you or so-and-so winked, etc. With so many emails, it became obvious that these are phoney and computer-generated because there are just 5 different varieties and they repeat themselves, just changing the name of the girl. I have kept these emails if anyone needs them to take legal action. Thank you for saving me a huge hassle!

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True.comDeceptive Trade Practices

The United State District Court for the Northern District of Texas (Dallas) has ruled a class action lawsuit against Irving-based Internet dating service can proceed.

In an order signed on December 3, 2008, Judge David C. Godbey denied's motion for summary judgment on Thomas Wong's class action lawsuit for (1) violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, (2) unjust enrichment, (3) money had and received, and (4) breach of contract. The order in Thomas Wong v. TrueBeginnings, LLC, Case No. 3:07-cv-01244-N is attached. Internet dating service giant was started by Dallas entrepreneur Herb Vest.

Plaintiff's attorney is Jon G. Shepherd, Alston & Bird LLP, 220 Ross Avenue, Suite 4650W, Dallas Texas, [protected].

Defense counsel is Gary D. Eisenstat and John M. Barcus, Figari & Davenport, 3400 Bank of America Plaza, 901 Main Street, LB 125, Dallas Texas, [protected].

True.comFalse billing after cancellation

I sent several emails to cancel trial membership and for a full refund and was never sent a reply. Then again this month they charged by card again. When I called them they said you must call to cancell and were unwilling to give any refund. I have contacted my bank to reverse charges hopefully.

Something must be done to safeguard others from this company.

  • Ra
    Ralph Vice Apr 25, 2007 have billed me 2 months in a row and I have contested first charge to credit card company. I will now have to get a new number to stop this.

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  • Em
    Emirnee May 03, 2011

    Claim to give you a three days free trial, was not interested so I have canceled it a few hours later, then charge you account for some $50.00, after 4 days still waiting for my refund.

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  • Da
    Dave3652976` Feb 25, 2013

    I wanted a refund from
    they just tell me to finish my remaining mounths.
    This site is a BIG waste of time and money
    All they care about is the easiest way to make $,
    They Don't care about who they should care about...YOU THE MEMBER!
    They don't even send You potential matches, like
    And i never heard from women I sent wink's/email's to,
    Im stating to question if this site is for real, It's probably not.
    I had to recently cancel my debit card, Cause THEY sold my card info, and I know it was them, cause they were the last ones to take money out of my account to feed theire's

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True.comStealing money and spamming email! buyer beware these people will steal your money and fill your email with fake spam. Cancel after trial? If you click on there spam they will reinstate your canceled trial account and hope you don't see the 49.99 charge on your credit card. If not they will bill you every month till you catch it. A refund? Don't make me laugh-you lose. This web site needs to be shut down. PLEASE DON"T USE THIS SERVICE THESE PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND LAUGH ABOUT IT. THEY ARE SCAMMERS OF A THE LOWEST KIND. GOOGLE TRUE.COM RIPOFF.

  • Ri
    ricardo guice Mar 24, 2007 STOLE MY MONEY! debited my account with out my knowledge after I cancelled the service. is a scam. Do not use this service or you will regret it. caused an overdraft in my account and caused me overdraft fees over $300.00. They caused me a serious setback. Do not use this service or one day you will be sorry.

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  • An
    Ana956 Jul 19, 2009

    I have not given my Credit Card but I put my profile up to check out the site. I loved it at first w/ all the response and really cute and sussesful guys...To good to be true? YES...I received computer generated messages and winks...2 of my guys were in Nigeria on buisness????? Also they have sent out my profile w/ a bogus message and then some poor guy that I am not interested in gets in touch w/ me thinking I am interested. It is heart breaking thinking you found someone you want to communicate and meet just to find out he has no idea you exist. Sad...

    0 Votes — They are far more dangerous than any telemarketer!

The only True thing about True, is the dedication they have to deceive the public and take advantage of them...